Is Kerala Crime Files Based On A True Story? What Is The Real Story?

What is happening in the god’s own country? Why are such cases shown on the screen at an alarming rate? What are the cases? And if all of them are based on real stories, where are the victims and culprits? Searching for the answers to these questions. Well, you’re not alone with such questions! The whole of India wants to know the real happenings in such areas. 

Kerala crime files are one such story which is claimed to be based on real-life events. It is the first Malayalam web series to be launched by Disney+ Hotstar. If you are one of those to get fascinated by thrillers and documentaries, don’t forget the date. 16th of June 2023!

Is Kerala Crime Files Based On A True Story?

Is Kerala Crime Files Based On A True Story?

The simple and crisp answer to this most-asked question is Yes! The Kerala Crime Files is based on a true story and the makers have already confirmed it. The infamous murder mystery at the Grand Tourist Home Hotel is the inspiration for the series. The horrifying and terrible incident shook up the whole country and the police department. 

The murder mystery and how it was solved by the Police department is the main backstory of the series. The show includes the aspects of a detective-investigation mystery and drama. The mystery of how the cops and the police department are trying to find the roots of the case and murder at the Grand Tourist Home Hotel is unfolded in the series.

Kerala Crime Files: Release Date

The teaser of Kerala Crime Files has already been released on the 15th of May 2023. It shows a glimpse of the two main actors, Aju and Lal investigating and trying to solve the murder mystery taking place in the Grand Tourist Home Hotel.

According to the announcement and declaration of the makers, the shoot is already done for the series. The main location includes Kochi, Kottayam and Kollam. The series and team are in the post-production phase currently. It has a total of eight episodes which covers all the mentioned locations in it. The series shall be released as soon as the upcoming months of the year 2023.

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 Kerala Crime Files Based: Synopsis

Aju and Lal portray the roles of policemen investigating the murder of a sex worker in the teaser of the series, which offers a sneak peek into the world of the series. However, the police are faced with a series of thrilling discoveries in this case. They are unable to rely on any solid evidence, except for a fake register entry called Shiju, Parayil Veedu – Neendakara, which leads them to uncover a number of thrilling mysteries.

The unending efforts which make the world hopeless for any result are visible. In spite of that, the police department takes all steps possible to find out the truth and solve the mystery.

Kerala Crime Files: Cast And Creation

Is Kerala Crime Files Based On A True Story?

The makers include the very famous director who has proven his amazing work in Madhuram and June,  Ahammed Khabeer. Having worked extensively with Rahul Riji Nair as part of his First Print Studios banner, the technical crew includes director of photography Jitin Stanislaus, editor Mahesh Bhuvanend, art director Satheesh Nellaya and production designer Prathap Raveendran.

The makers wanted to bring uncommon faces to the series to keep the curiosity of the audiences awake. It is seen in most cases that due to the famous faces, the story becomes predictable for the viewers. To prevent any such situations, the makers have come up with many new and underrated artists. As the investigation team’s lead officers, Aju Varghese and Lal Sir make up a core group of characters, most of which are members of the police team. However, there are a number of other familiar artists who are featured in supporting roles as well.

Where To Watch Kerala Crime Files?

It shall be noted that Kerala Crime Files Malayalam Web Series. Disney plus Hotstar has shown a green flag to the series and is all set to release the series in its Hotstar Special segment. So what are you waiting for? Get your subscription as soon as possible and don’t forget to miss out on the series!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the lead roles of Kerala Crime Files?

The lead roles include Aju and Lal.

2. What is the release date of Kerala Crime Files?

Kerala Crime Files will be streamed on the 16th of June 2023.

3. Who is the director of Kerala Crime Files?

The very famous director Ahammed Khabeer has directed Kerala Crime Files.

4. Where To Watch Kerala Crime Files?

Kerala Crime Files will be available on Disney plus Hotstar.

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