Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2 Ending Explained & Review: Who Framed Salvo And Val?

And here we have another Italian comedy thriller to entertain you! Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 2 dropped on Netflix just a few hours ago. and we are thrilled to have Salvo and Val back, aren’t we? The first season of this show amassed a huge audience and the Salvo-Val duo hit it off. We all know how the Italian series weaves the deadly mafia and satirical humour together, and this series is no exception.

Directed by the major characters of the series, Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone, this is one of the series that will grip you right from the start. Since season 1 has been one highly-acclaimed series, season 2 was under a lot of pressure. It was supposed to continue from where season 1 ended. Now we have finally got to witness this brilliant series. Are you ready to dive into Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery or Incastrati season 2? Let’s go!

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2 Ending Explained

In a series where mafiosos are involved, especially the Italian mafia, our interest is automatically drawn, right? Well, this series revolves around Salvatore and Valentino trapped with the Sicilian mafia. The series begins with showcasing the reason why we enjoyed the Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 1–Salvatore’s unyielding obsession with Jackson, the lead star of a fictional crime drama show, The Touch Of The Killer. The back-and-forth between Salvo and Val immediately draws us in.

Then, begins the thrill and the chase. Holy Father or Padre Santissimo, the head of the Sicilian mafia, is on the chase when he stumbles in front of Salvo’s van. Threatened by Tonino–Santissimo’s henchmen–Val and Salvo now have to help the mafia or bear grave consequences. The last season showcased the blossoming relationship between Val and Agata, Commissioner Scalia. This season, their relationship gets under severe pressure since Agata is a dedicated police officer and Val is defending the mafioso.

Moreover, Salvo’s relationship with Ester is put under severe pressure. The guilt and jealousy shining in Ester’s eyes will make you root for her at times. But then you’d be reminded why it is happening in the first place. Salvo does taunt Ester for cheating on him but when anyone else approaches him, his love for Ester stumps them all. The point where Salvo lies to Ester for keeping her safe will melt your heart.

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Who Is The Mastermind Behind Salvo And Val’s Turmoil?

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2 Ending Explained

Salvo’s goofiness helps him navigate through his relationship and the mafia’s, of course. His dedication towards The Touch Of The Killer helps him plot against the mafiosos immensely. But in the end, when Val blurts out everything to Agata, things start to slip from their hands. The mastermind behind this trap now starts to come forward.

Ester’s relationship with Gambino serves as a major twist in the story. When Agata starts to keep tabs on Gambino’s call logs and the clumsy Salvo stumbles across them, all three of them–Salvo, Val and Agata–start to question Ester’s motives. But turns out Ester made the mistake of cheating on Salvo only once and she was set up for what happened after.

When Agata transferred to Sicily, Lo Russo, the investigation officer, felt threatened. It was he who blackmailed Gambino and stole from Padre but then Gambino saw his face. Russo was quick to get away from the scene but he was sure Agata would reach him if she dug up further. So, he set a master plan. He set up Salvo and Val, the best of friends and now family since Ester is Val’s sister.

In the end, their chaotic and messy journey pays off. Russo’s crimes catch up with him, Santissimo is arrested and his useless minions–or mafiosos as they call themselves–follow Santissimo. Salvo’s obsession with his favourite crime show and Val’s questionable common sense still proves to be the highlight of the show.

Why Did Agata Came To Sicily? What Was Her Intention?

Somehow it all started because of Agata’s entry into Sicily. Somewhere along this 6 episode miniseries, we started questioning her motives. Why did she transfer all of a sudden? Turns out that questioning her motives was wrong. We thought she was helping Holy Father get away from his crimes but instead, she is the one who helped the police department and the Prosecutor catch him.

With Val and Agata’s blooming relationship, we were delirious that our forever single man was finally committed. When Agata’s son, Robertino, comes into the picture, it feels like a perfect family. And then Agata starts questioning Val’s intentions and while she had her reasons to, our suspicion grew stronger. But then, she is abducted by Tonino on Holy Father’s commands. In the end, this chaotic mess works for the series and Agata comes out clean.

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