Muted Season 1 Review & Ending Explained- A Psychotic Yet An Enthralling Netflix Drama Series! 

It happened on 23rd March 2016, a lethal night, a family of four, and a young boy named Sergio Ciscar Polo! This teenager has been charged with two murders and now he is out to complete his probation period. Yet again, Netflix has brought out an intriguing thriller Spanish tale for us. The five-episode Netflix series is filled with a bunch of dramatic turning points. It all comes down to Sergio, the infamous Balcony Killer. 

Given the fact that he was just a teenager when he killed his parents, the judge was kind enough to grant his lawyer’s request. His probation starts and he goes back to his original home, the place where he killed his parents! You will be highly surprised to see how the drama connects all the loopholes of the story!  All episodes of Muted are now streaming on Netflix and here is a complete record of everything we gathered from the highly intimidating drama series. 

Muted Season 1 Review

Muted Review & Ending Explained- A Psychotic Yet An Enthralling Netflix Drama Series! 

The directors and writers of the entertainment industry are truly gearing up! As the years are passing by, more and more uncommon yet highly interesting drama series have surfaced on Netflix and Muted is just one among them all. A story that not only speaks about a person’s deteriorating mental state but also explains how complicated children can be! Sergio’s unbeatable IQ truly speaks about his intelligence! Not a word came from him when he was taken down to the court. Back then, he was just a juvenile and he knew it well that he would be out soon! And guess what, things went exactly as he thought them to be.

His weird attitude of speaking to no one, his silence is what makes him the most powerful here. And thus comes the investigation case and sub-inspector Ana Dussuel! With her team on her side, she is ready to study every movement of this young man! But slowly and steadily, we will see why Ana is so much obsessed with Sergio’s case. Just like him, living has been hard for her as well. Sergio might have been bailed out of jail but the problems aren’t over yet. What the people fail to recognize is Sergio doesn’t react, if not provoked! 

His impulsive behavior, aggressive attitude to others’ comments, and his outrageous reactions will be tested every now and then. All the hustle done has been just made to get the truth out of his mouth. Six years ago, this little boy was seen absolutely silent in the courtroom. And thus the jury decided to believe that he is guilty of the crime he has committed. But the truth was never confessed by him nor did her little sister, Noa get a chance to speak. This story truly tells us why it is important to take mental health issues seriously! Moreover, we also cannot ignore the fact that Blanca Polo was a famous doctor in town. 

But despite her immense goodwill she failed to raise her kid well, or should we just say that all the faults lie in Sergio! Had he accepted those medicines on time, there might have been a chance that his aggressive behavior could have been under better control! This is just a thin lining of the whole story, to know what ultimately lies in Sergio’s destiny, you will have to binge all the episodes of Muted! Considering everything, Muted surely deserves a solid 7 from us. 

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Muted Season 1 Ending Explained – Did Sergio Kill His Parents? 

Muted Review & Ending Explained- A Psychotic Yet An Enthralling Netflix Drama Series! 

The ending of the series truly gave us chills. In a way, Sergio knew that he cannot survive any further. People all around the town hate him! Everyone visualizes him to be The Balcony Killer. According to him, his mother was trying to eat him alive! He was tired of the deadly drug dose. Being an extremely talented psychologist, Blanca knew that Sergio was among the special ones. And thus she was trying to tame his anger levels! His sudden outrageous bursting truly makes him a beast. 

He starts recalling the day when his mother and father jumped off the roof! As per the statement delivered by him, Blanca was trying to give the drugs to Noa as well. And thus, Sergio decides to step up for the one person he has loved the most in his life. His baby sister was in danger and thus his father decided to stop Blanca. Unfortunately, Blanca went out of control and thus the accident happened! As remorse, Javier decided to follow her wife and jumped off the terrace! But shockingly enough, this is the story that Sergio has cooked in his head.

In the concluding episode of the tale, Sergio finally had a chance to see his sister again. For the very last time, he meets Noa, who narrates exactly how the deadly murder took place! It was indeed Sergio who killed his mother and father. As usual, he went out of control, but this time, unlikely, he wasn’t ready to gulp in the drug dose! As his mother tried to explain things to him, he became even more aggressive and impulsive. 

Within a few minutes, Blanca and Sergio were standing on the terrace front, where Sergio tried to pull her legs and thus she lost her complete balance and fell down! Hearing the loud noises, Javier came in but by then the damage was already done. Unfortunately, Sergio was so angry at both of them, that he pushed him as well and this is how he met his destiny behind the bars. When Noa too decides to abandon Sergio, that’s when he realizes that his world has collapsed down to the extremes. 

Muted Ending Explained – Was Sergio A Problematic Child? 

There is no denial in the fact that Sergio had severe mental health issues. His mother’s experimental medications might have triggered him the most. In one way, Blanca was trying to control Sergio at every point in his life! This must have made him even more aggressive and impulsive! Had she been a bit more affectionate of him, maybe the damages wouldn’t have been this drastic. But Sergio wasn’t the only one mistreated, Ana was also like him! She too was bullied at school! She too was unhappy with her parents! Their deteriorating mental condition didn’t get the right medical attention and this explains why they decided to commit suicide together!

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