10 Shows Like Poker Face You Should Definitely Watch Once!

The intriguing drama series, Poker Face Season 1 concluded recently and we can’t wait to see another exclusive season of the show. All fans are currently waiting to see Poker Face Season 2. But hey there, let’s keep that discussion for some other day. Today we would like to scan 10 other thriller drama series which remind us of Poker Face Season 1! Whether it’s mystery, suspense, or crime, we are ready for it all. If you love binging thriller drama series, then you have headed to the right place. We are just about to begin our session on the same, from tangled up mysteries to brutal murder cases, we will be discussing it all today. 

10 Shows Like Poker Face

Are you ready for some complicated mystery cases? Comedy, love, greed, jealousy, suspense, murder, and whatnot! These twisted drama series have entertained us the most and we recommend them to you as well. From Murders in the Building to One of Us is Lying, we are going to discuss it all today. Not only mystery or thriller drama series, but today we would also like to talk about some interesting dark comedy shows. So let’s not delay any further and quickly jump into the main discussion of the day, here are 10 extremely interesting drama series that look almost like Poker Face. 

10. One Of Us Is Lying

10 Shows Like Poker Face

Let’s scan through Netflix first. When talking about thriller drama series, what’s better than binging One of Us is Lying Season 1 and Season 2? The famous teen drama series truly took us by surprise. The fascinating drama series is originally based on Karen M. McManus’ excellent novel of the same name. It all starts with Simon’s unsolved murder mystery. If you still haven’t figured it out then you should rewatch the same, it wasn’t a sudden accident, it was indeed a murder case Four of his classmates are on the police radar and thus the investigation begins. Addy, Cooper, Bronwyn, and Nate, all come under the troubling investigation case and thus their lives are turned upside down.

9. Pretty Little Liars

10 Shows Like Poker Face

This next show came with a timeline of 7 years and 7 extremely twisted seasons. Pretty Little Liars originally premiered on Freeform and is still counted among the best teen drama shows out there. Alison suddenly goes missing and thus the four best friends come into the tight grip of ‘A’. Someone is haunting them with their past lies and terrible secrets. Someone is aware of their wrong deeds and thus begins the thriller drama series. This brings us to Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer, the four friends who will do everything possible to run away from the hideous past secrets.

8. The Watcher

10 Shows Like Poker Face

Just when you assume life will be better from now on, a new problem arrives at your doorstep. The thriller Netflix drama series premiered last year and we still couldn’t get over the first season of the show. Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, The Watcher was filled with numerous twists and turns and fans are currently looking forward to the second installment of the series. Someone is watching their every move! Those creepy letters hold a shocking truth. Can the couple unsolve this mystery case? Can they find out the truth behind those letters? Can they find out about the person who is keeping an eye on them? All these questions can only be answered through the popular Netflix series, The Watcher. 

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7. The Resort

10 Shows Like Poker Face

Another iconic drama series happens to be The Resort! Released on 28th July 2022, this series was filled with a bunch of chaotic mystery cases. It all comes down to their 10th marriage anniversary and that’s where it all began. 2 adults went missing and a suspicious murder case remains unsolved. Noah and Emma are falling apart, but how do you give up on a marriage which lasted for 10 long years? To spark things up in their marriage, they plan to go on a vacation trip and this brings us to the Mayan Riviera! Little did this couple know that some hideous problems are lying in this lavish resort! They might enjoy their time to the fullest but this is indeed going to be a crazy vacation trip for them! 

6. The Afterparty

10 Shows Like Poker Face

If you have access to Apple TV+, then you can surely binge this once. The popular dark comedy-drama series is very much in talk and we are also extremely excited to see another exclusive season of the show. “The Afterparty” Season 2 is also around the corner, the second installment of the intriguing drama series is just a month or so away from us. Well, the first season of the show impressed us a lot, it all starts with the high school reunion party and that’s where the murder happened but guess what the mystery is not over yet! Each holds a motive to kill Xavier, after all, he was immensely popular out there and who wouldn’t be jealous of his extreme fame and success? No one will be left off the interrogation session and everyone will be questioned about their past and present deeds!

