Where Is Nimah From The Kerala Story Now? Everything That You Must Know About Nimah

Cinema has been one of the central topics in India. Since so many cinemas are getting released every year that it is inevitable for the film industry to become one of the central topics. The current cinema that has made a buzz in society is The Kerala Story. The cinema claims to have captured the story of several Malayalam women who were manipulated and converted to Islam only to become members of ISIS. The cinema has faced backlash in several states and has been banned in West Bengal, Kerala, and many others. Currently, the creators of the cinema are fighting a case in the Kerala High Court. 

Despite all the controversies that the cinema has instigated, the three characters, around whom the story of the film revolves, are real. Therefore, if you want to know about the character of Nimah Matthews, you will have to read on. 

Nimah Matthews’ Present Status: Where Is Nimah From The Kerala Story Now?

The real identity of Nimah Matthews is obscure to us. Due to safety purposes, the real-life Nimah did not want to disclose her identity, which is understandable. However, it has been confirmed that Nimah Matthews is based upon a real-life person who, along with Nimisha Sampath, fell prey to the hands of the terrorist racket, ISIS. 

Nimah Matthews is the only Christian girl in the friend group. She was a good student and wanted to opt for nursing, however, her fate did not allow her to pursue her dreams after a moment in her life.

Nimah, Shalini, and Geetanjali went to the same college and as a result, they came close to each other and became friends. Along with we have Aasifa, who was the only Muslim member of the friend group. We do not see any problem till the time when Aasifa deliberately tries to manipulate the other three into believing that Islam is superior to every other religion and that ‘Allah would save everybody’. 

Although Nimah went close to doing what the others in her group did, she was the only one who understood that Aasifa was having certain motives behind her convincing them to turn to Islam. Hence, she becomes the only girl in the friend group who is saved from being sent to Afghanistan. 

Since then, the real-life Nimah has been residing in Kerala. Nothing much is known about her location, but all we can say is, she is safe in Kerala with her parents. In the interview, she mentioned that while she was encapsulated in the trap she was repeatedly raped and abused. But, she at least did not leave the country like her fellow mates. 

The Kerala Story: Why Is It Creating Such A Buzz?

The Kerala Story is based upon the incidents of how ISIS terrorists are using love jihad as a tool for converting Indian women into members of their terrorist organization. They are manipulating women and ultimately taking them to either Syria or Yemen or Afghanistan. 

The cinema is creating such a buzz in society mainly because of its propagandist outlook. It is not a straightforward narrative of what happened in reality. Instead, there are several false claims made in the film which is why it has faced backlash in various states of India. The Chief Ministers of these states have announced that the state government would take strict action against any theatre showing the film to the audience. 

The Kerala Story: What Does it Claim?

The Kerala Story claims that several Hindu and Christian women in the state of Kerala have been converted to Islam and then manipulated to join ISIS. The terrorists first made the women fall in love with them and then tactfully used marriage to convert them to Islam. The cinema is about the story of the lives of the women who have faced the same fate as Shalini Unnikrishnan in the film. It portrays how these females have been destroyed by the terrorist racket, and how they have been repeatedly abused and tortured under the disguise of love. 

Although there are certain inaccuracies in the movie, the main characters of the movie are inspired by real-life women who once fell into the hands of ISIS. 

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FAQS About Nimah And The Kerala Story

1. What is the real identity of Nimah Matthews?

Nimah Matthews’ real identity has been kept hidden due to safety purposes. 

2. Did Nimah Matthews leave the country?

No, Nimah Matthews was the only woman in the group who did not leave the country like Shalini. 

3. Is Nimah safe now?

Nimah is currently residing in the state of Kerala, India, and she is safe. 

4. Is The Kerala Story real?

There are inaccuracies in the movie, however, the characters are based on real-life women. 

5. Where is Shalini now?

Shalini’s real-life location is unknown. 

6. Why is Kerala Story controversial?

Kerala Story has shown divisive political agenda which is why it has become controversial. 

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