Class Of O7 Recap And Review: An Apocalyptic Survival Story Stumped By Dramatic Chaos!

Here arrives the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Video’s Class of O7. It has brought a survival story with it and it is nothing short of a hilarious ride. Yes, the Class Of O7 series has made an apocalypse seem less of a tragedy! Ain’t it engrossing? When we started watching the trailers and teasers of this show, we knew it wasn’t going to be like the other apocalyptic shows out there. It is about a reunion that went wrong and a disaster that forced this reunion to be the worst in the history of reunions.

This latest comedy thriller is flooded with water, drama and tears. But that’s not all that awaits us in this Prime Video series. Lying beneath all of these covers is a deeper message the makers are trying to portray. If you are looking forward to deciding whether you should give Class Of O7 a try, your wait ends here. Let’s begin with the Class Of O7 recap and review!

Class Of O7 Recap: How Did It Begin?

Class Of O7 Recap And Review

Though the series has a diverse cast and a huge range of characters, it mostly revolves around Zoe Miller. The funny, optimistic, jealous Zoe is going through a lot. When she is dumped by Gareth, her patience snaps and she throws a dramatic fit. Destroying everything and yelling her frustration, Zoe saunters away towards her father’s place. So far, it seems like a regular drama. But then flocks of birds roam over Zoe’s head and water fountains are bursting everywhere.

On the other hand, the class of O7 is celebrating their reunion. The Caretaker School Captain–you will be hearing this title throughout the series–Genevieve is hosting it with grace. She introduces everyone, popping out the champagne and throwing mean remarks here and there. Talking to Amelia about her husband and the farm, appraising Saskia and cooing at Sandy. Everyone is enjoying seeing each other after 1O year–well, almost everyone. But Zoe is driving away aimlessly, panicking throughout her ride.

She accidentally reaches the school reunion party and starts to blabber. Of course, not a word she says makes sense at that time since everyone is busy flaunting their careers and getting wasted. The morning after that though is another story. Water has swallowed the ground and there is no human in plain sight, only the class of O7 on their island with no type of equipment to survive.

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Class Of O7: Surviving The Apocalypse Is Harder Than They Thought

After the entire gang is done throwing accusations at Zoe and stuffing down the pancakes made by Amelia, reality starts to settle in their minds. Teressa starts to throw a fit while the rest of the crew stares at her because they have already had their panicking session complete. With almost nothing to survive–no electricity, food or clean water–they have only two options; fight or flight. And they choose to fight.

Led by Saskia, the crew starts everything from scratch. Amelia helps re-inventing the electricity, Zoe starts to speak on the radio to get help and everyone else is busy trying to find food. When they have got enough materials to sustain themselves, they need electricity. So, their only option is to paddle the cycles and convert their energy into electricity.

Everything works fine until Genevieve and the others start to revolt against Saskia’s cruelty–this woman genuinely takes all of this leading and surviving business a bit too far. Megan, Tegan, Phoebe, Reeney and everyone else accuse Saskia of murdering Sandy. Amelia’s addiction to her anti-depressants becomes stronger, Zoe is still supporting Saskia, Laura–who everyone thought died–has dropped in alive and their hope for survival is diminishing. Then arrives Sister Barbica who has been hiding away from this crew and restores their hope for survival–well, at least she tries to do her best.

Class Of O7 Review: Should You Stream It Or Skip It?

Class Of O7 Recap And Review

Blending an apocalypse and hilarious drama, the Class Of O7 is quite an interesting story. The girls have been portraying the raw emotions of a teenager and the maturity of an adult quite vividly since the series keeps jumping between past and present narratives. The first few episodes work brilliantly, showcasing the apocalypse and these girls’ fear of never being able to go back. The emotions are running high in this series but the mental states of these girls are deteriorating, especially Amelia who has given up on all hopes of survival. Zoe is endearing but a bit too mean at times while Saskia constantly tries to rule over everyone and amend her past mistakes.

Then we have Megan and Tegan who are drug addicts and all they could care about is their next fix. Laura Cunningham, the supposed dead classmate is demanding a eulogy because no one from her class attended her non-funeral a decade back. Phoebe is panicking because she is on a deadline and has to submit her work soon. On the other hand, we have Reeney who’s pretending to be a doctor.

The cast is great but the storyline is mediocre and overstretched. The part where the crew members all decide to fight for their survival will floor you, their unique innovations and determination are commendable. But the rest of it all? The part where they have set up a court and Amelia and Genevieve are fighting like true lawyers amid an apocalypse is a bit too much. It isn’t just about survival, it is about overcoming self-esteem issues and selfishness as well. If you are looking for a quick, mindless, humour-filled watch the Class Of O7 could be for you. 

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