Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 1 Recap: The Divorce Lawsuit Is Now A Trial!

Another K-Drama is out to make for a perfect weekend binge-watch! Netflix brings another South Korean drama, Divorce Attorney Shin, that should be on your bucket list this weekend! Revolving around a celebrity divorce case and a pianist turned lawyer, this is a wonderful blend of comedy, thrill and romance! Not only is this a scrumptious comedy-drama, but it also deals with several heavy issues, too.

Netflix has scheduled this stellar K-drama for a weekly release, one every Saturday night and another on Sunday. So far, we have only received one episode and it is sufficient to say the drama series doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for an amazing blend of comedy and drama, consider Divorce Attorney Shin! Let’s have a quick recap of Divorce Attorney Shin episode 1 recap, shall we?

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 1 Recap: The Chemistry Starts To Sizzle

The drama begins with introducing us to Shin Sung-Han, a divorce attorney who secures yet another win. Even though Shin is one leading lawyer and has confidence radiating off him, he’s still a clumsy mess at times. Shin steals the show with his awkward smiles and impeccable manners. Jang Heyong-Geun, Shin’s assistant and best friend, is equally endearing if not more. He keeps pestering Shin and goes on and on about how he is the greatest fan of Lee Seo-Jin, a radio artist.

Till this point, the drama crawls slowly and lets us get acquainted with the characters easily. Then, it introduces us to Lee and all the cheerful energy around Shin starts to dissipate. Though Jang is more than excited to meet Lee, Shin is anything but. Seo-Jin saunters inside, flaring with confidence and wearing a mask of cold indifference. Entire Korea is aware of the scandal Lee caused and how she’s in for a nasty divorce. No attorney wants to take up her case and set themselves for failure, neither does Shin in the beginning.

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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 1: A Stalker That Will Leave You Perplexed

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 1 Recap

When Lee claims that she wants a good divorce, Shin is quick to point out that Lee has lost the chance of it. Her husband, Kang Hee-Sub is quite an influential man and holds too much dirt on her. But that’s just the surface, he hides his stalking abilities and psychopathic tendencies skillfully. Be it installing cameras in his apartment or forcing Lee to send her photograph every 30 minutes, Kang has surpassed every limit. 

Moreover, he is a dominating father who doesn’t have a single merciful bone in his body. When Lee opens up about her condition to Shin and asks for his help, he decides to take up her case knowing full well it could work against his career. As much as Jang is excited to have met his idol, Shin is a bundle of nerves the entire time until the counselling session.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 1: A Heartfelt Ending

As expected, Kang’s attorney doesn’t leave a single chance to degrade her. She goes on to explain how Lee isn’t fit for being a mother. How she once abandoned her son for work. She also points out the scandalous video starring Lee and Jung Ji-Hun. Since Kang has been abusive and dominant throughout their marriage, Lee started to have self-esteem issues. She began to think there was something wrong with her because of Kang’s daily humiliating notes.

When Ji-Hun, a waiter at the ramen shop she and her friend favour, claims that he is her colossal fan, something shifts inside Lee. Of course, she resists him at first but slowly, her armour cracks. Lee starts to gain her confidence back, she starts to feel radiant and whole again only to be shattered once more. Jin-Hun records an explicit video and uploads it on the Internet, causing a highly glamorous scandal for Lee.

Now that everything works in his favour, Kang’s victorious smirk starts to taunt Shin and Lee. But Shin wouldn’t be a leading attorney if he didn’t know how to turn the tables, would he? Shin brings forward all the shreds of evidence required to prove that Kang has been emotionally and physically torturing Lee and that her scandal has got nothing to do with Kang Hyeon-U ‘s custody. So far the lawsuit has been working in their favour. 

But then, suddenly Lee decides to withdraw her case because of her son’s deteriorating mental health. Earlier when Shin met Hyeon and coerced the truth out of him, he found out why he didn’t like his mother. Now, he is throwing a fit in the middle of the night and Lee doesn’t want to risk her son’s health anymore. Of course, Shin doesn’t agree to let Lee withdraw her case, claiming that the divorce lawsuit has now become a trial. Divorce Attorney Shin episode 2 cannot come faster!

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