Xo, Kitty Season 1 Review And Ending Explained: The Infamous Matchmaker’s Wild Ride To Embracing Love Gets Juicier!

Yes, the most-anticipated rom-com of May 2023 is now airing on Netflix and what a novel experience is it watching Kitty take the centre age! Xo, Kitty Season 1 is as significant to us, drama lovers as it is to Netflix. It marks the first spin-off to premiere on Netflix that is based on a Netflix original drama and the streaming giant has every right to boast. The first spin-off of Netflix’s original, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. Hardly anyone who is a fan of the genre does not know about this web series and the book trilogy by Jenny Han that inspired it.

Remember the spectacle-clad, smirking matchmaker who paired Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky? Yes, Lara’s sister, Katherine Song Covey (Anna Cathcart), is leading this Netflix spin-off, manifested by the author herself who is running the show, Jenny Han. Only, she has dropped the spectacles, not the personality. When the half-American half-Korean Katherine aka Kitty went to Seoul four years earlier for a family trip, she instantly fell in love with Dae-Heon Kim (Choi Min-Young). Now, four years later, sixteen timezones apart and five thousand miles away, Kitty yearns to spend a while in person with her love. Now, only if her life were this easy. Don’t you want to know what happens to the iconic couple, Kitty and Dae? Join me on this ride!

Xo, Kitty Season 1 Recap: Kitty’s Journey Is Brimming With Shocking Suspense And Heartfelt Emotions

Xo, Kitty Season 1 Review And Ending Explained

Now stumped by not being able to spend time with the love of her life, Kitty decides to rectify her situation. Moreover, she comes across her mother’s past and decides to transfer to the Korean Independent School of Seoul aka KISS. Stumbling her way down, bearing the side glares and all the chaos of moving to a foreign state, Kitty finally arrives in Korea. But she is met with an accident as soon as she steps foot in her mother’s hometown. Kitty accidentally crashes into a car and this is how she meets Yuri Han (Gia Kim). They chat about everything with Kitty being her usual inquisitive self.

Kitty has a plan ongoing, she wants to surprise Dae by showing up at the welcome party. So, she gets all dolled up, tries to calm her nerves and tones down the butterflies fluttering in her bloodstream. These butterflies turn into fireballs the moment Kitty learns that the no-strings-attached boyfriend Yuri disclosed is none other than Dae. Moreover, Dae isn’t the millionaire he was pretending to be and the boy who told her to stop speaking English with contempt in his tone is Dae’s best friend, Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee).

Don’t get stumped yet, the secrets have just begun to flow!

Kitty wanted to surprise Dae and live her teenage dream as much as she wanted to discover more about her late mother and stand in her mother’s footsteps. So, she decides to stay for a while–at least for a night. The only issue is the dorm she is assigned is the same room, as Dae, Min Ho and their other best friend, Quincy Shabazian aka Q (Anthony Keyvan). Talk about complications!

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Kitty Finds An Ally In Her Enemies

Dae is absolutely in love with Kitty but his financial issues and the fact that Dae’s father works for Yuri’s millionaire parents holds him back. So, he pretends to date Yuri while harbouring feelings for Kitty. Meanwhile, Min Ho and Kitty’s animosity keeps getting stronger and so does Kitty and Q’s friendship. Kitty, being the matchmaker she is, instantly picks up on Q’s attraction towards a fellow classmate, Florian, and pairs them together.

Yuri, however, harbours a few secrets of her own namely she is in love with a girl Juliana (Regan Aliya) and is using Dae to hide it. But when Dae watches Kitty getting closer to anyone else, he throws caution out of the wind and goes right after her. The truth then lies open in front of Kitty and the two of them get together but the spark Kitty is yearning for still seems to be out of her reach. But her mission is getting closer to accomplishment!

Xo, Kitty Season 1 Ending Explained: Who Does Kitty Choose?

Xo, Kitty Season 1 Review And Ending Explained

Kitty and Yuri bond over a past secret that involves both of their mothers. Kitty and Q find out that the former’s mother gave birth to a child and after snooping on her side, she discovers that the said child is none other than Professor Finnerty. However, Kitty’s mother was just covering for Yuri’s mother, Principal Jina Lim and Professor Lee. It was Yuri’s mother who made Kitty’s mum run away from Korea. After discovering that Lim met Finnerty and wants to reconcile, Yuri loses her mind and moves into the dorm with Q, Min Ho, Dae and Kitty.

Kitty and Yuri get closer to each other, in a way none of us expected to. Min Ho, too, drops his stupid grudge against Kitty and reconciles. When a dance performance went wrong and Kitty gets struck by a fire, Min Ho is the one to save her. Dae spots them and gets quite jealous, watching his best friend and girlfriend so close to each other. When he shoves Min Ho away, Kitty confesses that she has feelings for somebody else.

Dae assumes that it is Min Ho but before Kitty could confirm to anything, the credits roll down and Xo, Kitty Season 1 climaxes. All the indications point out that Kitty was referring to Yuri but given Han’s tendency to dramatize things, anything could happen in the future.

Xo, Kitty Season 1 Review: A Fairytale-Style Romance Drama Spiced Up With Suspense!

Just like you, I was brimming with excitement when the metaphorical curtains opened up and Xo, Kitty’s opening scenes rolled down in front of me. And what an amazing ride was it to watch the matchmaker struggle with pairing up herself. The mutual attraction between Dae and Kitty, Yuri and Kitty were portrayed skillfully by the cast members and make for the best moments of Xo, Kitty. The creator–and author–Jenny Han has done a stellar job in bringing back Kitty’s story to life.

Is it just me who wanted to watch Kitty and Min Ho embrace the attraction and affection they possess for each other? Okay, Han’s idea to let Kitty be a bi is stellar and Yuri and Kitty are a great match. But, well, I was secretly shipping Min Ho and Kitty.

The secrets Han tried to incorporate in the series keep the plot compelling but the struggle Kitty should have gone through to discover the truth is missing notably. Dae’s apology and Kitty’s heartbreak were too bland to care about. The cliffhangers are enthralling and make Xo, Kitty Season 2 an anticipated watch. So far, XO, Kitty warrants a 7 on 10.

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