Citadel Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: The Secrets Keep Piling Up, More Dual-Faced People On The Way!

Prime Video’s latest sci-fi action thriller, Citadel is a hot topic in the entertainment industry. Manifested by Josh Appelbaum, Bryan Oh and David Weil, this multilingual espionage thriller is one of the big-budget franchises. It was rated as one of the top-most expensive series starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the leading roles. Prime Video’s Citadel revolves around the eponymous organization that was–and is still prevalent in its own way–the most vigilant spy community. A decade back Citadel was brought down by its rival organization, Manticore, and ever since is struggling to find its footing.

Releasing weekly on Fridays, Citadel is the name on every spy thriller fan’s lips. Now, Prime Video launched Citadel Episode 4 and it is nothing short of a 1-hour revelation-induced, betrayal-ladden delight. The major questions are now being answered in this Citadel Episode 4 review and ending explained!

Citadel Episode 4 Recap

Citadel Episode 4 Review And Ending Explained

It commenced with an explosion, with the leading spies, Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) being stuck in this explosion. They share intense chemistry and a volatile history–which is the basic foundation of the series. They were on a mission when Manticore targeted them and blew them apart. Now, 8 years later, Mason has forgotten his identity and lives the life of a simple family man, Kyle Conroy. Since Mason was on a mission and switched his identity to Kyle Conroy on the passport, the name and identity have stuck by him.

Mason shares a little daughter with Abby Conroy (Ashleigh Cummings) but his life is turned upside down when a Citadel spy barges into his life. Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci) brings in a breeze of secrets along with him. One such shocking secret awaits Nadia and Mason in the form of Abby Conroy and her connection with Citadel. Nadia has her memories back–thanks to the high-tech Citadel facility that lets these spies access their memory cells using the Citadel X Case.

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How Is Abby Connected To Citadel?

As Nadia stitches Mason back and helps him recover, the chemistry between them is sizzling. On cue, jealousy joins their intense chemistry and it becomes a hazy cocktail. Nadia, despite pretending to be nonchalant and uninterested in Mason’s personal life, cannot help but stare at the wedding band on his left hand. Leaving those emotions aside, Nadia and Mason break into the Manticore black site and rescue their former colleague, Carter Spence (Osy Ikhile).

In a flashback scene, a decade later when Citadel was still prevalent, Nadia brings another assassin to Citadel, Celeste Graham. After serving for a few missions, Celeste is promoted by Nadia and is assigned the task of retrieving the infamous Oz Key from the magnetic twins Silje Brothers, Anders Silje and Davik Silje (Roland Moller). She then goes radio silent and disappears for a while. When she comes back, she has no key in her possession.

Mason is vary of Celeste but Nadia is fully in her favour, leading these love birds to contradict each other. So, to reach a middle ground, Mason extracts Celeste’s memories and stores them in the infamous Citadel X Case. Many of his peers frown upon his insistence, but the one to extract the truth is Carter. And it has everything to do with Mason’s lover, Nadia Sinh.

Citadel Episode 4 Ending Explained: Did Nadia Betray Citadel?

Citadel Episode 4 Review And Ending Explained

Dahlia Archer (Lesley Manville) is the leader of the corrupt lead-the-world organisation, Manticore. Now that Bernard is captured by Manticore, he is at Dahlia’s mercy, who hands over the job to the Silje Brothers. Anders takes the role and starts torturing Bernard for intel and what intel Bernard gives him. Anders’ precious lover, who once betrayed him, is none other than Celeste and Bernard knows her identity and residence. And, oh yes, Celeste Graham is none other than Abby Conroy, Mason’s wife, Anders’ ex-lover and Nadia’s puppet.

The reason why Carter goes on arguing with Mason is simple; he knows something disastrous. Back in the flashback, the reason why Mason was stressing about robbing Celeste of the memories is Nadia. Since Mason is the ringmaster of Citadel, he has access to each of these spies’ chats and other details. He got his hands on Nadia’s chat with Celeste which confirmed Nadia didn’t want Celeste to hand over the Oz Key to anyone but herself. Celeste obeyed Nadia and betrayed Citadel by doing so.

Mason didn’t want anyone to know about his girlfriend’s transgressions and did what any dutiful lover would. If Citadel possessed such vigilant and loyal spies no wonder it went down. Though all shreds of evidence point towards Nadia, whether she is the mole who brought down Citadel is yet to be discovered.

Citadel Episode 4 Review: A Slick Sci-Fi Drama Saved Only By Its Suspense Elements

While the storyline is nothing extraordinarily special, the suspense elements and the astounding questions are what keeps Citadel going. The star-studded cast ensemble and the exceptional promotion strategy are why Citadel is a popular name. When it comes to keeping the audience hooked, Citadel does a stellar job. It has all the gripping elements for an espionage thriller–iconic cast members, shocking twists, action sequences and more.

But it is as redundant as it comes with not much to offer beyond a cliched storyline. The sci-fi elements, especially the memory-removal instruments are something unique. But not enough to save Citadel from receiving 7 on 10. If the upcoming episodes have anything intriguing to offer, nothing would stop Citadel from receiving at least 8 on 10. But for now, it is what it is.

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