Is Gerry Cotten Still Alive: Where Is He Now?

As ordinary human beings, we all have this thought at some point in our lives that being a millionaire or a billionaire must be so good. Yes, it is good, nobody can deny this, but at the same time, you do not become a millionaire in one night. You have to please a lot of people to become one. Businessmen and women, who have become either millionaires or billionaires, have worked hard day and night and provided their services to lots of people to attain their current positions. Pleasing the customers is the number one motto when it comes to becoming successful in business. 

However, things do not go the same way if your intentions are wrong. If you think about scamming ordinary people, you might become a successful individual, but that success becomes short-lived. This is the foundational story that you will require to know if you want to uncover the truth about Mr. Gerald Cotten who was popularly known as Gerry. Gerry’s story has led to a Netflix documentary series, Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King, which has raised various rumors about him yet again. You will have to read further if you want to uncover the truth about Gerry. 

Is Gerry Cotten Still Alive?

Is Gerry Cotten Still Alive?

Gerry Cotten is not alive. The news of his demise reached us almost about a month later after he actually passed away on 9th December 2018.

According to all the news reports, Gerry had succumbed to Crohn’s disease. This disease may or may not have symptoms, but when you start to show symptoms, they get severe. The symptoms include vomiting, intense diarrhea, and loss of weight including fatigue. These symptoms may look like they are arising from normal stomach issues, but if a person has this disease, these symptoms get heightened making the person extremely weak as the days go by. 

Sometimes, the symptoms become so fatal that you succumb to them before you even have the time to get treated. You cannot imagine going to the bathroom to poop twenty times a day, right? That would mean your body is getting deprived of all its important nutrients and water content. Well, even if there are medicines for this disease, this is like slow poisoning. Not to sugar-coat, but this disease shortens your life span. 

Nevertheless, Cotten succumbing to this disease seems a bit odd. There was no autopsy done, and no strong evidence is there. Everything about his death is vague and obscure. It looks as if somebody has framed a tragic story in front of us.

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Where Is Gerry Cotten Now?

Is Gerry Cotten Still Alive?

As mentioned above, Gerry Cotten is presently dead. However, as said, his death does not seem like a normal death. He had many illegal works connected with him much like John McAfee. 

“You must hit the iron when it is still red hot.” You must have heard this proverb often. This is a trick that most business people put to use in their corporate worlds to get more customers. Gerry Cotten also devised a plan of something of this sort. He opened one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges, Quadriga Fintech Solutions, also known as QuadrigaCX, in Canada when it was absolutely a booming market for the world of bitcoins and cryptocurrency. 

As a result, people put their faith in his exchange company and invested in it, but no booming market stays intact for a long period. If there is a boom, there will be a downward slope in the market as well. When the market crashed, people wanted their money back as usual people would do. However, this was the time when Cotten could provide the money that he had taken. 

He had been living the life of a millionaire, buying real estate (property) and yachts with the money that he made from his venture in the field of cryptocurrency. Who would know that he had plans of scamming the commoners and depriving them of their own money? Nobody had any news, there were not any rumors. Everything was fine, but then came a day when it was revealed that he owes $250 million to over more than 50,000 people. 

Every company and person, who was involved with Cotten in his venture, turned against him and started to chase him. He was running away from everybody when he came to spend his honeymoon with his wife in India. While they were staying in Jaipur, it was reported that Gerry Cotten had succumbed to Crohn’s disease. Astonishing enough! 

Hence, according to the rumors, Gerry Cotten is alive, and he is hiding from everybody. He has faked his death just to get away from all the money that he has to pay and the lawsuits that had been filed against him. However, there is still no concrete evidence that he is alive. 

FAQS about Gerry Cotten

1. Is Gerry Cotten alive?

People are suspicious that he is alive, and he has faked his death to escape the lawsuits that are against him. 

2. How did Gerry Cotten die?

Gerry Cotten died of Crohn’s disease according to the news reports. 

3. How much does Gerry Cotten owe to people?

Gerry Cotten owes around $250 million, approximately, to the people. 

4. Why is Gerry Cotten faking his death?

There is no concrete evidence proving that he is alive and hiding somewhere. As per the rumors he is faking his death to avoid paying the hefty sum of money that he has ‘stolen’ from the people. 

5. What did Gerry Cotten find?

Gerry Cotten was the founder of Quadriga Fintech Solutions. 

6. Where did Gerry Cotten die?

Gerry Cotten passed away in Jaipur, India. 

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