Black Knight Season 1 Review And Ending Explained:  A Potential Dystopian Sci-Fi Favoured By Its Narration, Betrayed By Its Pace!

Korean dystopian dramas are dime a dozen these days with the genre being led by some popular names such as Taxi Driver and Squid Game. Netflix’s latest apocalyptic drama, Black Knight, set 50 years from now, is another welcome addition to the genre. Directed and written by Cho Ui-Seok, Black Knight, is divided into six parts, out of which none will let you take a deep breath. The gripping narration along with the suspense elements and the stellar VFX is the reason why we all–me, specifically–are attracted to this Kim Woo-bin starrer.

While the setting of Black Knight is the most gripping story arc, the individual stories of the characters are what keeps this series going. In a world where oxygen is currency, politics run high and compartmentalization is at its peak. The puppet master here is the leader of the Cheonmeyong group and the one who deserves death the most. Is Ryu-Seok dead? Find out in this Black Knight review and ending explained!

Black Knight Plot Synopsis

Black Knight Review And Ending Explained

Based on the webtoon, Delivery Driver, Netflix’s Black Knight is set in 2071, the post-apocalyptic Korea brimming with nothing but sand and misery. Now, Korea is divided into four categories; Refugees, General, Special and Core Districts, ranked exactly in that order. But those are not the only classes Korea is broken down into. There are hunters, a group of refugees who have decided to rebel against the other classes and deliverymen, who are responsible for maintaining the peace of the town and delivering oxygen and other necessities to citizens.

This is a story of survival and equality, targeting three major leads. The legendary deliveryman whom everyone in Korea idolizes, 5-8 (Kim Woo-Bin) is the definition of controlled chaos. The second main lead is Yoon Sa-Wol (Kang Yoo-Seok), who is a refugee and admirer of the legendary deliveryman. He aspires to follow in his footsteps but his social status drags him back. Major General, Jung Seol-Ah (Esom), is a strongheaded soldier who has taken Sa-Wol under her wing. The three of them live distinct lives until their paths are intertwined and they have the same goal ahead of them.

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The Plan To Take Down Ryu-Seok Is In Full Motion

This new age Korea is dependent highly on technology but lacks the basic necessities–especially oxygen. While there is an elected government ruling the country, the Cheonmeyong group is pulling the strings. The president of the Cheonmeyong group, Chairman Ryu (Nam Kyung-Eup), is working towards a major goal–generalization and relocation. He is building a new sector where the refugees would get to live without starving for oxygen and food. His son, Ryu Seok (Song Seung-Heon), has different plans altogether.

Ryu is strictly against letting refugees be a part of this new sector. So, he keeps kidnapping and bombing these refugees. Moreover, he is conducting experiments on the children he kidnapped. Seok has also put a few deliverymen on his payroll. Despite them being honoured with the title of the Knights, they are ready to sell their souls to the devil in exchange for permanent residence in the Core District. 

While the said team is on another kidnapping round, they come across Sa-Wol and Seol-Ah’s sister, Seul-Ah (Roh Yoon-Seo). The former is heavily injured but is able to endure the numerous punches and kicks. Seul-Ah, however, isn’t as lucky and ends up dead. Now left to endure the loss of Seul-Ah, both Sa-Wol and Seol-Ah are shaken. 5-8, however, has something else going on in his mind. He is searching for the reason behind the numerous refugees’ disappearances. In other words, the plan to take down Ryu Seok is in full motion.

Black Knight Ending Explained: Is Ryu-Seok Dead?

Black Knight Review And Ending Explained

Ryu Seok does his best to extract the personal data of the refugees and use it to his advantage. However, the uproar caused in the entire country makes him take a step back. That’s when he comes across a refugee who is desperately trying to become a deliveryman, Sa-Wol and uses him to his advantage. Sa-Wol participates in the Deliveryman Elections and wins the match against a potential opponent. Meanwhile, 5-8 and Seol-Ah have come across Ryu Seok’s true nature and now decide to take him down.

Ryu Seok’s father, the chairman of the Cheonmeyong group, has turned the tables on him, too. He has planned to get Seok arrested but the officers are killed by Seok and the commissioner has switched the side. Chairman Ryu is shot by the commissioner and Ryu Seok is transported to a safe room. Being the mutant he is, Ryu Seok transfuses Sa-Wol’s blood and helps himself get cured.

The tables are turned when 5-8 rescues Sa-Wol and kills Ryu Seok. The Korean president announces a fair relocation system with the refugees being migrated to a safer and more stable atmosphere. They won’t have to endure the high-pollution levels and yearn for clean air. 5-8, Sa-Wol (now deliveryman 5-7) and Seol-Ah get back to playing Knights as Netflix’s Black Knight climaxes.

Black Knight Season 1 Review

Dystopian action thrillers are no doubt everyone’s go-to when we are in the mood for something exciting and enthralling. Black Knight is another sci-fi apocalyptic series that explores the genre vividly. It is manifested by the popular VFX Team, Studio Westworld, behind the infamous Squid Game. It is evident that Black Knight contains some commendable graphics scenes and action sequences.

The narration is quite gripping with not even a moment feeling dragged. Kim Woo-bin and all the other cast members are natural in their roles but they have little chance to grow. The fast-paced of the series is sometimes too much to keep up with. Moreover, the ending of the series could have been better and not rushed. If Black Knights would have elaborated on the storyline and focused on character-building as much as it focuses on world-building, nothing would have stopped the series from being the best dystopian K-dramas out there. As of now, Black Knights stands at 7.5 on 10.

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