Is Ishowspeed Gay? What Does The Famous Memer Have To Say About?

There has been a big question regarding the character of ishowspeed and it is just not about him being gay or what his gender preference is, there are many other questions because if you have seen some of his streams, he has behaved in such an unworldly manner that people have been really skeptical about his character being fake and just a show to take attention from all the people around the world, or he is actually doing so because it is his true original nature. Now we have known that ishowspeed had been dating females in the past and though we have got many rumors going around the entire industry regarding ishowspeed actually being gay, and his community being so toxic that he can’t actually admit to it, there is no chance that can be true, because he has got a daughter according to his statement, and has been related to many females out there in the past.

Now for all those who don’t know who Ishowspeed is, you probably have actually seen this man, on many of the memes out there, but don’t know his name, he is actually a big YouTube personality, who gave gaming reaction and made music, he is basically a streamer and has earned quite a lot of fame since the year 2017.

Now the only thing we can confirm as of now, is that no I show speed is not gay and he is completely straight with a preference towards females, but we may find some dirt on him, according to some theories, especially if we start considering the fact that he may be a bisexual. Though nothing has been cleared, there remains quite some chance, and for more updates and to know why he was rumored to be gay, keep reading the article till the end.

Is Ishowspeed Gay?

Is Ishowspeed Gay?

Now as we all know, Ishowspeed whose actual name is Darren Watkins is male by gender, and based on the past life he used to lead, we have come to know that his sexual preferences have always been female, along with that the fact that he has also got a child, which has been stated by him himself, just back up the statement more.

Now following this the rumors went all out when Ishowspeed or Darren was once doing his steam and he was accompanied by the guest musician Ava, they were talking about matters such as love, sexuality, and LGBTQ and that was the sudden moment when Darren went all out and told his fans that he is also gay. However it was till next day morning that he immediately made a video and let the word out, that he was just angry and he messed up, he is actually not gay and it was just a misunderstanding.

Now following this also there has been a lot of trouble because many people believe that it is because of the toxic community he belongs to, which is practically stopping him in his concise coming out, but that is just a theory and we have got to believe what the man said himself.

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Ishowspeed Net Worth

When it comes to the net worth of Ishowspeed, he has been in the YouTube line for quite a long time, but he mainly started earning fame in 2017, and he has also been a part of many music videos and has made music too, which has been loved by the fans and has surely earned him quite some bucks. Based on his lavish lifestyle and everything, we can conclude that his net worth is between 10 million dollars and 12 million dollars.

Ishowspeed Early Life

Regarding the early life of ishowspeed, he was born in Cincinnati Ohio and has two younger siblings. His entire childhood, he lived in his hometown and went to a public school, and back in 2016 he opened his YouTube channel, and soon his YouTube journey began with gaming and videos of that sort, and soon he moved to stream but used to get very fewer views. However, since 2017, he has had his breakout and after that, almost all of us know about his story and where he stands right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How rich is Speed?

Speed has got an approximate net worth of 10-12 million dollars.

2.Does Speed have a daughter?

According to his public statements, speed has got a daughter.

3. How old is Ishowspeed?

Ishowspeed is currently 18 years old only.

4.In which year was Ishowspeed born?

Ishowspeed was born on the 21st of January in the year 2005.

5.When did Ishowspeed start his Youtube career?

Ishowspeed started his Youtube career in the year 2016.

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