Dhoom 4 Release Date: Is Hrithik Roshan Returning Again?

Dhoom has been one of the best works in the Bollywood industry. From Teenagers to kids and from adults to senior citizens, nobody can stop themselves from shaking their feet on the title track of Dhoom. This action thriller has gained immense popularity and success in the Bollywood industry and in the whole of India.

The first part of the show was released on the 27th of August 2004. The makers were overwhelmed by the results and response on the first part and they came up with the second one later in 2006, 4th November. The latest addition to the Dhoom franchise is the blockbuster hit movie Dhoom 3 starring the power duo Amir-Katrina.

The fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of the fourth season. They can’t wait to see Dhoom come again on the screen with the same interesting story and rocking songs. So how long are we gonna wait to book our tickets for the much-awaited Dhoom 4? Well, read below to get the answer!

Dhoom 4 Release Date

Dhoom 4 Release Date

Dhoom has always been the most talked about and popular show in the Bollywood industries of all time. The audience cannot wait for the next season and has been expecting different possibilities that can be seen in the next season. Previously the filmmakers have given the statement that they are waiting for a better script to keep up with the expectations of the audiences.

Moreover, the next season of Dhoom Reloaded can be expected to be seen on screen by 2024. Aditya Chopra is as of now all set to create the same hype and buzz All over the film industry as well as the Indian audience. According to the sources, the script and the cast are all set to blow the mind of the audiences.

Dates have been constantly being postponed to prevent a clash with big-budget movies of other Khan’s which were already released, however, the fourth season can be expected to be seen on screen latest by 2024.

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Cast Of Dhoom: Reloaded

According to sources, we can see the real Dhoom star Hritik Roshan coming back on the screen to awe the audience with his charm. The fourth season will mark the entry of Salman Khan, SRK and Prabhas, the much-loved Bahubali who will be seen as the villain in the film.

The posters of the movie confirm the entry of Parineeti Chopra as the lead actress. DP along with her real-life hero, Ranveer Singh can also be seen sharing the screen in this movie. Amitabh Bachchan can also mark his entry and be seen as part of the Dhoom franchise.

According to the statement given by Aditya Chopra, the maker of the film, the movie will be made in such a way that the audience feels more connected and the focus audience this time in this movie will be the youth.

The Big-Cast Controversy!

Dhoom 3 has been a big hit which starred Amir Khan along with Katrina Kaif as the lead actor. Season 3 has been a blockbuster hit but instead of that fact keeping aside it has been reportedly said that the fourth season that is Dhoom Reloaded will not have Amir in it.

The focus is shifted from the Dangal actor to other Yash Raj film actors, emphasising more on Salman Khan and SRK. Well as we know that Amir Khan’s role has never been stagnant and static. He has awed the audience and gained a huge fan base because of his dynamic.

However, the filmmaker at this moment is not willing to work with Amir Khan in this movie because of his shift made from an action-thriller to a social cause movie.

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Dhoom- The Storyline!

The reason for the huge fan base has been the simplicity and reliability of the whole movie from the very first part has been one of the biggest hits and the core focus has always been given to it being understandable for the audiences.

The first part of the movie was released in 2004, starring Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. The movie involves a group of robbers who were running from the police. The group of robbers includes Aishwarya Rai as well as Hrithik Roshan and the role of the police was played by Abhishek Bachchan.

Dhoom Season 2 involves the same old gang but included the twist of arresting an International thief. In the third season, we saw a circus entertainer who turned out to be a thief and robbed a bank. The same police officers Jay along with his helping hand, Ali were called to arrest the thief.

The fourth season will involve the same sort of storyline which would revolve around a group of robbers and the police who run to catch them. However, we can witness a new dynamic in this coming season which would be more relatable for the youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Release Date Of Dhoom 4 Movie?

Dhoom 4 Movie Will Release Next Year In 2024.

2. Who Is The Director Of Dhoom 4?

The director Of Dhoom 4 Movie Is Siddarth Annand

3. Who Is The Producer Of Dhoom 4?

Yash Raj Banner And Other Are Producing Dhoom 4.

4. Who Is Playing Lead Role In Dhoom 4?

Shahrukh Khan is expected to play the lead role in the movie Dhoom 4

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