Is Drew Barrymore Gay? What Does She Say About The Community?

A big question that has been in the minds of many people for a long time and maybe since the early 2000s is whether Drew Barrymore, the world-famous actor, producer, and host, is actually gay or not. There has been a question on her sexuality for a very long time, and considering her connection with the Barrymore family of acting which is one of the most renowned and legacy-driven families in the industry, now there has been so much confusion because there have been many relations that have been found out between drew and the LGBTQ community, and this isn’t relations which are like juts supporting it and stuff, there have been many times, where the LGBTQ community have shown their respect for her, and she has participated in rallies when the real struggle was going on and stuff. She was not ashamed of it and had a strong opinion regarding the topic.

Other than this, many people out there have got very less idea about who drew Barrymore, she is a very talented actress, tv host, producer, and author, and she is very well known for her childhood work E.T and many other works which have earned a lot of awards and fame over a very magnificent and glorify career. Other than this, currently, she has been a lot lately in the news and is famous because of her own talk show, which continuously goes on drama and fun.

Now coming to the main answer and not going around the topic for very long, firstly we would clear it out that drew Barrymore isn’t just gay or anything, in the year, 2003 when she was asked about her sexuality, she clearly stated the fact that she is a bisexual, and that she loves both men and women.

Is Drew Barrymore Gay?

Is Drew Barrymore Gay?

Drew Barrymore, is actually a female by gender, and she has been very much questioned regarding her sexuality, that is because in recent times, she has not answered this question for a long time, and that’s actually not a problem, because we can’t just forget the fact that she has already cleared out about her bisexuality. She already mentioned in the past, for her both men and women are similar and she would love to be with a woman as much as she would love to be with a man.

Now the rumors which have been going on in the industry for a long time, mainly arise from the fact that she has been related to the LGBTQ community for a long time, and she has been actively participating in protests in times of need, and other than that she has also been awarded by the community because of her support throughout. Other than this, she has also been seen mistakenly kissing another female star, and thus she has been targeted by the media regarding this topic. though these questions don’t bother her any longer because she has always kept her dating life quite private.

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Drew Barrymore Net Worth

Now based on all reports and stuff, drew Barrymore surely comes from a very wealthy background and that adds to her net worth for sure, but not looking after that and just concentrating on the very successful and glorified career that she has got over such a long time, surely means she has made some huge bucks. Other than this if we look at the lavish lifestyle she leads, it becomes clearer that she has got some good money and her career hasn’t reached an end, it will go on increasing in the upcoming years for sure. Now based on our sources and stuff, she has got an approximate net worth of 125 million dollars, and that is pretty impressive for sure.

Drew Barrymore Early Life

Now Barrymore’s childhood was quite a complex one, she got emancipated at a very young age, and that was the main reason she lost control of her life. When she was very small, she had a chaotic lifestyle because of acting and her very happening partying life. She also went to rehab very often and many people tried to help her out and that is the main reason she came back to her normal life finally. Though belonging to a great family, quite a tragic childhood she had.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Drew Barrymore still rich?

Yes, she has got an approximate net worth of 125 million dollars.

2.Why is Drew Barrymore famous?

She mainly earned her name because of her performance in the movie E.T.

3.How many times, has Drew Barrymore married?

Drew Barrymore got married three times as of now.

4.How many kids does Drew Barrymore have?

She has got two kids, Olive and Frankie.

5.How old is Drew Barrymore?

Drew Barrymore is currently 48 years old.

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