The Night Agent Ending Explained and Review Did Erik Monks Survive?

The countdown ends here, and The Night Agent Season 1 is finally released. We have already binged all 10 episodes of the series and guess what, if you are a fan of crime thriller shows, then this one would impress you a lot. You will be highly surprised to know what goes on within the locked doors of the FBI.

Get ready to explore everything about POTUS and other secretive security groups! This series introduces us to the main body backing us President Michelle! But little did she know that the vice president could become a deeper threat to her. This series mostly revolves around FBI agent Peter Sutherland and a highly talented cybersecurity expert Rose Franklin. Get ready to see how dirty politics can be! 

The Night Agent Review

The Night Agent- Synopsis & Ending Explained

It all starts with the suspicious metro blast. How could he forget about that night? From being troubled by the Americans for his father’s deeds to ending up getting a job as a Night Agent, Peter Sutherland had no clue about the deeper plan plotted against him. It all comes down to Omar Zadar, the dangerous terrorist who could truly destroy everyone’s lives. On one hand, people truly see a potential leader in Omar while on the other hand, the US vice president is determined to destroy his soul and body. They must kill the terrorist, they cannot afford him to be a sound leader. All the hustle done is for this particular guy, whom the American officials call a Russian mole. 

The series starts with jam-packed action scenes. After all, how could we forget about the scene where Emma and Henry were brutally killed by the assassins? This is exactly where it begins, this is when Rose calls up the Night program number, and this is where she first communicates with Peter Sutherland. As we move forward in this series, we will see how Maddie Redfield gets kidnapped! It seems like the vice president was so determined in his own mission that he killed a bunch of innocents.

This brings us to Colin and his brother Matteo! The wrong Matteo gets killed and thus Colin decides to kidnap the vice president’s daughter. The series is filled with a bunch of complicated twists and turns but again, what’s a thriller series if it doesn’t make you think over a perspective or a stressful scene?  

From working for Diane Farr to getting framed by her boss, Peter is surely going to be under tremendous pressure. On one hand, Rose is eagerly searching for the ones who killed her aunt and uncle, she deserves to know the truth about them! While on the other hand, Peter is determined to protect her from the terrifying duo of assassins who are ready to feed upon her blood. This series mostly revolves around crime, suspense, and mystery but Rose and Peter’s short-staged love story didn’t go off our radar. 

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The Night Agent- Ending Explained

The Night Agent- Synopsis & Ending Explained

We were so shocked to see that the vice president was going against the president’s commands. Moreover, the audience was highly intrigued when Farr’s name came up in the metro bomb blast. No one could have ever guessed that she too is among the culprits. The chase ends for Peter and Rose, successfully the duo were able to save President Michelle’s life. Camp David was a massive failure!

The culprits were finally behind the bars. Diane Farr, Vice President Redfield, and Wick Gordon, everyone had to pay for their deeds. Moreover, finally, Peter knows the truth about his father! He feels relieved to know that his father wasn’t an innocent man, he is trying his best to accept the truth given to him. 

What’s more important is, he is no longer going to waste his time in the basement of the White House. The president just offered him a better job, or should we say we got our Night Agent? Meanwhile, Maddie was finally out of her father’s cage. All this while, she was pretending to be happy, it was all a sugar-coated lie!

The most heartbreaking scene of the series would be the death of Erik Monks! The show ended on a refined note, most of the loopholes were covered, but we cannot ignore the fact that a new journey awaits for Peter Sutherland! Moreover, how could we forget about the time he got separated from Rose Larkin? Well, let’s hope we will soon get a heads-up on the second installment of the series, but until then enjoy, The Night Agent, exclusively just on Netflix. 

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