Hunger Movie Review And Ending Explained: What You Eat Represents Your Social Status?

Passion, power, abuse, control, ambition, and success, aren’t these interlinked with one another? That heat from the kitchen, those meat sweats, that sizzle on the pan, and the ultimatum, the flavor of your food, is what defines you the most! In the kitchen, there is no room for democracy, it’s a show of dictatorship! The tougher the situation gets, the more brutal you become. A movie that forced us to think about the true meaning of life and food! The hunger you have within you, that fire that keeps you going, that struggle of hard work, the social status you own, is it all even worth it? 

The more you eat, the hungrier you get, as quoted by Chef Paul is a life lesson that we all need to think about! Have you ever noticed how the privileged class always wants more luxury and success? On the other hand, we have the poors, the marginalized section of the country, the ones who will never get a chance to flourish in the rich society. The differentiation is beyond one’s thinking and imagination! The movie truly gives us a different living perspective. 

Hunger Movie Review: What You Eat Represents Your Social Status?

Hunger Review- What You Eat Represents Your Social Status?

From earning through a Pad See Ew joint to ending up being one of the Sous Chefs of the fine dining restaurant of the town, Aoy finally had a dream to chase for. She knew what she wanted! But little is she aware of Chef Paul’s true personality and thus the movie introduces us to the head Chef of Hunger. This is his kitchen and this is his area of rule. The one to whom the upper class bows down, the one who knows how filthy these puppets can be. 

He understands what the rich society looks for and thus he will do everything possible to be the best Chef in the town. He is mostly seen as a rude man with extraordinary cooking skills but there is hardly anyone who knows about his past life. He is just like those men who have chased success to a large extent and in the meanwhile, he has lost all of his worth and subconscious! 

On the other hand, we have Aoy, the one who aspires to be special someday! She is highly hardworking and talented! The one who knows how to handle heat and fire, the one who doesn’t give up at all. She is indeed a commendable Chef but is she that good enough to run a restaurant like Hunger? Can she prove herself to Chef Paul? A lot of things happen within those four closed walls of the kitchen. To be the best, you will even have to burn yourself down! This is her journey of food excellency. This movie is not just about a girl who became a renowned Chef, but this movie also emphasizes the fact that the poors are always crushed down by the rich society! Speaking about the ratings, out of 10, Hunger surely deserves an 8 from us. 

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Hunger Ending Explained – Is This The Triumph Of The New Wave?

Hunger Review- What You Eat Represents Your Social Status?

Mr. Tos was generous enough to invest in Aoy’s dream! From the very beginning, he knew that Aoy has an X-factor within herself, she cooks like a beast, and her cooking skills are unbeatable. As Aoy decides to quit Hunger, she decides to call Tos and thus begins a new career for her, this time not as a Sous Chef, but as the sole head runner of the Kitchen. Thus comes Flame into the picture, the cut-throat rival restaurant of Hunger. After all, how could we forget about the time when Aoy went up against Chef Paul? 

But even on this road to success, Aoy was losing herself. Slowly and steadily, she could understand that her business was draining her energy. She is not able to make time for her loved ones! She hasn’t even seen her family in months. All she cares for now is to build a name like Chef Paul! But little does Aoy know that this passion of hers will eat her alive.

By the end of the movie, we will see how Aoy gets triggered to quit the restaurant of her dreams! She goes back to her very own generic food joint and thus, gets reunited with her sister and father. This is where she wants to belong! On the other hand, we saw how Chef Paul got arrested for cooking the Hornbill! That video was leaked by Tone and thus comes the downfall of Hunger! Eventually, Aoy realized that if she stays any longer in this pit of wealth and success, she will end up being a reflection of Chef Paul and that’s not a life she wants to experience! 

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