The Gate Season 3 Release Date Is Still Anticipated Even After A Huge Delay!

Delve into a universe brimming with magical creatures and excellent combats with the Gate anime series. Developed at A-1 Pictures, the Gate is directed by Takahiko Kyogoku and Ryo Ando. This isekai anime is a modern tale revolving around the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Leaving aside the battle scenes and almost unique plot, the Gate has much more to offer its viewers. It isn’t just the federals against the criminals, it is a journey of Yoji Itami as he stands against a myriad of magical creatures to protect his nation.

Though the setting initially feels patriotic and action-packed, the makers have blended in several genres to make the Gate anime series a delectable delight. Standing against fire-breathing dragons and challenging the royal crown isn’t an easy endeavour. But Itami manages to muster up the courage and use his extensive knowledge to beat them all. For an anime having such a vivid portrayal of an epic battle, the Gate season 3 is witnessing unusual delay. Let us find out the reason if the makers are planning to continue Gate 3 or not!

Gate Season 3 Release Date

Gate Season 3 Release Date

Japan stands at a cataclysmic position with the Gate opening to a magical world. The negotiations aren’t working in Japan’s favour with Molt Sol Augustus not agreeing to peaceful cooperation. As a result, the disruptions between Japan and this mysterious world have turned into a cold war. Yoji Itami, a well-renowned JSDF officer, works towards peace by passing through the Gate and into this mystical universe.

For an anime that has such an interesting plot, Gate Season 3 is surely taking too long. The first season of this anime premiered in two halves with the first part being released in late 2015 and the second one in early 2016. Now, it has been seven years since the second half, commonly known as Gate Season 2 premiered. And yet, we have been kindling hopes for Gate season 3. It is because the manga series from which the anime series is adapted finished its production in late December 2022. We can expect the makers to adapt to the new volumes and release Gate Season 3 by late 2025.

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Gate Season 3: What Could Be The Plot?

The Gate is an action-packed fantasy series written by Takumi Yanai. He released several web shows, novel series and manga in this premise. It follows a present-day war between Japan and a mystical universe whereby Itami sets on a journey to help his country reign the power. He is extensively knowledgeable when it comes down to fantasy universes. Yoji has previously dealt with several mystical creatures including dragons and elves. Now, he has embarked on a journey to save the face of the JSDF and negotiate with Crown Prince Zorzal and his father, Molt Sol Augustus.

On his journey towards peace, Itami comes across several people and defeats them all. But when he stands against Zorzal for a Japanese prisoner, things slip from his fingers quickly. Zorzal declares war against Japan and here ensues a dynamic war. Japan struggles to win the war ensued by Zorzal and overcome the political battle inflicted by Zorzal’s father, Molt Sol Augustus. Eventually, they succeed before the Gate closes. Gate season 3 is expected to adapt Yanai’s new manga chapters and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces arc.

Gate Anime Series Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Gate Season 3 Release Date

We are accustomed to waiting for potential animes to come up with a sequel for years, aren’t we? But the condition is the said anime must possess an ability to garner our attention and retain it. The Gate, unsurprisingly, has a storyline that is intriguing enough for us to anticipate another season. The voice artists, the animation and the world build-up work in the favour of the Gate.

What doesn’t work for the anime is the lack of some character build-up. Though the anime has enough characters to help continue its storyline, there is a significant part where we require lightness to it. This isekai fantasy is too focused on warfare rather than the journey of Itami. Aside from these few drawbacks, the Gate has the potential to become a leading isekai anime.

Gate Season 3: FAQs

1. What Is The Gate Anime About?

It is centred around Yoji Itami, a JSDF officer, who crosses the Gate to help his nation win the war.

2. Is Gate Season 3 Cancelled?

No, it isn’t cancelled yet.

3. Why Is Gate Season 3 Delayed?

It is speculated that the makers were waiting for Yanai to complete the manga series before they adapted it into an anime. However, the real reason behind the delay still seems to be unknown.

4. Is Gate Anime Worth Watching?

If you are into fantasy isekai animes, the Gate is for you.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Gate Season 3?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch Gate Anime Series?

You could watch this anime on Crunchyroll.

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