Doctor Cha Episode 10 Recap And Ending Explained: Jung-Sook Finds An Unexpected Ally!

Allies are always unexpected, enemies are often the ones we trust the most. Cha Jung-Sook, the housewife-turned-resident, is now a victim of this very statement. She has got her heartbroken by the man she trusted the most–her husband, Professor Seo In-Ho. As all of you might know, in the last episodes, Jung-Sook discovered her husband’s infidelity. He has been cheating on her with his high-school sweetheart, Seung-Hee, for more than two decades now. Since she was a stay-at-home mother after a liver disease shook her, Jung-Sook didn’t detect In-Ho and Seung-Hee’s alleged relationship.

Now that Jung-Sook is working at the same hospital her husband and his girlfriend are working, she has reached the truth in no time. Wasn’t this the most anticipated moment of the entire season? Netflix’s Doctor Cha Episode 10 highlights the reaction of Jung-Sook towards her cheating husband and her new ally. Mind you, it isn’t the enigmatic Doctor Roy Kim!

Doctor Cha Episode 10 Recap: The Truth Is Spilling Out Uncontrollably

Doctor Cha Episode 10 Recap And Ending Explained

Directed by Kim Dae-Jin and Kim Jung-Woo, Doctor Cha has been building us to the confrontation ever since we discovered In-Ho and Seung-Hee’s relationship. I have been waiting for this moment ever since the go-to. Doctor Cha Episode 10 showcases Jung-Sook’s reaction–or the lack thereof.

After In-Ho publicly calls Jung-Sook “honey”, the entire doctors’ team camping at the village discovers their marriage. On the other hand, Jung-Sook’s son, Seo Jung-Min and his girlfriend, Jeon So-Ra, have a heated clash. So-Ra has discovered that Jung-Sook is Jung-Min’s girlfriend and all of them have been hiding it from her. Their relationship stands at a crucial stage with So-Ra being her general self–crude, crass yet cute.

On their ride back to Gusan University Hospital, Jung-Sook and her team are stopped by the villagers. All of them express their gratitude to Jung-Sook including the couple Jung-Sook helped give birth to a child. Her relationship with Kim is strained due to the latter’s objection towards Jung-Sook’s icy reaction towards In-Ho despite knowing about his alleged relationship. Jung-Sook brushes the topic off using her children as bait. Talking about children, I-Rang and Eun-Seo, In-Ho’s daughters, engage in a fight again.

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I-Rang And Eun-Seo Find Themselves In A Heated Clash Again, The Consequences Are Harsher This Time

It was Eun-Seo who brought the truth in front of Jung-Sook’s daughter, I-Rang, about her father’s relationship with her mother, Seung-Hee. Their family drama was the spiciest of it all so far. In the last episode, Seung-Hee was hospitalized due to stress and In-Ho was once again unreachable. Eun-Seo claiming that she needs a husband who can be present for her is a huge shock to her system. So, Seung-Hee decides to end it once and for all!

Seung-Hee meets with In-Ho in the same restaurant he celebrated Jung-Sook’s birthday and asks him whether he is planning to divorce Jung-Sook. Of course, In-Ho flat-out refuses. Seung-Hee unhooks the bracelet and drops it in In-Ho’s hands. Later, she meets with a broker and asks him to sell the land she inherited from her father since she is planning to leave Korea and settle in the United States once again.

Meanwhile, her daughter isn’t as calm. When I-Rang and Eun-Seo find each other in the washroom once again, they take their frustration out on each other. Eun-Seo is badly injured with her arm being suspended in a cast. Seung-Hee and In-Ho rush to meet her and they are followed by Jung-Sook. Upon hearing that In-Ho has a daughter of the same age as I-Rang, Jung-Sook is shattered completely.

Doctor Cha Episode 10 Ending: So-Ra And Jung-Sook Are Getting Closer

Doctor Cha Episode 10 Recap And Ending Explained

The hardest of exteriors camouflages the mushiest hearts.

This is the case with the two most prominent lead cast members of Doctor Cha. Jung-Sook hides her feelings extremely well–or at least she tries her hardest to but fails sometimes. On the other hand, Jung-Min’s girlfriend, So-Ra, is another tough nut but with a soft heart.

Jung-Min and So-Ra launch themselves into a heated clash with the former being specifically bitter with So-Ra’s behaviour. We all know how bossy and sadistic So-Ra could be but what we didn’t know is Jung-Min could be this vocal as well. When he asks So-Ra to be gentle towards his mother, she gets defensive and straightaway claims that she has no reason to do so since Jung-Sook isn’t going to be her mother-in-law anytime soon–or ever. 

Jung-Min loses his temper then, arguing that every doctor thinks about their future and it is time So-Ra does, too. So-Ra throws a fit and walks out of the cab, this time Jung-Min doesn’t follow her. On the other hand, Jung-Sook sits in front of the dorms, nursing her broken heart. When So-Ra approaches her and asks–okay, more like orders–Jung-Sook to head inside, she declines and So-Ra immediately implores that she is upset. Both of them go on a ride in So-Ra’s open tub car where she claims that she knows of In-ho’s relationship with Seung-Hee. The episode climaxes here with the truth dangling between So-Ra and Jung-Sook.

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