MerPeople Season 2 Release Date: Are MerPeople Real?

Growing up we have all heard about the story of Little Mermaid. In fact, almost every one of us has watched the Disney film The Little Mermaid. You cannot deny that you ever did not think of being a mermaid. Most of us have had this thought at least once in our lives. Well, in this generation, if you think something, most of those can come true. Similarly, this wish of becoming a mermaid has also been fulfilled by the creators of Netflix. Netflix is coming up with a recent docu-series which is titled MerPeople. It means the series is going to have real-life mermaids. Yes! You read that correctly and you are not dreaming!

MerPeople Season 2 Release Date

MerPeople is getting released on 23rd May 2023, that is today. The series will become ours today, and it can be guaranteed that the series is going to be an amazing one. The series is going to contain real-life mermaids who will entertain you to the fullest. If you are ready to witness the real-life mermaid carrying out several adventurous works, Netflix has come up with the appropriate show for you then. 

MerPeople season 2 has not been confirmed by the creators of the show yet. The creators have decided to release the first season of the show today which means that if a season 2 is going to happen, it will probably depend upon the reception of the first season. If the first season of MerPeople has a favourable reception, we will have the second season of the show. However, nothing can be said with utmost surety as of now. Since the first season of the show is just going to be launched today, nothing can be predicted about the second run of MerPeople as well. 

Also, if the creators have already decided on expanding the series, they will announce it pretty soon after the show’s first season is released. Before that happens, we will have to watch MerPeople season 1 and decide ourselves if we want a return of the series. If we want the series to return, our support for the show will be a massive hint to the creators. Hence, the status of MerPeople season 2 is currently obscure. As soon as we get to know something about the show, we will let you guys know. 

MerPeople Story: What Is MerPeople About?

As mentioned in the introduction, the story of the series is about the real-life mermaids. You do not believe it, right? Well, it is kind of unbelievable because no traces of real-life mermaids have been unearthed to date. 

This is a docu-series. In the series, various participants, who are dressed up in mermaid costumes have to compete against each other. They will be given several tasks to accomplish during the competition. In the trailer, we see the host and the judges informing about the rules of the game. People who are participating in the competition are excited to showcase their talents and make their dreams come true. 

Swimming in the pool like a mermaid is indeed a dream come true for people who have dreamt of being a mermaid. It is like the rhetorical device of zeugma. Two birds hit with one stone: the participants are getting to fulfil their dreams as well as showcase their talents and win prizes. This show is indeed going to be interesting. The participants will have to be dressed up as complete mermaids to partake in the competition which makes the whole show all the more alluring. 

MerPeople Cast And Crew

The cast of MerPople includes Morgana Alba, Brittany Sparkles, The Blixunami, Eric Ducharme, Hannah Fraser, Tristan, Andrew Corter, William Roehl, Adrienne Wilson, Tara Spaid and Tasha Haight. 

The series has been directed by none other than Cynthia Wade. 

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MerPeople Trailer And Episodes

The MerPeople trailer was released by Netflix almost a week ago. The trailer of the show has been provided in the link given above. If you have not watched the trailer yet, you should watch it. 

The series is going to have four episodes as of now. Nothing much is revealed about the episodes of the show. All the episodes will be released on Netflix. 

FAQS About MerPeople

1. Are MerPeople real?

No, MerPeople are humans in mermaid costumes carrying various tasks under the water. 

2. What is MerPeople about?

MerPeople is a docu-series which is going to revolve around real-life MerPeople. 

3. MerPeople will have how many episodes?

There will be 4 episodes of MerPeople as of now. 

4. Is MerPeople good?

As of now, nothing can be said about the reception of MerPeople. 

5. Will MerPeople have season 2?

Currently, we do not know if MerPeople will have season 2. 

6. Where can I watch MerPeople?

You can watch MerPeople on Netflix

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