Daisy Jones And The Six Episodes 1, 2 And 3 Recap: Here Arrives The Highly-Anticipated Musical Series!

It’s been over a year since Prime Video announced that it was going to release a new musical documentary-style series. At first, we thought it was just another musical series. But when Amazon started releasing scraps of information about it and dropped in the trailer, we knew Daisy Jones And The Six wasn’t going to be an ordinary series. Set in the 70s theme, this is a show every music lover was waiting for. 

Just a few hours ago, Amazon released the first three episodes of Daisy Jones And The Six and ended our year-long wait. Weaving the finest of Hollywood stars together this luscious musical series is currently the most-trending one on Amazon. Brimming with drama, emotions and glamour that threatens to blind these musical stars, their journey awaits us. So, let’s get to know about the first three episodes of this series and join Daisy and Billy on their journey!

Daisy Jones And The Six Episode 1 Recap

Daisy Jones And The Six Episode 1 Recap

On the surface, this spectacular musical drama revolves around Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. But when you start watching the series, you’ll get to know how deeply all the characters are dependent on each other. Yes, the series focuses majorly on Billy and Daisy but that doesn’t mean, any other character is less significant. This is the story about the rise–and eventually the fall–of the 90s leading band.

When the first episode rolls down, it’s Daisy who captures our attention. Daisy Jones, A little girl who hides in her room to stay away from her mother’s elite guests so that she doesn’t embarrass her mother. Here, she relies on music to take away her agony and fill the emptiness that surrounds her. In the next second, the narration shifts to Graham and Billy Dune, the Dune brothers who want to start a new musical band.

In an era where the competition was running high and becoming a musician in a band was frowned upon, Eddie, Warren, Billy, and Graham embark on a seemingly impossible journey. They face several hurdles and lose band members as they start to perform professionally. On the other hand, the grown-up Daisy is still facing issues with her mother and silently writing songs that convey her feelings. Throughout the episode, we witness all these characters trying to weave through the murky waters.

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Daisy Jones And The Six Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 introduces us to Camila, Simone, and Karen, the women who help elevate the show immensely. Camila, a passionate photographer, and videographer becomes Billy’s girlfriend. She’s Eddie’s childhood friend and the woman he has a huge crush on but Billy beats him to it and Camila becomes his girlfriend. Though he keeps his feelings to himself, his jealousy shines brightly to us, especially with the ongoing narration.

Karen is another singer who joins The Dune Brothers while Simone is also a singer who helps Daisy figure out her passion. It is because of  Simone that Daisy leaves her parents’ place and moves in with her to pursue her passion. Meanwhile, the band meets Rod, a tour manager who tells them to pursue their passion in Los Angeles, the city of dreams.

So, they leave everything, pack their bags and move to LA in search of Teddy Price, a leading record producer, and fame. The Dune Brothers, the initial name of the band, doesn’t seem to work for them. So, they change the name and become The Six in LA. And they finally convince Price to support them. But with fame comes distractions and not everyone can resist them.

Daisy Jones And The Six Episode 3 Recap

Daisy Jones And The Six Episode 1 Recap

Eddie, Graham, Warren, Billy, Karen, and Camila become a tight-knit family of sorts. When The Six finally gets the chance for their first tour, Camila announces her pregnancy. But instead of backing out, Billy marries her the same night and assures her their relationship wouldn’t suffer because of his tour. Only, he isn’t able to stand firm on his words and reclines towards drugs and cheats on his wife. The worst part? No one from the team breathes a word to Camila about Billy’s transgressions.

On the other hand, Daisy finally takes upon Price’s advice and starts to think outside of the box. She starts working with Price and Simone’s career starts to flourish as well. But Billy isn’t on the right track and when Camila finds out about it, her heart shatters to pieces–probably the most emotional scene in the series. Teddy Price isn’t just a businessman or a musical genius, he also serves as a mentor to both Daisy and Price. The two of them haven’t met yet though. 

When Camila gives birth to Julia, Billy couldn’t find it in himself to meet them both. His guilt weighs him and the band down severely. He disappears for a while and we are transported a few months later when The Six are still kindling hope for Billy’s return. And when he returns, it is to quit the band forever so that he could become the man his little family needs. But Graham, Eddie, and Waren call Price to talk some sense into Billy. So, Price introduces Billy to Daisy and asks them both to record a song for them. Rest everything is kept under tabs so far. Episode 4 couldn’t come faster!

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