Class Of O7 Ending Explained: Who Kills Sandy? Is She Alive? What Happens To Zoe In The End?

High school is the root of drama, isn’t it? And a high-school reunion? Yeah, that’s an infinite pool of drama. Blending in this pool of drama and an apocalypse, Amazon Prime Video has released a new comedy thriller Class Of O7. The series is brimming with drama, comedy, suspense, jealousy and whatnot. It is a creative experiment to blend in the Pocco–the Spanish slang for the apocalypse–and the seemingly impossible story of surviving an island filled with your high-school classmates.

We all have different stories regarding our high school, right? Some have bittersweet memories while some are flooded with tears. Class Of O7 deals with each of these story arcs finely. Now that we have witnessed this apocalyptic drama, we are tackling a few questions, aren’t we? For instance, we have been wondering about Sandy and Saskia. Moreover, the series’ star character, Zoe, has also left us in knots. So, let’s take a look at these questions and try to get their answers!

Class Of O7: Who Kills Sandy?

This lighthearted comedy series commenced with showcasing Zoe running off to a mysterious island after she witnessed water explosions. This island has now become the all-girls high-school Zoe once attended. Inside this school, the rest of the crew is having a reunion celebration. Cue the awkward small talks, drunk confessions and bitter glares. When Zoe barges in frantically and witnessed the reunion party, she loses her patience–which by the way isn’t much, to begin with.

After Amelia, Zoe’s childhood best friend, and Genevieve, the former Caretaker School Captain, have made Zoe a bit comfortable, they are all getting wasted as water floods the entire world. When they wake up, everyone is panicking and trying to make sense of what’s going on there. Well, aside from Sandy who is worried more about her expensive handbag than the Pocco. While everyone else is busy worrying about food and electricity, Sandy is crying over her lost bag.

As the series progresses further Zoe and Amelia have somehow managed to reinvent electricity through the library books. But Sandy is still stuck there until eventually, she disappears. Everyone tries to find her but quickly foregoes their mission once their desperation for food and other basic needs becomes unbearable. Once the crew has managed to sustain themselves by paddling the cycles and converting the mechanical energy to electrical, Genevieve raises a higher issue. She accuses Saskia of killing Sandy and everyone agrees to shave her head as a punishment. But the aspiring lawyer, Amelia has something else on her mind.

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Sandy Walks In Alive And Angry

Class Of O7: Who Kills Sandy?

Amelia suggests that Saskia should get a fair chance to defend herself against the allegations imposed on her. After everyone agrees to Amelia’s suggestion, they are all setting a mock court with Amelia and Genevieve as lawyers. The drama ensues, shreds of evidence are brought forward by Genevieve and Amelia tries her best to save Saskia. But it isn’t an easy task since Saskia is guilty of the crime.

Saskia has always been a bit mean and has bullied and manipulated her classmates for years. Though she claims that she is trying to get better, her jealousy takes over her sanity more often than not. This time, too, Saskia ended up pushing Sandy into the ocean. But she wasn’t alone in her pursuit, Zoe was her accomplice as well. Before everyone could swallow the truth, they are distracted by Genevieve’s news.

While everyone else had to work to use the bathrooms–and well for everything else–Genevieve has been using a separate one. The crew members do take it out on Genevive, Zoe and Saskia though. But everyone is rendered speechless when Sandy walks in alive and angry. She has been surviving the apocalypse for three months all on her own and is now vindicative and revengeful. She punches Saskia and stabs Zoe in the back, all while throwing an angry fit.

What Happens To Zoe In The End?

If you are wondering whether Sandy killed Zoe in her rage, you would be surprised to know she didn’t. Zoe would have died alone though because of her actions. Everyone in the crew thought it was better to leave Zoe alone even though she was the one who tried her best to save them all. Starting the old radio and constantly asking for help through this radio, motivated everyone not to give up even though they were on the verge of eating about nothing. Zoe’s stubbornness and determination to get out of the apocalypse alive have helped the crew stay motivated.

Well, aside from Amelia. She has been harbouring pessimistic thoughts, heavy depression and a lack of interest in survival. But in the end, she couldn’t leave her best friend alone despite Zoe being a bit harsh sometimes. Zoe’s attempt pays well in the end though; her show on the radio channel has attracted a few pirates. While everyone thinks they would be of help, they prove to be a menace. At the end of the Class Of O7, it is the girls ready to survive alone on an isolated island without harbouring any more doubts.

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