Who Is Christopher Jarrett Gardner? A Look into the Inspiring Story of this Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Many of you have heard of the name Chris Gardner, because of his motivational talks and his speaking skills. He goes around all over the world inspiring people to rise above their failures and struggles and chase something much more important in their life. However, when it comes to Christopher Jarrett Gardner, is basically the son of Chris Gardner. He is also a businessman like his father and though many of you may have not heard of his name, he has also struggled a lot and achieved something which many people won’t be able to achieve.

However, something very interesting about Christopher is that you have all actually known him for a very long time. Yes we understand that you all are confused but it is actually the truth, we have seen Christopher in almost every one of us, and we didn’t even know it was him. So to clear your confusion, we hope that almost all of you are movie geeks, and whenever you get free time, you end up binging some great movie or show, if you do so, you should have obviously heard of the movie pursuit of happiness, which starred will smith and came out in the year 2006.

Now, something that you don’t know is that the pursuit of happiness, which is considered one of the best creations in which will smith has ever starred, was actually the autobiography or a movie which was inspired by the life story of Christopher Gardner. Jaden smith was actually playing the role of Christopher Jarrett Gardner jr as we all understand by now, and if you have watched the movie, we all know how great of a child Christopher was when he was young and from where he rose. He now owns a fitness company and works hard to push it forward with his father standing as one of his biggest inspirations out there.

Who Is Christopher Jarrett Gardner?

Who Is Christopher Jarrett Gardner?

Christopher jr, as we all know from the movie, his full name was Christopher Jarrett medina Gardner, whom we have already seen mentioned before. His father as we all know is the famous Chris Gardner, who is the literal depiction of rags to riches. He was a homeless man and now he owns a multi-millionaire firm of his own, and he has not only been a very big inspiration to the world out there but also to his son. Christopher Jarrett Gardner also owns his own fitness company just like his father’s firm gardner rich.

Though it has never been disclosed regarding what the financial conditions of his company are, it is expected to be very well because he has got Chris Gardner backing him at every step. From what we have heard in the reports, he is quite a very hardworking man, and he started his company from nothing, it was his sheer determination that has brought the company to where it stands right now and currently, he is pushing it harder to make a big name in the market.

Other than this Christopher jr has actually been a big part of Chris Gardner’s life, he was one of those people in his life who never left him and one of those people too, for whom Chris decided that he needs to change his life and chase something bigger. As we all know Chris was homeless along with his son in some part of his life but he was such a great father that he never let Chris jr feel that they were homeless, even Chris jr mentioned that he assumed they always had to move from one home to another.

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Christopher Jarrett Gardner Early Life

Christopher junior was born on the 28th of January 1981, and as we all know he was basically the son of Chris’s girlfriend Jackie. As we all know Chris used to be a very intelligent and well-natured child, as we have all seen in the movies and he never used to demand anything from his father. He was also born in San Francisco according to the reports. His mother’s full name is Jackie medina, and he did his education at Johnson C. Smith university.

Christopher Jarrett Gardner’s Personal Life

He has got a sister of his own, and other than that we very well know about his parents by now. He loves his parents a lot, however we have got no updates regarding his dating or married life as of now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Christopher Jarett Gardner?

Christopher is currently 42 years old.

2. When was Christopher Jarett Gardner born?

Christopher was born on the 28th of January 1981

3. Who is Christopher Jarett Gardner’s father?

Christopher Jarett Gardner’s father is the very famous Chris Gardner.

4. Which film was based on the life of Chris Gardner?

The movie Pursuit of Happiness is based on the life of Chris Gardner?

5. Who is Chris Gardner?

Chris is an American Businessman and a Motivational Speaker.

6. Did Chris Gardner donate blood for money?

Yes, while he was struggling he often used to do so.

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