14 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes Ranked: Which One Is The Most Hilarious?

Reaching almost 250 episodes this month, Impractical Jokers have become one of the most beloved comedy series. It has been over 5 years that this series has been entertaining us with its captivating plot. And the jokers, Joe Gatto, James Murray, Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn, have become a part of our routine. One of the highlights of the series remains the punishments doled out to the loser at the end of the episode. Their mortified expressions and the absurdity of it have kept us going, hasn’t it?

Impractical Jokers revolves around these four comedians or jokers as we call them who compete against each other and fulfil the dares bestowed on them. It is a reality TV show in which these jokers have to go out in public and obey each command given to them by the other jokers. If they don’t follow the orders, they have to bear punishments and that’s what makes this series so endearing. We have brought forward the best Impractical Jokers episodes for you. Find out which one has been the most hilarious!

14. HellCopter


One of the most beloved episodes of season 5, HellCopter is truly a piece of absurd comedy–something that’s the highlight of the series. In this episode, we get to witness Murr and Sal enduring a hilarious punishment. It isn’t as terrifying as they make it out to be. Both of them have to jump into the water, that’s it. But from several feet where they sit in a helicopter.

The other two members of this crew, Q and Joe, don’t make it easy for them either. They make Murray sit on the edge and mock his fear of heights as much as they could. While Sal doesn’t mind sitting beside Murr, he certainly cannot bear to jump from such a height. This episode deserves to be on the list of best Impractical Jokers list because of its comic timing, the jokers’ reactions and that epic jump.

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13. Fraudway


Impractical Jokers have a unique way to make us laugh with their dares and punishments. It’s been almost 250 episodes and yet they manage to come up with something different each time. In this episode, Fraudway, these jokers prove why we are not yet bored with the series. This time the dare is quite simple; make people laugh. Seems an easy task for legendary comedians, right?

The jokers do everything to make people laugh and while they succeed immensely, the challenges they have to face make this episode such an enormous success. This episode is the highlight of season 8 and one of those episodes where Murr steals the show. It sees a pianist, Yanni, as a guest and do these jokers leave the guests in peace? The punishment doled out to Murray will make you realize why his reactions are considered to be the best among the four.

12. Elephant In The Room

Elephant In The Room

This episode, Elephant In The Room, will make your stomach ache! As its name suggests, there is a huge elephant in the room and the jokers have to deal with this elephant. The episode begins with showcasing Joe, Murr, Sal and Q as dentists who have an earpiece secured to their ears. Beginning with Joe, each of these supposed dentist has to help their patients–or more like trouble them to the fullest.

Since Sal fails to obey the orders, he is bestowed a rather hilarious punishment. He has to find his lost keys in a room where the elephant resides. Throughout the ordeal, Sal’s reddening face and his continuous yelling will have you laughing till you cannot take it anymore. Sal is truly one of the best comedians and jokers out there!

11. Tipping Point

Tipping Point

Impractical Jokers are notorious for their hilarious punishments. The show is the perfect dose of humour we need and Sal’s reactions are probably the best part. Since Sal is at the receiving end of the punishments most of the time, we are used to his over-the-top reactions and ability to convince anyone. In this episode, he does take the shine and brings forward one of the most memorable punishments of the series.

In Tipping Point, Sal is assigned the task to bag the heaviest tips. He is disguised as a delivery boy who is never happy with the tips he gets. Now, Sal has to land bucks without giving up on his persona. The ways he opts to do so and his straightforward comments about the tips will make you realise why Sal’s punishment ends up being the highlight of the series.

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10. Everything’s Just Rosie

Everything's Just Rosie

The jokers seem to have no limit when it comes down to manifesting creative dares. They manage to bring out another dare that seems quite simple but it proves to become more complicated as they try to go through it. This time they have to serve scoops of mashed potatoes to customers arriving at a local restaurant. The best part? The customers have no idea these jokers don’t work in that restaurant.

