Doctor Cha Episode 9 Recap And Ending Explained: Not One, But Two Lives Are Distorted Due To A Now Unveiled Secret!

A lie, no matter how carefully concealed, can never stay hidden for a long while, can it? And when it pops out, the destruction it causes is disastrous. Doctor Cha Jung-Sook now stands at the threshold of this disaster caused by her cheating husband, Professor Seo In-Ho. The makers, Kim Dae-Jin and Kim Jung-Woo, have been teasing us with this heated clash ever since Doctor Cha dropped on Netflix in mid-April, 2023. Now that In-Ho and Seung-Hee’s affair is revealed to Jung-Sook, Doctor Cha Episode 9 is set to become one of the most-watched episodes of the series.

As we all know by now, Jung-Sook might be a calm and composed person but she holds a grudge like no other. Will she forgive In-Ho and relent to his pleadings? Or would Seung-Hee be forced to step back? I know you are as curious as I was. So, without further ado, here is a quick recap of Doctor Cha Episode 9!

Doctor Cha Episode 9 Recap

Doctor Cha Episode 9 Release Date Revealed? 

In the last episode of Doctor Cha, Jung-Sook discovered her husband’s infidelity. Since it is her birthday, her entire family have reserved a picture-perfect dinner for her–for the first time ever. Now that all of them, Jung-Min, I-Rang and Ae-Sam, are aware of In-Ho’s relationship with Seung-Hee and their daughter, Eun-Seo. They have no option but to put on a smile and be brave for Jung-Sook, believing that she is blissfully unaware of the secret.

As it happens, Jung-Sook has already discovered it. Though I believed that Jung-Sook dragged Seung-Hee along with her to the family dinner, the reality is completely different. Seung-Hee has followed Jung-Sook and is now drowning in jealousy watching the entire family celebrate Jung-Sook’s birthday. She wishes it were her in Jung-Sook’s stead but Jung-Sook is burdened sitting beside her cheating husband.

So, to take out her frustration, Jung-Sook slams In-Ho’s head against the cake and laughs hysterically. It is evident she tries her hardest to keep her emotions in check but fails immensely. Ae-Sim, the angry old bird, doesn’t even say a word–and that’s when you know despite the tough exterior, Ae-Sim holds a spot soft for her or maybe it is her desire to keep her family intact. On the ride back home, Jung-Sook calls her wedding with In-Ho a mess. Meanwhile, someone else is a mess, too. Yes, it is Seung-Hee!

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Not A Heated Clash, Just A Silent Admonition

Jung-Sook doesn’t confront with In-Ho regarding his relationship with Seung-Hee but her indirect hints are enough to make him realize he has messed up. It seems like the heated clash and confrontation we have been awaiting is still far away since Jung-Sook walks out of In-Ho’s house–and possibly life–silently. She decides to move into the resident dorms and nurse her broken heart alone. Of course, the enigmatic Professor Kim is there to hold her hand as she does that.

As they run a marathon once again, Kim tells Jung-Sook about the upcoming volunteering camp Gusan University Hospital is planning for. Jung-Sook agrees to volunteer and the next day, they all embark on the ride to a local village. In-Ho tries his best to garner Jung-Sook’s attention and gets extremely jealous when Kim eats up all her attention. There is little he could do to remedy that though aside from following Jung-Sook like a puppy and making sure their relationship stays secret.

Seung-Hee Is A Mess Of Emotions And Issues

Doctor Cha Episode 9 Recap And Ending Explained

In-Ho and Seung-Hee are deeply alike, aren’t they? Be it jealousy issues or possessiveness, their emotions seem to be aligned in the same plane as well. Upon witnessing Jung-Sook with Kim, In-Ho bursts with jealousy but he isn’t ready to give up on Seung-Hee either. She doesn’t share the same sentiment as In-Ho’s in this regard though. Seung-Hee wants In-Ho all for herself–and her daughter, Eun-Seo of course.

Her mental state takes a toll on her physical health as well. Seung-Hee falls ill and is immediately taken to a hospital by her daughter, any other hospital than Gusan University Hospital. As Eun-Seo calls her father and finds his phone unreachable, her hatred towards In-Ho increases wildly.

Doctor Cha Episode 9 Ending Explained: The Secretholders Keep Incrementing

The entire doctors’ team at Gusan University Hospital have a field day in a local village, especially In-Ho who has to treat the village chief’s father. Jung-Sook treats each of her patients with utmost care. Her son, Jung-Min, and his girlfriend, Jeon So-Ra, along with Kim and everyone else are bone-tired. In the evening, when all of them finally have a chance to be free of their duties, they decide to bond over drinks sponsored by the village chief. Kim and In-Ho compete against each other and start tossing over wine as if it were juice.

Jung-Min and So-Ra seek some alone time, stargazing and enjoying each other’s company. When Jung-Min takes a bathroom break, leaving So-Ra to scroll through his gallery, he doesn’t realize what kind of mess is he inviting to his doorstep. So-Ra comes across Jung-Sook’s birthday video. In this video, In-Ho and the entire family are singing to her as she cuts the cake. Now, So-Ra is left with the truth. Meanwhile, In-Ho uses an endearment–their favourite one, honey–to refer to Jung-Sook and asks her to sing a song with her, leaving the entire team of doctors questioning their relationship.

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