Shadow And Bone Season 2: Why Does Alina Kill Mal? Is He Truly Dead?

In a world of lies and betrayal, holding onto love isn’t easy. Authority demands sacrifices and sacrificing your decade-long love is nothing short of agony. Shadow And Bone is a mythical series revolving around Alina Starkov and her pursuit to reunite her town. She is a map maker with Sun summoning abilities, an extraordinary ability that makes Alina the most important Saint in Ravka.

The Shadow And Bone season 2 recently dropped on Netflix and has left us with multiple questions. Mainly, Alina and Mal’s sparkling chemistry. Why does Alina kill Mal if she were madly in love with him? Did she really kill Mal or was it a trap to lure the Darkling? If you are having the same doubts and wondering about these questions, come join us while we get the answers!

Why Does Alina Kill Mal?

Shadow And Bone, adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling novel series, is a fantasy drama. Now trending on Netflix, this gothic series is known for its fast pace, eye-catching costumes and the Grisha universe. In this magical universe created by Bardugo, there is a mysterious town entitled Ravka. This city is divided by a mythical boundary known as the Shadow Fold. It is manifested by the Shadow Summoner aka General Kirigan.

When Alina and Mal discover Kirigan, they are more determined than furious. Alina gets obsessed with reuniting the Ravka and destroying the Fold. She is joined on her quest by Mal Oretsev, the highly talented tracker and Alina’s best friend. Of course, it isn’t friendship but Alina and Mal’s love that keeps them going on throughout the battle. But then, as Shadow And Bone season 2 nears closer to its ending, we get to witness Alina stabbing Mal with a deadly dagger. Why? We were intrigued as well!

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Is Mal Truly Dead?

Why Does Alina Kill Mal?

The last episode of Shadow And Bone season 2 revolves around Alina and Kirigan’s ultimate fight. It is all about explosions and blood. Mal is one of those people who has sacrificed himself for his homeland, or more like for Alina. This season has many twists awaiting us, one of these twists was of Morozava’s legendary amplifiers. Alina needs these amplifiers to strengthen her so that she could destroy the Fold.

Alina and Mal retrieve one of these amplifiers, the Sea Whip after a lot of trouble. But the second one, the one that matters the most to Alina, is inscribed in a human. Your guess is absolutely right, it is Mal who possesses the Firebird. When the entire Ravka is fighting for their peace, Kirigan is attacking them furiously. Mal has been attacked by one of Kirigan’s minions. Before Mal could die, he wanted to help Alina take down his cousin.

So, Mal asks Alina to dig the sword deeper and conquer his amplifying abilities. The explosion they create shakes the entire Ravka, and the audience of course. Mal dies brutally, leaving Alina with a clue that would help her find him after the chaos ends. He could be revived since he is the bearer of the Firebird amplifier and can live once again.

Why Does Mal Leave Alina?

Though Alina revives Mal and defeats Kirigan, her luck isn’t on her side. When Mal wakes up, he has lost his tracking abilities and is now a mere human. A Grisha with a human? Now that’s a swoon-worthy fantasy. But a fantasy indeed. Mal has always been Alina’s support system and has never left her side.

Now though, things have shifted and are no longer working in Mal’s favour. While Nikolai has started to develop feelings for Alina, she is already deeply in love with Mal. And though Mal loves Alina way more, he has several doubts flooding his mind. Is it his bloodline that has led Mal towards Alina? Is it love or their duty that binds them together? 

His questions lead him away from Alina. When she offers him the position of a privateer, he accepts it and becomes Sturmhond in Nikolai’s stead. Though Alina has continued her mission, Mal has chosen a different route. The jurda parem, a newly found drug that helps a Grisha empower their skills, is now out to destroy the Ravka. Of course, Alina will stop at nothing to save her hometown. Mal and Alina’s explosive chemistry can be seen taking down this drug soon. But as of Shadow And Bone season 2, Alina and Mal are on separate paths.

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