5. Blindspot

10 Shows Like Poker Face

Another fascinating thriller drama series happens to be Blindspot. Five extremely intriguing seasons of the show premiered on NBC and there wasn’t even a single episode that had any flaws! All the criminal and political angles held forward in this series truly amazed us a lot. There lies a suspicious bag in Times Square and a woman bare naked has been zipped up inside the bag. Her body is filled with tattoos but these aren’t the normal ones, each tattoo holds a different meaning and thus starts the mystery. What’s more shocking is Jane Doe doesn’t remember a thing about her past life! Somehow she has forgotten everything about herself and this brings her under the cops and the FBI’s radar! Her tattoos connect her with an outrageous criminal conspiracy and thus begin her terrifying journey. She will be questioned and troubled by all parts of society, but she must not fall weak as her one wrong statement or judgment can truly destroy her life forever. 

4. Luther

Originally premiered on BBC One, Luther had a total of 5 seasons, and what an epic show it was! The show centers around John Luther, the renowned Detective Chief Inspector who is always hunting criminals! He dreams of a crime-free town. But just like others he too has flaws, he gets a bit too aggressive at times and this brings a bad reputation to his name. He soon realizes that he too has got stuck in this dark world. But then he met Alice Morgan, the genius psychopath and you call her a murderer as well. What’s more shocking is, despite trying his level best, Luther couldn’t find any evidence against this woman and thus Morgan was free from jail. One thing went to another and Morgan started looking out for Luther! Surprisingly, if taught wisely Morgan can be a detective as well. Both started solving criminal cases together and thus there sparks chemistry between the two. Well, to know what lies in their future, you have to binge all 20 episodes of Luther! 

3. Sherlock

Another extremely interesting show would be the famous Prime Video thriller drama series, Sherlock. An unusual friendship turns into a great partnership. Watson happens to be a retired army doctor but little did he know that his life is about to change in a few days! This brings us to his new flatmate, the very famous, smart, and intellectual Sherlock Holmes! The name speaks for itself. As the two try to understand each other better, their friendship starts growing, and thus before they could realize they will become best of partners! To know what lies in the future of this duo, you have to binge all four seasons of Sherlock! Some exciting and highly complicated mystery cases are waiting for our duo. 

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2. Bones 

Dead bodies speak too, if you still doubt our statement then you have surely not binged Bones. This popular comedy-drama series had a strong fanbase. Bones came with a total of 12 seasons and all the episodes of the show have got a good amount of ratings out there. This is where science meets human psychology! Originally premiered on Fox TV, this show mainly centered around the excellent forensic expert Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan! She is the one who examines dead bodies while Booth is the one who carries out the investigation procedures. This brings us to the renowned FBI Agent Seeley Booth, who believes that he can crack any murder or mystery case out there but hey there as you dig deep into this series, you will realize that he is nothing without Dr. Bones! 

1. Only Murders In The Building 

Last but not least comes the famous Hulu drama series, Only Murders In The Building! Starring the very gorgeous and talented Selena Gomez, this series truly proved that Gomez can be an exceptional actress as well. It all revolves around Charles, Mabel, and Olive, as the three struggle to keep up with the chaos of their lives, they find out a hidden truth about themselves! All three can be excellent detectives but only if they plan to work along. Meanwhile, a shocking murder takes place in the building and thus starts a chaotic investigation process! The culprit is roaming alive and they must find out who carried out the crime!

10 Shows Like Poker Face – FAQs

1. Is Poker Face renewed for another season?

Yes, Poker Face has been renewed for another season.

2. Is Only Murders In The Building renewed?

Yes, Only Murders In The Building has been renewed for a third season.

3. Is The Watcher renewed?

Yes, The Watcher has been renewed for a second season.

4. How many episodes will be there in Only Murders In The Building Season 3?

As per our estimates, Only Murders In The Building Season 3 might hold a total of 10 episodes.

5. Can you watch Poker Face online?

Yes, Poker Face can be viewed through the official site of Peacock TV.

6. How many total episodes can be there in Poker Face Season 2?

Our estimates say, Poker Face Season 2 will hold a total of 10 episodes.

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