Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves? Is He Suffering From OCD?

Dusty Baker isn’t just a random player anymore, he has become a baseball legend, isn’t he? He isn’t just an MLB player who has won several titles, he is now the manager of the Astros and one of the leading players to earn the title of All-Star. But Baker isn’t just a successful name in the baseball industry because of his commendable talent.

Dusty Baker is popular for many reasons, the first one being his constant use of gloves. You would never see Baker without gloves and masks, but why is that? Why would anyone constantly wear gloves, especially someone as controversial as Dusty Baker? Let’s find out the reason behind Dusty Baker wearing gloves all the time!

Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves?

Dusty Baker began his career when he was just a child. Though he doesn’t come from a professional sports family, he was inspired by his father and trained by him for a while as well. He began playing professionally in 1967 but at that time, he didn’t wear gloves. In recent years, we have seen Dusty clad in gloves all the time. And when the pandemic began, masks became an addition to gloves.

We have all been wondering why Dusty does that, haven’t we? It is because Dusty is a cautious man. He wears gloves so that he could not catch any germs and get himself sick. The masks became an addition to his attire when the pandemic began for the same reason as well. Even now, when half of the world, has forgotten masks, Dusty is still wearing them.

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Dusty Baker: Is He Suffering From OCD?

Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves?

If you’re wondering the same thing, welcome to the club! Many people believe that Dusty is suffering from OCD since he is very cautious with the things he touches. And while the rumor prevailed highly, it also died quickly. Baker suffers from multiple health issues but OCD is not among them.

Dusty reportedly suffers from heart issues. He has had a stroke once and his pulse is still irregular. Also, Baker battled cancer for a long time in his early years. So, it’s quite natural the baseball star doesn’t want to take any risks and is protecting himself.

Dusty Baker: A Man Of Precautions

Around 20 years ago, when Dusky Baker developed prostrate cancer, we were as devastated as him, weren’t we? For all the baseball lovers, the news hit like a storm. But thankfully, he beat the deadly disease and emerged twice stronger. Ever since Baker is known to be a very cautious man.

Though he takes huge risks on the field, off the field he is a man of precaution. Gloves have become his armor against germs since his immunity isn’t as strong given his heart issues and irregular pulse rate. Aside from using his precious gloves, Baker has also started to focus on his daily diet. Every athlete is mindful of his health but Baker is the one who is the most cautious of them all and rightly so.

Dusty Baker: Why The Name Dusty?

Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves?

Though you wouldn’t hear it often, our favorite baseball player’s real name is Johnie Baker. Just like us, even Dusty agrees that there are very less people who call him using his real name and that even he forgets his real name at times. He only has to remember it for legal purposes, or else the entire world knows him by his nickname, Dusty.

This name is quite dear to Baker because of the sweet old memories it brings. Back in time, when he was a wild teenager and lurked in muddy areas all the time, his mother, Christine Baker, used the term dusty to refer to him. Since Baker was fond of rolling in his backyard and ended up getting dirty, his mother nicknamed him Dusty. What began as a nickname given by his mother has now ended up being Baker’s trademark.

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Dusty Baker: Not Just A Baseballer

We all know Dusty to have excellent baseball skills, but what we don’t know is he is way more than a baseballer. In the initial years of his college, Baker had a keen interest in baseball, football, basketball, and various other sports. He spent most of his free time on the field and though he knew he wanted to have a career in sports, he couldn’t choose between football and baseball.

In the end, it was Baker’s father, who guided him and helped him establish his career in baseball. Though the father-son duo faced several hurdles on their path, they sifted through them over time. In the initial years of Baker’s success, the duo wasn’t on the best terms. But later, as Dusty started to observe his father he understood why he was so strict with him. If the senior baker didn’t help Dusty use his skills in the right direction, we wouldn’t have had a chance to witness such an amazing player.

Now, Dusky is not only a baseball player and manager. He is also a leading entrepreneur, stockbroker, and member of several communities. Baker, even at 73, has managed to become a leading baseball manager. He has earned several titles and though his initial career didn’t seem as stellar, Baker has managed to weave through the rocky start efficiently.

Is Dusty Baker In Favour Of Domestic Violence?

Though it has been quite a long time since this incident happened, it still affects Dusty it seems. Often your past determines the way people think of you. It is the same in Dusky’s case, his past comments still make people question his code of conduct. Even though we cannot claim that Dusky is in favor of domestic violence, whenever there is something related to domestic violence and he is involved, people automatically start thinking that he is in favor of it.

Though it isn’t right, several people have still not gotten over Baker’s once-controversial comment. When Dusty sided with his former colleague–who was then accused of domestic violence–the controversy spiked. Though he later claimed that he was merely stating that Aroldis Chapman was a great player and he was strictly against gender blaming when it comes down to cases of domestic violence. He also backed up his colleague claiming that he didn’t believe that Chapman could pull on something like that.

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Dusty Baker: Accused Of Racism

Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves?

Following the domestic violence remark, Dusty landed himself in another controversy pretty shortly. He claimed that African-Americans are more speedy than others. Though he backed up his statement by claiming that he is not being racist, it didn’t help lessen the blow. Baker has had to face the whiplash ever since this comment.

Later on, Dusty released a statement defending himself. According to him, it was a mere statistical fact, nothing else. He claimed that he was firmly against racism. Being a native African-American helped him prove his point. And when he landed himself in yet another controversy, this accusation proved to be false.

Dusty Baker Claims That He’s Ashamed Of Baseball

If you watch American baseball history closely, you will find multiple instances where African-American comments have raised havoc. And while Baker is one more example of this point, his controversial comments have proved to be more of a menace to him. Though Dusty didn’t mean to insult baseball, his comment made him the center of a controversy.

While Dusty was claiming that he is ashamed of the game, he didn’t mean it. When he was asked to share his opinion on the ratio of American-African baseball players in the World Series, his disappointment took control of his sentience. What he meant to point out is that there are very less African-American players who make it to the World Series.

But as usual, Dusty ended up making his opinion controversial. We all know that Baker is the third American-African baseball manager to win the World Series. He just wanted to help more children like him and encourage them to pursue sports as their career. He wanted to point out that more black children in America should gain assistance and support to make their career in baseball. His intentions were pure, only his delivery could have been better.

Dusty Baker: FAQs

1. Who Is Dusty Baker?

Dusty Baker is an American-African baseball player and manager. He is currently managing the Houston Astros and will be continuing to do so for at least a few more years.

2. Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves?

Dusty Baker is often seen clad in black gloves. It isn’t because he is suffering from any illness but because he wants to protect himself against diseases.

3. Has Dusty Baker Suffered Through Covid-19?

No, Baker hasn’t suffered through Covid-19. He has taken extra precautions to prevent himself from catching the virus.

4. Is Dusty Baker Planning To Retire?

Baker has not revealed anything yet regarding his retirement. He won’t be retiring in 2023 that’s for sure.

5. Is Dusty Baker Still Managing Astros?

Yes, Baker is still managing the Houston Astros.

6. Where Is Dusty Baker Now?

Baker is managing the Astros and is currently in the US.

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