Is Patrick From Johnny Based On A Real-Life Character And Where Is He Now?

Johnny, as we all know, is a Polish film that has made it to the world cinema just today, that too via the Netflix platform Now the movie johnny is actually not something that can be treated as particularly an entertainment genre movie, it is abed on the life of Jan Kaczkowski, who was actually roman catholic priest but he was suffering from cancer but at the same time, this didn’t affect him much to stop or move him from his path of building a hospice and serving people.

The story has been beautifully portrayed and the movie has actually received a 6.9 imdb rating which may seem very less, but we need to understand that this movie hasn’t been rated by many people, as it was only available in Poland. Now finally this movie is available to the world and people all over the world will be able to understand how great of a movie this actually is. The comments of the critics regarding this movie have also been quite positive and this movie is actually a great watch for almost every person out there.

Now, this movie is not only based on the life of Jan Kaczkowski but also Patrick, whom we see as an ex-criminal and one who has ended up in the hospice of Jan for community hours, but the turning that his life took in the hospice the new way of life which he adapted to, and along with that the life that he currently leads, is basically because of only one person and that is none other than Jan.

Now if you watched the entire movie, something that surely has come up in your mind is whether Jan and Patrick are real-life people. Jan is very real and everyone all over the world knows his accomplishments very well, whereas Patrick is also based on a real-life person, however now he has achieved some fame and people don’t actually know much about him this past which we get to see in this movie.

Is Patrick Based On A Real-Life Character?

Is Patrick From Johnny Based On A Real-Life Character And Where Is He Now?

Yes, as we have already mentioned the character of Patrick is actually based on a real-life person, Patrick Galewski. He is currently a chef, and his last job was in the Tawerna strand. For those who don’t know about the life of Patrick, he was born in a household which surely couldn’t give him the best upbringing. His father was an alcoholic and the first time he was arrested at the age of 12, his father actually boasted of him. His mother also didn’t have much influence on his life and till the point, he met his father Patrick, he was treated as a jailbird, and the jail was his home.

Patrick was caught on the charges of burgling a home and that was the time after which he was sent on 360 hours of community service to the hospice of father johnny. Though it was tough for him at the start to take care of all those ill and aged people, it was father Jan who helped him get over this stuff and finally rise to his reality and choose a better way of life. At first, he started living there because he didn’t have to face Pablo who was related to his past and was in debt to him, but soon that also caught up to him.

Following all these the change mainly took place because of the trust that father Jan had in him and another aged old lady to whom Patrick got connected very closely. It was her whom Patrick started cooking and her death affected him a lot but it also gave him a chance to bring out the chef inside of him.

Yes, Patrick Galewski whom we know as a very reputed chef right now, met his wife Aneta in the hospice only and he was also the chef to father Jan. he has got some dark past and at the same time he has served sentence for quite a sometime, but father Jan gave him a new life and every incident that we see in the movie, is actually true and that has been confirmed by the actor the director as well as by Patrick Galewski.

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Where Is Patrick Galewski Right Now?

After the death of father Jan, as we all know Patrick was already supposed to be a father, he had proposed to Aneta much previously and they were quite serious in their relationship, however, he did realize that they will need a different place to start his family and that is the reason they shifted from the puck hospice to the Hill, where they got their own place. However, even before that Patrick got married to Aneta and started working at the very famous Kutter restaurant.

Currently, we see that a book is available, which has been written by Patrick, and the photographs in the book have been taken by his wife Aneta, who is professionally a photographer.  She also helped him in compiling the book and other stuff, which has got many of his very famous recipes and his different life experience. His last job place was at the Taverna Strand as we have already mentioned and he is still staying in Puck, Poland.

In his interviews, he has still mentioned that Jan was the one who gave him his new life and his cooking career wouldn’t have started without him, and his favorite dish to cook is tenderloin, just like the way Jan used to like it.

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