Meg 2 Release Date: What Do We Know About The Return Of The Blockbuster Film

Some films do not appeal to the critics but the scenario is different with the audience. The audience loves the movie even if the critics have shown no sympathy towards it. Such a movie is The Meg. When the first movie was released in 2018, it blew up among audiences all around the world. People were going crazy over the thriller movie and almost everybody watched the movie due to the hype that it received. Now, if a movie receives such hype, don’t you think that it is supposed to return for another run? Of course, it should, and this is why today we have come here to know more about Meg 2. 

Meg 2 Release Date: Return To The Mariana Trench

Yes! You heard it right. The Meg is going to return for another run in August. The Meg 2 has been confirmed and now the filming has also been done. After the last bits of editing and processing, the film will be made completely. We are excited about the return of the Hollywood blockbuster movie and really cannot keep calm. 

The Meg 2 is going to be dropped on 4th August 2023. The cinema will be made available to us in several theatres across several countries around the world. It will be a treat to witness the story return after its first release in 2018. The cast of the film and also the creators have revealed that since the first movie did so well, exceptionally well for that matter, they immediately set their minds to make a second part of the movie. Hence, now we are going to have Meg Part 2 in August of this year. This is an exciting piece of news, and we are going to share more information about the film in the following sections. 

Will The Meg 2 Be A Continuation Of The Meg?

Meg 2 is going to return Jonas Taylor to us, but will it be a continuation of the first storyline? Nah, that will not be the case. Meg 2 is going to have a different storyline. 

Have you ever thought about what can be there in the deepest part of the earth, that is the Mariana Trench? What kind of creatures inhabit that region of the earth? Some of us have asked these questions when we first got to know about it. 

Based upon these very questions, The Meg was made, and The Meg 2 has been made. Yes, The Meg was indeed an adaptation of A Novel Of Deep Terror, but let us know one thing the movie differs from the book in various instances. It is not exactly a complete adaptation of the book. Therefore, even though the second movie is going to be based on the sequel of the novel, The Trench, we are sure that in certain areas the movie is going to differ from the book. 

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The Meg 2 Story: Things To Know About The Upcoming Film

Meg 2 Release Date

Meg 2 is going to explore the mysteries of the Mariana Trench. Will the crew of Jonas Taylor meet the megalodon shark again? Well, our question will be answered in the upcoming film. The upcoming film is going to be equally adventurous, or more. The film is going to revolve around Jonas Taylor and his crew’s operation in the Mariana Trench. Using the various fantasies and myths that have been formulated around the world’s deepest part of the ocean, the film producers are bringing to us the sequel, Meg 2, on August 4, 2023. 

Meg 2 Cast And Creators

The cast of Meg 2 is going to include Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor once again. Yes! Statham will be back in the role of Taylor. We are going to have Jing Wu, Sienna Guillory, Cliff Curtis, Skyle Samuels, Shuya Sophia Cai, Melissanthi Mahut, Sergio, Page Kennedy, Whoopie Van Raam, Ron Smoorenburg, Kenneth Won, Billy Clements, Ray Strachan, Benny Bereal, Ricky Bevins, and Able. 

The Meg 2 has been directed by Ben Wheatley. The movie has been produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Belle Abery. The production companies of DF Pictures, CMC Pictures, Apelles Entertainment, and Di Bonaventura Pictures will be responsible for bringing the cinema to the big screen.

FAQS About Meg 2

1. Will Jason Statham return in Meg 2?

Yes! Jason Statham is going to return for the role of Jonas Taylor in Meg 2. 

2. What is Meg 2 based on?

Meg 2 has been inspired by the novel The Trench.

3. What is Meg 2 about?

Meg 2 is about the adventures of Jonas Taylor in the deepest part of the world, the Mariana Trench. 

4. Is Meg 2 a continuation of Meg?

No, Meg 2 is not a continuation of The Meg. 

5. When will Meg 2 be released?

Meg 2 is going to be released on 4th August 2023. 

6. Where can I watch Meg 2?

You will be able to watch Meg 2 only in your nearest theatres once it gets released. 

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