8 Best Workaholics Episodes: Which Episode Has Made The Series Such A Cult Classic?

You must have heard the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover, haven’t you? Well, this series is put to modify the phrase into don’t judge a series based on its name. Workaholic isn’t a series centred around a group of workaholic individuals trying to build a huge project or something. It is entirely opposite to what its name suggests. Workaholic is all about work and alcohol and how you shouldn’t blend them.

While it isn’t the best office comedy drama out there, it is highly appraised for its absurdity and sharp wit. Dealing with drugs, alcohol and a group of friends who constantly get themselves involved in trouble the Workaholics is an episode-based series that has entertained us for almost a decade. Adam Demamp, Blake Henderson, and Anders Holmvik are the three protagonists who have made this series such an evergreen series. Let’s take a look at the best Workaholic episodes, shall we? 

Best Workaholics Episodes

8. Front Yard Wrestling

Front Yard Wrestling

Probably one of the most iconic episodes of the Workaholic series. Front Yard Wrestling revolves around a wrestling show hosted by our workaholics. We all know how careless and weird they could be, of course, their irresponsibility is their charm. In this episode, their dire need to raise money gives rise to a stellar idea–a public wrestling show. So, Adam, Blake and Anders turn their yard into a set.

When they need wrestlers to showcase in their show, they decide to do it themselves. Only, they put on hilarious costumes and masks to do so. This episode will remind you why Workaholics ran for almost a decade smoothly. It consists of all the elements this series is famous for–comedy, absurdity, friendship and hearty problems.

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7. We Be Ballin

Best Workaholics Episodes

No matter what these guys do, it ends up being hilarious. Even if they are securing a date, the humour doesn’t waver. We Be Ballin is the second of season 1 that garnered a huge amount of fans. In this episode, Adam meets Chelsie and falls for her. She is a fan of basketball games and Adam offers to take her to the match. But the problem is, there are no tickets available for this match. The entire stadium is booked and Chelsie is awaiting the tickets.

Adam calls upon his best friends to help him. Hoping for a solution from these workaholics? A task in itself. Here begins Blake, Anders and Adam’s journey of getting a ticket to the match. They do everything they can and everything they shouldn’t have. It is one of the most hilarious episodes of Workaholics and probably.

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6. Alice Quits

Best Workaholics Episodes

The essence of the show remains the friendship between Blake, Adam and Anders. No matter the situation, they are known to stick by each other probably in the cubicle they share, smoking weed. It is their go-to reaction whenever something happens to them, be it another failure or a new problem. So, when they are forced apart under the name of corporate responsibility by their new senior, Travis, it is a crisis for them.

These workaholics decide to salvage their situation by trying to kick off Travis from the office and get their previous boss, Alice back. The heights they cross for this switch will make your eyes water and your stomach ache. This is the 13th episode of the third season of Workaholics and probably the best of the entire season. The chaos the guys cause will prove that to you!

5. Friendship Anniversary

Best Workaholics Episodes

The name itself specifies what the episode is all about. The guys have completed 7 years together and are now celebrating it! Of course, their style of celebration doesn’t match our standards. Instead of going out or doing anything fancy, they decide to have a cosy meetup over KFC buckets and weed. But Anders has something else in mind, he wants to cook traditional food and surprise his friends. Classically, Anders forgets to wash dishes and keeps on using them until he has no plate to serve.

As an alternative, Anders has to make use of old KFC buckets. But this becomes a point of disappointment for Blake and Adam. This results in a huge fight among the workaholics with all of them accusing each other and ending their friendship. Of course, they cannot live without each other for a second. Their patch-up is the highlight of the episode and probably of season 4!

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4. Real Time

Best Workaholics Episodes

Yes, the episode revolves around the value of time and timing. It is a traditional Workaholics episode with a level of absurdity and hilariousness. Season 3 has brought some stellar episodes for us, this is one of those gems where we realize why we enjoy Workaholics so much. It is yet another night for the guys who are bonding over beers and weeds. But this time, their frustration with their jobs coerces them to do something potentially destructive for their careers.

Adam, Blake and Anders call Alice and rant about her appearance and their frustration. It all goes to voicemail though. When the guys wake up the next morning and realize what they have done, they rush to make it right. They have to reach the office before Alice does and their journey wouldn’t be that easy. The episode proves how much the guys can entertain us!

3. Party Gawds

Best Workaholics Episodes

Probably the most memorable episode of the series! Party Gawds takes us back to the times when the guys wished to become popular celebrities without having to do anything. It seems like the makers grant them their wish in the final episode of the series. But it wouldn’t be a Workaholic special episode if it didn’t start with a bang, proceed with a twist and end on the guys’ friendship.

This episode challenges their friendship by making them popular celebrities. They are hired by an energy drink franchise to promote their brand by letting them become full-time partiers. The guys get to do nothing but laze around and smoke all day. And while it was their dream to do so, they slowly understand why being an influencer isn’t a piece of cake–after a huge fight that threatens to dissolve their friendship. This episode is a pure gem that highlights the guys’ friendship severely.

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2. Flashback In The Day

Best Workaholics Episodes

This episode will take you back in time to when these workaholics met for the first time. We all know them to share a house together but we don’t know how it happened, do we? Well, this episode, Flashback In The Day rectified that! We are transported back in time to when Blake and Adam were freshers in college. They are assigned the same dorm room and immediately kick in. As their friendship progresses, they start to find what they are famous for–throwing a party.

Here arrives Anders, a resident assistant who maintains discipline throughout the dorm. He takes away all the alcohol and forbids Blake and Adam to bring any more ever again. This leads to a whirlwind of drama, allegations, pranks and hilarious stories! This episode makes us realize that despite their age, these workaholics would always remain childish weirdos. And we would keep relishing in their childishness. 

1. The Business Trip

Best Workaholics Episodes

Whenever these workaholics are on business trips, they prove to be a disaster. It is in their bloodstream to mess up things and make us topple over in laughter. So, why would this business trip be different? This isn’t different at all, it is actually ten times better! This episode is one of the most-viewed episodes of the entire series.

It is brimming with insane decisions, crazy plans and the classic Workaholics style humour. In this episode, these workaholics try acid-proofing their homes. It goes without saying that their endeavour fails but they are soon called for a meeting. Alice and the guys have to convince a client but we all know what happens when these workaholics try to placate anyone, don’t we? Highly acclaimed for its punch lines, plot and acting, this is truly an episode worth watching.

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8 Best Workaholics Episodes: FAQs

1. What Is The Workaholic Series About?

It is about three stoned friends, Adam, Blake and Anders who are never sober and are constantly amid a mess. They are also roommates and colleagues who share a cubicle together. It is an American office comedy drama.

2. How Many Seasons Does The Workaholic Series Have?

The series possess 7 series and almost 90 hilarious episodes altogether.

3. Which Is The Best Episode Of The Workaholic Series?

The Business Meeting is considered to be one of the best and most-viewed episodes of the series.

4. Which Is The Last Episode Of The Workaholic Series?

Party Gawds is the last episode of this comedy-drama series.

5. Is The Workaholic Series Worth Watching?

If you are into absurd comedy dramas and think you will enjoy an office drama revolving around these friends, do give this series a try.

6. Where To Watch The Workaholic Series Online?

The Workaholics series has 7 seasons altogether. You can stream all the seasons on Amazon Prime Video easily!

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