Are Shawn Mendes And Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

The world of celebrities is full of gossip. Not are they in the industry of entertainment, but sometimes it feels like their lives are a part of this ‘entertainment’. People are completely invested in the world of celebrities. Everybody wants to know what is happening in their lives. We do not want to miss out on any gossip when it comes to celebrities. They are always found trending on every entertainment news platform. We of course cannot blame ourselves if get too invested in their lives because they have chosen to put themselves out in the ‘public’. Once you are in the public, people will try to know everything about your life. 

If you have been scrolling through Twitter recently, you must have come across some new dating rumors that are going around. Yes! We are talking about the recent couple Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter. But, hold on. Are they a thing? They have only been seen together, but are they really ‘together’? You may have these questions flooding your brain probably. Worry no further, in this article we are going to give you every bit of news that is there about the dating lives of these two celebrities. 

Are Shawn Mendes And Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

As per Seventeen, there is no confirmation if Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter are dating. They have been seen together once and have been photographed together by the paparazzi, but there is no confirmation if they are dating. 

Both Shawn and Sabrina were seen wandering around the city without doing any ‘couple’ thing. They were not even holding hands. It appeared as if two friends were on a casual hang-out. However, they both have had their break-ups pretty recently, so are they meeting with each just as friends? We will not know if any of them does not confirm. 

Shawn and Sabrina have not confirmed or denied these rumors that are flaring about them recently. They may have seen Twitter and all the news articles, but they have not commented on anything. They are remaining silent about whatever is going on about them.

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We will probably get to know more about the ‘rumored’ couple if they are seen elsewhere. Up until now, they have been photographed together only once. We cannot base our hypothesis about them dating just from a few photographs that have recently come under our notice. 

Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter’s Dating Lives

The dating lives of celebrities are always a hot topic. Shawn and Sabrina have made it to the headlines many times due to their dating history. 

Back in 2019, Shawn confirmed his dating life with Camila Cabello after the release of the song Senorita. They both had confirmed they were in a relationship. Prior to their collaboration in 2019, Shawn and Camila knew each other for a long time. They had even worked together on ‘I knew what you did last summer.’ That was the time when Shawn and Camila first met each other. Since their first meeting, Shawn was swooped away by Camila’s charm. Every song of his started to become about her. There was even her mention in the film Shawn Mendes In Wonder. 

They appeared in award shows together, and we even saw Taylor Swift fangirling over them. However, their sweet relationship did not last for long. People had serious expectations from this couple, they wanted them to last long, but sadly, that was not the case. Their relationship came to an end in 2022. They announced their break-up officially on Instagram which made thousands of fans sad. 

The dating life of Sabrina Carpenter is interesting to look at. In 2021, she had a thing going on with Joshua Bassett which sparked various rumors. The famous Olivia Rodrigo was also involved in this. They kind of had a ‘song battle’ with each other over Joshua Bassett. Olivia’s song, ‘Driver’s License’, was about Joshua Bassett, and most of her songs from her album, Sour, have songs about Joshua. Sabrina, Joshua, and Olivia have been said to be in a love triangle with each other. In reply to Olivia, Sabrina released the song ‘Skin’, which is also about Joshua (and Olivia as well). 

Hence, it can be concluded that these celebrities have many fights over their lovers going on constantly that keep us entertained. 

FAQS About Shawn and Sabrina

1. Are Shawn and Sabrina dating?

We have no official news if they are dating. There is no confirmation.

2. Is Sabrina still with Joshua?

No, Sabrina is not with Joshua Bassett any longer. 

3. Are Shawn and Camila together?

No, Shawn and Camila are not together.

4. Why did Shawn and Camila break up?

Shawn and Camila broke up due to some personal reasons, probably because they were not going well with each other. 

5. Is ‘Bam Bam’ by Camila about Shawn?

Yes, ‘Bam Bam’ by Camila is about Shawn. 

6. Are Olivia and Sabrina friends?

No, Olivia and Sabrina are not friends. 

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