Custody Film 2023 Review: What Is The Audience Thinking About The Film?

After RRR won an Academy Award for the song Naatu Naatu, people started to take a massive interest in Telegu films. It is not like people were not interested earlier, but the interest has grown more since the Oscar win. As a result, the audience is hoping for the Tollywood industry is rise and shine more. Being happy with the response of the audience, the Tollywood industry has provided us with another blockbuster film titled Dasara. Now, on 12th May 2023, the industry has released the film Custody. Custody has received mixed reviews about the film.

Custody Film Review: Opinions of The Mass

Custody Film 2023 Review

After watching the film and reading various articles, we have found that the film Custody has received mixed reviews till now. Since the film has been released extremely recently, it has not received much viewership. But from whatever viewership the film has received till now, it can be easily concluded that some have been disappointed by the film and some have loved the film. The reviews are in a middle ground as of now. We are expecting the situation to become more stable as the film receives more viewership.

To be honest, Custody has a good storyline. However, there is something that still seems off about the movie. Even if the storyline is good, and the cast has done an incredible job, at certain places, the threads could not be attached to the movie. Yes, the cinema indeed has amazing scenes of action being portrayed, but we have to remember that a film cannot only be based upon such scenes. Custody has substantial matter in it for sure, but it could have been better.

As of now, the film has received a rating of 3.2/5 from Times Of India and 9.2/10 by IMDb. Hence, it is therefore proved that different sections of audiences are reacting differently to this piece of entertainment. In our opinion, you can watch the movie for sure, but you will have to keep a very open mind to judge every aspect of the movie. If you are basing your judgement upon only one area of the movie, you may not get the essence of the whole film. Overall, Custody is a nice film to watch, and it will entertain you.

Custody Film Story: What Is The Story Of The Recent Telegu Film?

Custody, the recent 2023 Tollywood film has a good storyline as has been mentioned above. The story of the film revolves around a constable named Shiva. Shiva is in love with Revathi, and he wants to marry her, but the woman’s parents have denied to accept Shiva as their son-in-law. Why? Because Shiva does not hold a good position at his job and since he belongs to a lower caste than the girl. Very orthodox thinking for sure. But, we cannot help it considering some parents still believe in such norms.

Hence, Shiva and Revathi decide to run away one day. But here comes the twist in the monotonous story about the constable, Shiva’s life gets completely changed when they are on their way to moving away from Revathi’s family. He gets hold of Raazu who is a criminal working under Dakshyani, the CM.

He has got a golden opportunity to raise his position from that of a constable. If he can prove to the court that Dakshyani is guilty of carrying out illegal jobs through Raazu, he will get the life that he wants and will also have Revathi as his wife without any hindrance. He has Raazu under his ‘custody’. The story takes an interesting turn when Shiva becomes the next target of CM Dakshyani. Will he be able to save himself from this position and prove Dakshyani guilty? To get your answers, you will have to watch in your nearest theatre.

Custody Cast And Creators

The cast of Custody includes Naga Chaitanya as Shiva, Krithi Shetty as Revathi, Aravind Swamy, R. Sarathkumar, Priyamani, Vennela Kishore, Sampath Raj, Premgi Amaren, Premi Vishwanath, Ramki, Anandhi, Surya, Ravi Prakash, Y.G. Mahendran, Rajitha, Goparaju Ramana, and Jilva.

Venkat Prabhu has been the director of the film. Srinivasaa Chitturi has been the producer of the film. The production companies responsible for bringing the film to the big screen have been Srinivasaa Silver Screen and Anji Industries.

The cinema has been released in both Telegu and Tamil.

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Custody Trailer

The cinema Custody has received its trailer. If you have not watched the trailer yet, you can click on the link that has been given at the top of this piece to view it. You can decide after watching the trailer if the film interests you or not.

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