Joe nails the episode with his marketing skills and delivers over 30 scoops. The other jokes don’t even fall in the league with Q losing the episode. This episode, Everything’s Just Rosie, will make your stomach ache! Moreover, Q’s punishment will make your day! This is the highlight of Impractical Jokers Season 2 with Joe stealing the show–or more like the episode.

9. X Man

X Man

No, this isn’t a Christmas special episode. Instead, it revolves around the letter X and how these jokers have made it impossibly hilarious. The episode begins with the four of them sauntering into a children’s art class where they get stuck in several situations. Toppling over paint bottles, pretending to be some Italian snob and whatnot. These jokers find themselves in mortifying situations, especially since they have to follow the orders given by the rest three jokers.

Q gets assigned the task to paint a huge X on a child’s painting, which he refuses. He doesn’t want to sabotage any painting purposefully but his friends don’t share the sentiment. As a punishment, Q has to paint X on every painting. Hence, the name X Man. The episode makes the best episode of Season 6 with Q being the highlight.

8. Do Something To My Face

Do Something To My Face

Joe isn’t often the loser but when he is at the receiving end of the punishment, the episode automatically becomes overly hilarious. This episode begins with introducing us to these jokers who are dressed up as professional debaters. They try to convince people of several things as ordered by their fellow jokers. One challenge leads to another and Joe emerges as the loser.

As a punishment, Joe has to give his face to the audience. They could do anything they want with it. They can slap Joe’s face, smudge it with stale food or dump anything onto it. Joe’s reactions will make your eyes water! Do Something To Your Face is a classic episode of the Impractical Jokers series and the most hilarious ones as well.

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7. Art Attack

Art Attack

After Sal, Murr’s punishments are probably the most hilarious. The episode begins with showcasing the jokers in a comic book store. Of course, they aren’t there to purchase comic books, they are there for another hand-holding challenge. This time Murr loses the episode and has to endure the punishment doled out to him. At first, the punishment sounds pretty simple. Murr has to act as a world-class painter and exhibit his paintings.

But Murray isn’t an artist and has absolutely zero knowledge in the area. Moreover, the other jokers don’t let him peak into the paintings either. As the exhibition starts, Murr is introduced to a painting he supposedly painted. His reaction as he explains the paintings is so over-the-top you cannot help but laugh throughout the episode. The list of best Impractical Jokers episodes would be incomplete without mentioning this episode!

6. Enter The Dragons

 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

Acclaimed to be one of the best episodes of season 2–and probably the series–Enter The Dragons is a comedy fest. The challenge is simple but the punishment isn’t. The episode begins with showcasing the jokers in a grocery store, performing the infamous whisper challenge. We have got Joe and Sal as the losers in this episode and they are assigned a task they have no clue how to accomplish.

Q and Murr turn Joe and Sal into popular music artists and set a stage performance for them. They ask Joe and Sal to write lyrics and perform them on stage much to their chagrin. Watching Joe beat on the drum and enact as a professional is the best part of the episode. Of course, Sal doesn’t lack behind, he does his best as the lead singer. No Impractical Jokes fan should miss this episode!

5. Mime And Punishment

 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

It is quite rare that Q is at the end of punishment but when he is, he does steal the show. In this episode, the jokers make Q realize why he doesn’t want to lose an episode. His best friends could be very creative when doling out punishments, creative and cruel as well. Joe, Murr and Sal make Q go through one of the most ludicrous punishments. They bind Q to mime and expect him to bear this pantomime.

What’s better? Q and the rest of the crew has a live performance scheduled for the day. This pantomime makes sure to never live Q alone and makes it as difficult as possible for him. Q’s constant frowns, curses and frustration make this episode one of the best Impractical Jokers ever.

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4. Welcome To Miami

 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

The land of sand and sunrise, Miami is everyone’s favourite holiday destination. The guys enjoy making sand castles, too. But that’s not the only thing they enjoy. Are these jokers on a beach without unique dares and creative punishments? Seems impossible. This episode marks the beginning of season 4 and has more than a million views. It begins with showcasing the jokers on a beach trying to accomplish the dares assigned to them.

