Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: It Is Six Against One!

Adapted from Sacred Divorce, Divorce Attorney Shin, follows the adventurous journey of Shin Sung-Han. The former pianist is now South Korea’s leading divorce lawyer. He leads the show along with his best friends, Hyeong-Geun and Jeong-Sik, who make this episode a hilarious ride. In the previous episode, we witnessed how Sung-Han won another complicated task. And how Hyeong-Geun clung to his integrity and almost turned down So-Yeon. Also, Seo-Jin was at a crucial phase in her life.

Netflix released the tenth episode of this legal drama just a while ago. Portraying the essence of friendship and the beauty of self-confidence, Divorce Attorney Shin episode 10 has become a welcome addition to this addictive courtroom drama. In this Divorce Attorney Shin episode 10 recap, let us take a look at Sung-Han’s new case, Seo-Jin’s newfound optimism and So-Yeon and Hyeong-Geun’s blooming relationship!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 Recap

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 Recap

In Episode 8, we were introduced to three distinct cases, equally complicated and highly intriguing. In the last episode, Sung-Han successfully won one of those by proving that Chun-Seok is not someone Din Thi Hoa was portraying him to be. Now, in Divorce Attorney Shin episode 10, Sung-Han is approached by Ma Geum-Hee.

Throughout the series, the makers have been teasing us with Sung-Han’s past. They kept throwing fragments of his past at us, including Ju-Hwa’s death and Geum-Hee’s remorse. But now, Geum-Hee, Ju-Hwa’s ex-mother-in-law has approached Sung-Han to fight for her and bring her justice. Shin has two major questions, like the rest of us; why him and why now?

Geum-Hee’s answer makes for one of the most iconic scenes of the episode. As for the former question, Geum-Hee answers that she is finally ready to move past what everyone would think of her. And as for the latter, it is because she feels Sung-Han has a reason to put down Daenam Electronics and get Geum-Hee her share. Of course, she is right. Though Sung-Han agrees to take upon her case, the battle wouldn’t be easy for him. It is 6 Jinyeong Law Firm’s lawyer against Shin Sung-Han!

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Seo-Jin Has Stopped Hiding In Shadows, She Is Ready To Be The Centre Of Attention Now

While Sung-Han prepares for his next case, Seo-Jin is ready to put her past behind her. She has taken upon Ho-Yong’s offer and decided to pursue her passion. Yes, Seo-Jin is once again hosting a radio show and getting braver and bolder. In the last episode, Seo-Jin was cornered by her fan and nearly lost hope. She was timid, afraid of standing up for herself and still burdened by guilt.

In Divorce Attorney Shin episode 10, Seo-Jin is a changed personality though. She is motivated, ready to overcome her guilt and become the best mother Hyeong-u could have. The bittersweet relationship between this mother-son duo has started to flourish seamlessly and their bond has become more and more endearing.

So-Yeon And Hyeong-Geun Take Their Relationship A Step Ahead

Another bond that’s becoming endearing is that of So-Yeon and Hyeong-Geun. So-Yeon realized her blooming feelings for Hyeong-Geun and nearly confessed it. But Hyeong-Geun spoilt the moment by claiming that he is still hung over his ex-wife, Ji-Eun. In this episode though, after being thoroughly beaten by his best friends, Jeong-Sik and Sung-Han, he rectifies the mistake.

Hyeong-Geun offers to take So-Yeon out for an outing. Both of them enjoy each other’s company while overlooking the sea, surrounded by serenity. What they don’t realize is Sung-Han and Jeong-Sik are hiding in a tent, hearing their sweet confessions and mocking them secretly. Of course, Hyeong-Geun’s reaction is the most hilarious scene of the episode. And his question is fully warranted; are Sung-Han and Jeong-Sik 40 or 4?

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 Ending: Seo-Jin Discovers A Major Truth

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 Recap

Though Seo-Jin has vowed to stand tall against all the accusations thrown her way, one comment has her will be questioned highly. We all know how Seo-Jin’s alleged relationship with a chef made her the centre of controversy. The remaining of her pristine reputation was sullied by her scandalous divorce. Now, someone is holding that over Seo-Jin’s head by claiming that Hyeong-u would be ashamed to be associated with Seo-Jin.

Seo-Jin’s bubbling energy is shadowed by this mysterious person’s hateful comment. After a lot of stress and brainstorming, Seo-Jin finally discovers the identity of the commenter with the help of Choi Jun, Seo-Jin’s colleague and intern at Shin’s law firm. And it is someone no one would have expected to be; a 14-year-old who is burdened by a familial crisis. After her parents divorced, her mother left her alone to handle everything. Upon seeing Seo-Jin fight for Hyeong-u and strive to give him the best life Seo-Jin could, this 14-year-old couldn’t help her jealousy.

At the end of Divorce Attorney Shin, not only does Seo-Jin discover a major truth but Sung-Han does, too. Geum-Hee has handed over her journal to Shin in which she has recorded her husband’s alleged affairs and how much she has paid to cover up for him. Sung-Han shows the copies of this journal to the six lawyers standing against him. Back at the office, Gi-Yeong asks Shin for help as the credits start to roll down. Divorce Attorney Shin episode 10 ends on an intriguing cliffhanger, making the wait for episode 11 excruciatingly unbearable. The finale of Divorce Attorney Shin is just an episode away from us!

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