Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Ju-Hwa’s Death Is Finally Unveiled In The Semi-Finale!

Our favourite late-night binge is coming to an end and while it is a bittersweet feeling, we cannot wait for the finale of this K-drama. Manifested by Lee Jae-Hoon and Lim Jun-Hyuk, Divorce Attorney Shin is a Netflix original courtroom drama. Starring Cho Seung-Woo as Shin Sung-Han, a pianist turned divorce attorney, this coming-of-age drama has been our favourite for the past month. Now, Netflix dropped Divorce Attorney Shin episode 11, and it is every bit of the joyride we expected it to be.

For the past 10 episodes, the makers have been teasing us with Ju-Hwa’s death mystery. But now, we have got to unveil the long-anticipated Ju-Hwa’s death mystery! Sung-Han and his gloomy past have been a key focus in this courtroom drama. Behind all the cases Shin has won, we have been waiting for the makers to drop the curtains from his past. In this Divorce Attorney Shin recap and ending explained, let us take a look at Sung-Han’s past and fetch the truth behind Ju-Hwa’s death!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11: Unravelling The Mystery Of Ju-Hwa’s Death

Divorce Attorney Shin, a weekly releasing K-drama, has been treating us to several divorce cases in its 10-episode-long haul. Be it Seo-Jin’s complex case or Din Thi Hoa’s dramatic one, we have seen it all. In this episode, we get to witness the most epic cases of all. The episode begins with showcasing Ju-Hwa as she battles anxiety for her son, Gi-Yeong. Walking out of a convenience store, Ju-Hwa gets a call from the angel of death or is it the devil? For Ju-Hwa, it is the latter.

Young-Joo aka the devil here has always been obsessed with Jeong-Guk, long before he married Ju-Hwa it seems. Her obsession starts to turn deadly with each passing moment to the point she cannot control her reactions anymore. Ju-Hwa, who was amid a divorce trial with Jeong-Guk, had only one wish; to keep her son, Gi-Yeong safe. So, when Young-Joo threatens Ju-Hwa with Gi-Yeong’s future, Ju-Hwa loses her senses and is hit by a truck. The phone call, the anxiety attack, and the truck driver were all staged. Ju-Hwa didn’t suicide either and neither was it an accident. Only Sung-Han is yet to know about it.

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So-Yeon And Hyeong-Geun Finally Put A Label On Their Relationship

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11 Recap

While Sung-Han is dealing with his past, Hyeong-Geun is ready to put his experiences and relationships to rest. We all know how Hyeong-Geun was stuck on his ex-wife, and how his divorce nearly broke him apart. But now, as his relationship with So-Yeon has started to flourish, we get to witness a changed Hyeong-Geun. The three of them, Jeong-Sik, Sung-Han and Hyeong-Geun, have had it rough. But each of them is stubborn enough to push through the hard times and emerge stronger.

In the past few episodes, we have witnessed how So-Yeon and Hyeong-Geun were working on their relationship. They have now overcome the barrier of Hyeong-Geun’s past and are on the threshold of a new beginning. They have now put a label on their relationship and are ready to stick by each other.

Sung-Han Drops Geum-Hee’s Divorce Lawsuit

The highlight of episode 10 was Sung-Han’s winning attitude and dedication towards Geum-Hee’s divorce case. But as Gi-Yeong barges into Sung-Han’s office and narrates his story, something inside Sung-Han shifts. Hearing his nephew rant about his stepmother changes Sung-Han’s perspective. We all know how deeply affected Sung-Han is by Ju-Hwa’s death, and how he chose to study law and specialise in divorce litigation to atone for his sister.

As Divorce Attorney Shin episode 11 moves forward, Shin starts to get perplexed. Eventually, he drops Geum-Hee’s divorce case. He has managed to get a 27 per cent property share for Geum-Hee and claims that it is as far as Daenam Electronics would negotiate. Sung-Han claims that he longer understands Geum-Hee’s divorce case. Meanwhile, he keeps searching for ways to get his nephew’s custody from Young-Joo.

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Seo-Jin Is Ready To Take The Next Step

As Divorce Attorney Shin is nearing the finale, each of the characters has started to get everything sorted for them. Jeong-Sik’s business is flourishing, Hyeong-Geun is happily in a relationship with So-Yeon and Seo-Jin is set to make a comeback. We know how Seo-Jin had to leave her job as a radio DJ due to her scandalous relationship. Now that she has successfully put her toxic divorce behind her, Seo-Jin is ready to take her position as a radio DJ back.

Seo-Jin’s relationship with her son, Hyeong-u, has gotten significantly better. She is doing well for herself as a consultant in Shin’s law firm. In the last episode, we witnessed how Seo-Jin was put down by a middle-school girl. She held a grudge against her for being a better mother than she had. We discover that this brash teenager, Jun-Hui, is in dire need of money. Jun-Hui isn’t able to complete her schooling because her father is dead and her mother has left Jun-Hui to fend for herself. Seo-Jin decides to help Jun-Hui get child support, claiming that she peers up to Jun-Hui as a mere child, not an enemy.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11 Ending: The Semi-Finale Is A Delectable Delight

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11 Recap

Sung-Han has been perplexed about Geum-Hee’s case right from the start. He has known something was fishy when Geum-Hee suddenly decided to file a divorce against her cheating husband after decades of enduring him. Divorce Attorney Shin episode 11 stems his belief further and lets us get to know about the real reason she chose Sung-Han to fight for her. As Jang, Gi-Yeong’s driver, meets with Shin and tells him how Young-Joo is changing everything in Gi-Yeong’s life, Shin starts to dig further.

He discovers that Geum-Hee has donated all her property and money to a charitable trust and has been living away from the city hustle for a while. For a village woman to demand 50 per cent of shares surely raises red flags. Geum-Hee has overheard Ju-Hwa and Young-Joo’s conversation–the same conversation after which Ju-Hwa was hit by a truck. Now, she fears that Young-Joo would destroy her beloved daughter-in-law, Ju-Hwa’s son, too. As Divorce Attorney Shin climaxes, we find Geum-Hee narrating this to Sung-Han who is gearing up for the long-awaited battle. We cannot wait for Divorce Attorney Shin episode 12, the ultimate finale!

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