The best part of the challenge is when Joe has to wear a merman costume, flaunt it and drag himself to the other end of the beach. His reactions are extremely hilarious but Q beats him to it this time. Since Q is the loser, he is assigned the punishment to retrieve his backpack from an alligator pen. Q’s yelling and cursing as he crawls towards the alligator is the most hilarious part of the episode. The alligator’s mouth is taped shut but the rest of the jokers don’t tell Q about that.

3. Brother In Loss

 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

No matter how strong their friendship is, turning it into something more doesn’t seem to be on their radar. All four of them, Q, Joe, Murr and Sal, trying to land a job in this episode. But with their silly actions and weird comments, the interviewer has nothing to offer them except chuckles and snarky glares. These jokers have to convince the interviewer or bear a tormenting punishment. 

Since Sal loses this episode, he has to bear witnessing her little sister get married. And who’s the groom? Sal’s worst nightmare, Murray. He is bound to a chair and has to witness Murr marrying his sister officially. The best part of the episode is Murr’s horrified expressions while Sal’s reaction is the icing on the cake. Of course, Murr doesn’t marry Sal’s sister but Q and Joe’s plan does work in our favour. The list of best Impractical Jokers would be incomplete without mentioning Brother In Loss.

2. Toasted

 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

Watching these jokers ridicule themselves and their best friends have become our hobby, hasn’t it? In this episode, Toasted, the jokers do their best to make us laugh by dressing up as waiters. And History has it, these guys are the worst waiters but the best comedians. They go on ranting about stupid things, making the customer embarrassed and whatnot. Of course, they dare each other to do the most mortifying things as well.

In the end, Sal emerges as a loser and has to go through a terrible punishment. He is the guest of honour–or more like dishonour–at a wedding and has to deliver a short speech. The highlight? This speech is written by Sal’s best friends. Even though the bride and groom are somewhat aware of their plan, Sal and the guests aren’t. Sal’s mortified face and the guests’ anger towards him make this episode one of the trendiest episodes of Impractical Jokers.

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1. The Permanent Punishment

 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

The most iconic episodes of the series see Joe, Sal, Q and Murr as security guards. They work at a local store and help each other insult themselves through their earpiece. The episode then moves on to other dares and works almost like the previous ones with its unique challenges and humour. Joe emerges as the sole winner in this episode–something that rarely happens in the show, certainly for Joe.

As you might have guessed, Joe doles out a punishment these jokers would carry on themselves for the rest of their lives. He drags his best friends into a tattoo shop and chooses a tattoo for each of them. The jokers cannot say no and hence have to bear the symbol chosen by Joe forever. This is by far the best episode of Impractical Jokers!

14 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes: FAQs

1. What Is The Impractical Jokers Series About?

It is a comedy-drama series centred around four best friends or jokers who dare each other to do crazy things. The one who loses has to bear a punishment that is equally crazy and hilarious. These four jokers, Joe, Sal, Murr and Q are real-life comedians and have brought this reality show for us!

2. How Many Seasons Does The Impractical Jokers Series Contain?

The series contains 9 seasons and almost 250 episodes as of 2023.

3. Which Is The Best Episode Of The Impractical Jokers Series?

The Permanent Punishment is considered to be the best Impractical Jokers episode so far.

4. Which Is The First Episode Of The Impractical Jokers Series?

Pay It Forward is the first episode of the series that has been released in 2019.

5. Is The Impractical Jokers Series Worth Watching?

If you are into real-life comedy shows and think you might enjoy watching these jokers pull on hilarious challenges, do give this series a try. Pick one of the listed episodes and start watching now!

6. Where To Watch The Impractical Jokers Series?

You can stream Impractical Jokers on several platforms starting with HBO Max!

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