Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained: Sung-Han Is Limitless, Undeterred And Fully In Power!

Netflix’s latest courtroom drama, Divorce Attorney Shin, is nearing its finale. And with each passing moment, the makers are instilling as much suspense as they could. Be it Shin’s gloomy past or his increasing popularity, the creators are taking the show to another level. Now, a while ago, Netflix dropped Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 and it is brimming with victorious smirks, optimistic smiles and juicy drama.

Episode 8 of this series ended with showcasing Sung-Han standing against Yu-Seok, a popular lawyer from the Geumhwa law firm who is a strong rival of Sung-Han. Both of them were fighting against each other in a complicated divorce case with Shin siding Chun-Seok, the accused, and Yu-Seok favouring Dinh Thi Hoa, the plaintiff. Though Shin had an almost victorious smile on his face at the end of episode 8, does Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 let Shin harbour that smile? Does Shin win against Yu-Seok? Well, time to find out!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9: Sung-Han Beats Yu-Seok Again

The Vietnamese couple, Chun-Seok and Dinh Thi Hoa are amid a nasty divorce. Thi Hoa claimed that Chun-Seok has a high temper and often uses force against her. While Yu-Seok, Thi Hoa’s lawyer, knew that the fracture Thi Hoa was supporting wasn’t Chun-Seok’s doing, he still went with Thi Hoa’s false claims. At the end of episode 8, Sung-Han demanded a paternity test and struck Thi Hoa’s most fragile chord.

Now, in episode 9, Shin takes the argument a level higher. He proves that Chun-Seok’s right hand, which Thi Hoa admitted he used to fracture her hand, suffers from a frozen shoulder. Chun-Seok cannot even lift a chopstick, much less use a rod to hit someone. Shin also proves that Chun-Seok knew that Thi Hoa’s son isn’t biologically. And yet he chose not to throw it at Thi Hoa’s face. Once again, Shin Sung-Han walks out of the courtroom with a victorious smile, on his daring swagger.

On the other hand, Yu-Seok and Young-Joo are facing severe issues. The managing director of Keumhwa law firm and the leading director of Keumhwa stand against each other for the first time in the series. Yu-Seok has always strived to please his boss but this time, as Young-Joo blames him for losing to Shin, Yu-Seok loses his patience. He gives Young-Joo a piece of his mind. Yu-Seok claims that he is a partner at the firm, not a mere lawyer. Probably the most swoon-worthy scene involving these two in this series.

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Choi Jun’s Mediation Goes Awry

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Recap

While Shin has won the first case, Choi Jun is preparing for his first mediation. In the last episode, Shin’s law firm was bombarded with three baffling divorce cases. Now that the first one is solved, it’s time for the most complicated case. Min-Jeong and Hyeon-Tae, a truly mind-blowing couple, now stand against each other though they shouldn’t have begun with. Min-Jeong is a schizophrenic who has forever been treated differently by everyone. She is used to the side glares and pitiful looks.

But Hyeon-Tae did something irrevocable to her. He convinced Min-Jeong’s parents that he is genuine and generous, and portrayed himself as the epitome of piousness. While in fact, he was hiding his daughter and the fact that he was broke.

Choi Jun sits down for his first mediation, fully prepared and ready to win the case. He points out several facts against Hyeon-Tae including the fact that he hid his daughter from Min-Jeong and that he purposely targeted Min-Jeong. Hyeon-Tae joined a club that helped the families of schizophrenics called Heart Waves by claiming that he has a sister who suffers from the disease, a non-existent sister by the way. Choi Jun did his best and almost won the mediation. But then Hyeong-Tae lost his temper and started throwing things and accusations at Choi Jun. Of course, Choi Jun didn’t hold back either, resulting in his first mediation going downhill.

So-Yeon And Hyeong-Geun: We Might Have A New Love Story Soon

So-Yeon, the ramen shop owner of the entire firm Shin favours, has been having mixed feelings towards Hyeong-Geun. Even before Hyeong-Geun bid goodbye to his ex-wife, Ji-Eun, So-Yeon has been harbouring feelings for him. But now Hyeong-Geun’s divorce has been finalized and So-Yeon’s mother is back to take charge, This is when So-Yeon realizes that her feelings have started to bloom with full might.

So-Yeon has always been dreaming of owning a macaron shop but now her priorities seem to be shifted. So-Yeon is in a haze after she realizes the extent of her feelings towards Hyeong-Geun. She calls him and asks Hyeong-Geun whether he could love anyone else besides Ji-Eun. And of course, Hyeong-Geun chooses this moment to act righteous and honest. The scoldings he gets from his best friends, Shin and Jeong-Sik, are exactly what he deserves for his stupidity. But we are still hopeful that Hyeong-Geun would get hold of his sentience. And that So-Yeon and Hyeong-Geun would soon emerge as a couple.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Ending: Seo-Jin’s Past Won’t Leave Her Alone

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Recap

Coming towards the main couple of the show, Sung-Han and Seo-Jin’s story are put in slow motion in the last few episodes. In this episode though, we see it flourishing a bit. Seo-Jin, the former radio DJ and now an employee at Shin’s law firm, has had quite a colourful past, hasn’t she? Her nasty divorce and questionable relationship with a chef have made her a target for gossip. 

Now, she is trying to put it past her and focus on her son, Hyeong-u. It isn’t as easy as it seems though. Be it taking out the trash, visiting a shop or having lunch with colleagues, Seo-Jin is always surrounded by her past. As Divorce Attorney Shin episode 9 nears closer to end, we get to witness how Shin stands up for Seo-Jin when she is cornered by a so-called fan. The ending is the highlight of the episode with Shin and Seo-Jin harbouring a secretive yet sweet smile.

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