Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained: The Grand Finale Leaves Us Teary-Eyed!

Almost a month ago, Netflix started premiering a courtroom K-drama, Divorce Attorney Shin, late at night. The episodes were scheduled for a weekly release with 2 episodes made available to us every Saturday and Sunday. Now, a month later, after joining Shin Sung-Han on his journey towards justice, we are a bit emotional to bid him goodbye. Three dedicated friends, several flourishing relationships, a deadly mystery, a ruthless antagonist and numerous divorce cases. 

We won’t be having any of these anymore and while we absolutely adore Divorce Attorney Shin’s finale episode, we are teary-eyed because of this whirlwind 1-hour ride. The episode is brimming with a powerful message, lots of heart-touching scenes and a surprise we are all ecstatic to witness! In this Divorce Attorney Shin episode 12 recap, let us go through these scenes and bid Shin Sung-Han a heartfelt goodbye. Alert! The episode will leave you wanting more!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Recap: Sung-Han Deserves An Applaud

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained

Most lawyers work to bag cases, earn money and eventually build a reputation. Shin is a bit different though, he isn’t a golddigger. He works to deliver justice–something his late sister, Ju-Hwa couldn’t get. Ever since the series began, Sung-Han has been winning several divorce lawsuits and helping people get away from their abusive partners. But Divorce Attorney Shin isn’t just a case-of-the-week style courtroom drama. It has blended several key elements including suspense, emotions, ghosts from the past and a commendable friendship bond together seamlessly.

In Episode 11, we witnessed how Shin was having second thoughts regarding Geum-Hee’s case. At the end of the previous episode though, Sung-Han finally agreed to fight for her. In Divorce Attorney Shin episode 12 though, Sung-Han changed his mind again. We all know now how Geum-Hee filed the lawsuit against her husband so that she could get at least 50 per cent of Daenam Electronics. She wanted to save as much money as she could for her grandson, Gi-Yeong since his stepmother, Young-Joo wouldn’t let him have a single penny. Understanding Geum-Hee’s thought process and intentions, Shin convinces her and her husband to give their relationship a second chance. Sung-Han believes that the couple was only getting divorced because of Geum-Hee’s insistence and thus cannot go on with the divorce case. 

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Sung-Han Files A Petition, Aspires To Gain Gi-Yeong’s Custody

In the previous episode, Sung-Han started to prepare for the ultimate battle. He has finally started to work on gaining Gi-Yeong’s custody. But this episode solidifies Sung-Han’s intentions. He convinces Geum-Hee and her husband to at least have a conversation about their relationship before they proceed with the divorce. But that’s not all he convinces Geum-Hee of!

Sung-Han also assures Geum-Hee that Gi-Yeong would always have someone having his back. Even if Shin wouldn’t be able to give him a luxurious life, he would give Gi-Yeong a life where he wouldn’t have to eat at convenience stores and sleep with an eye open. Holding onto this belief, Sung-Han files a petition against Jeong-Guk, Gi-Yeong’s father and Ju-Hwa’s ex-husband, asking him to drop his parental rights.

Jeong-Sik Steals The Episode

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained

Divorce Attorney Shin episode 12 is an hour-long rollercoaster ride with Sung-Han’s dread dropping the smiles off our faces and Hyeong-Geun’s relationship salvaging that smile. Amongst these three friends, Jeong-Sik is probably the only one who doesn’t harbour a gloomy past. But as we witness him in this episode, our perspective is forced to change. The bubbling energy source, Jeong-Sik, bears a pang of bone-deep guilt that rules him.

Jeong-Sik sells his car, encloses the money in two envelopes and drops it on Park Yu-Seok’s doorstep. Since it was because of Jeong-Sik that Ju-Hwa met Yu-Seok, he is still burdened by guilt. He keeps blaming himself for Ju-Hwa’s death, believing that she would have been alive had he not introduced Yu-Seok to her. But, of course, that’s just his bleak outlook on Ju-Hwa’s accident. To rectify his mistake and help Shin win Gi-Yeong’s custody, Jeong-Sik asks Yu-Seok to take the money and help Shin. His intentions, expressions, emotions and dedication towards Sung-Han are the highlight of the episode.

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Hyeong-Geun And So-Yeon Gear Up For A Europe Trip

Still, in the initial phase of their relationship, we didn’t expect Hyeong-Geon and So-Yeon to take such a ginormous leap. Anyway, as So-Yeon and Heyong-Geun slurp over a bowl of ramyeon, So-Yeon casually mentions that she is planning to close the ramyeon shop for a while. Since she has never been outside Korea–aside from business meetings–So-Yeon wants to travel to Europe. We all know how So-Yeon has always been aspiring to own a macaroons cafe. We didn’t expect her to run her mothers’ ramyeon store forever, did we?

Another thing that we never expected is that Hyeong-Geun would put everything aside and join So-Yeon on the trip. Hyeong-Geun is certainly a reformed man! On the other hand, Attorney Choi is working on Jun-Hui’s case. He is a bit of a clumsy clown sometimes but in this episode, Choi is on fire. The way he threatens Jun-Hui’s mother with her cafe’s reputation is truly amazing to watch.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Ending: Not All Relationships Need Constant Contact

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained

Several revelations occur in the grand finale of this Netflix’s courtroom K-drama. Brought to us by Lee Jae-Hoon and Lim Jun-Hyuk, Divorce Attorney Shin has gifted us with numerous moments of laughter. It has showcased the true meaning of strength, of overcoming your past and why it is important to strive for your rights. Bearing these integral messages and lessons, Divorce Attorney Shin episode 12 walks us through Shin’s latest lawsuit and undeniably the most important one as well.

Sung-Han stands against Jeong-Guk and fights for his nephew for most part of the episode. After Sung-Han argues with Jeong-Guk outside the court, asking him about his wife’s conversation with Ju-Hwa, Jeong-Guk stops at Geum-Hee’s place. As per Jeong-Guk’s request, Geum-Hee lets him hear the conversation that led towards Ju-Hwa’s accident and ultimately death. When Shin starts bombarding Jeong-Guk with a myriad of questions in the courtroom Jeong-Guk has no answer. As a result, Shin wins the custody of Gi-Yeong with Jeong-Guk having limited parental rights!

Seo-Jin, our favourite radio DJ, is back to work and is nailing it. Though she didn’t want to leave Shin, he asked her to encourage him from afar. Geum-Hee asked Sung-Han to work on her divorce again and get her away from her husband for herself this time. With Heyong-Geun leaving for Europe, Gi-Yeong staying with Sung-Han and Seo-Jin gaining her position and reputation back, Divorce Attorney Shin episode 12 climaxes gracefully. And yes, not all relationships need constant contact, some flourish by hearing their voice blasting through the radio as well.

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