Where To Watch The Kerala Story Online?

Many of us around here are very familiar with the name Adah Sharma, the actress we have seen starring in many Hindi and Telugu films and has a very dashing combo with the Indian superstar Vidyut Jamwal. However, this time, she has got the lead in a movie, where everything rotates around her, and has been adapted and inspired by thousands of stories that happen every day, all over India, and have finished thousands of lives out there. You all are wondering what we are talking about, it is regarding the recent release of Adah Sharma, which is titled The Kerala Story, where we follow the story of a Hindu girl, being influenced and manipulated by some people of the Islamic community who have got their roots in the ISIS. After they are done completely manipulating the person, they take them to Afghanistan, where they meet the destruction of their life with no option of returning ever again.

The movie has been directed by the Bengali director Sudipto Sen, who has not based this story on a particular incident but has studied thousands of incidents that happen in the same pattern and made a fictional story that has touched the hearts of many out there. The box office collection of the movie has been amazing, and when it comes to movies showing the grave truths of society, it has given tough competition to previous years’ great releaser of Kashmir files. Now following all these, many people have got their attention on this movie, and if you watch the trailer, which is very hooking it has been mentioned that the movie is available in cinemas. No worries, we all know that you are searching for an Ott platform to somehow stream the movie, and we have got the perfect address for that.

Where To Watch The Kerala Story Online?

Where To Watch The Kerala Story?

The first thing that we will need to mention is that yes, the fact that you have all seen in the trailer already, the movie made it to the public on the 5th of May 2023 and has been in the talks since the beginning of the year 2023 finally made it to us only in the theatres, and that has been already disclosed by the makers of the movie. So, the first option that you have is to watch the movie, in your nearby theatres as is surely going to be available for nearly the coming two or three weeks.

Following that if you are one of those people who don’t want to go to the theatres to enjoy the movie, you have always got the option of streaming it online, however, the only platform which has given us the opportunity to stream this movie is the Zee 5 OTT platform, or you can also access the movie from the website of Zee5. The other big names of the OTT world haven’t received any thumbs up from the movie studios, including Netflix and amazon prime, so you will have to wait for any updates for the movie to be available there. However, if you can’t wait you should just go and end up being a Zee 5 Prime member which is going to offer you not only this movie but some other good releases of 2023 too.

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The Kerala Story Storyline

The main story that we see is based on thousands of the same time of cases that happen every day and the current situation of Kerala which has a great chance of becoming an Islamic city in the coming few years. Though that isn’t based but the things that have been happening in the veil of Islam with its roots in ISIS are the real problem. The story targets a young Hindu girl who has been manipulated by some of her friends, into losing trust in Hinduism and gaining trust in Islam. Now soon after that slowly falls in love with a Muslim guy, and getting married to him, converts to Islam, and then her journey to Afghanistan which has got to be the actual base of operation for ISIS, and being a captive in there is the real story. Now Adah Sharma plays the role very well and we see how she got away from ISIS but at the same time, how she got into the entire deal with ISIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can we watch The Kerala Story?

The show is currently available on the Zee 5 platform.

2.Is the Kerala story based on real life incident?

Yes the show is actually inspired by real life incidents that have happened in the past.

3.Is the Kerala Story banned?

No the movie has not been banned yet, but there has been a lot of chaos in theatres regarding the movie.

4.Is there going to be a second season of The Kerala Story?

The movie is actually not going to have a second season according to most reports.

5.Who is the main star in The Kerala Story?

Adah Sharma, the Bollywood actress is the main star in the movie.

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