Who Is C-Murder? A Rapper Or A Killer? Find Out Now!

The court demands proof and witnesses before declaring its final verdict, doesn’t it? If there are enough proofs and evidence to prove an accused as a criminal, we don’t bother hearing his side of the story. Why would we? We have got enough evidence to fit him in the victim container and keep believing the worst of him. But sometimes, there is more to a lawsuit than proof and witnesses. C-Murder is considered to be the ultimate proof of it.

The infamous rapper, Corey Miller or C-Murder as we call him, has been in the headlines since 2002. Even after more than two decades after his arrest, Miller hasn’t stopped causing havoc in the lives of his fans. We know he has been accused of Steve Thomas’ murder but we don’t know exactly what happened, do we? Let’s get to know all about C-Murder and the allegations against him!

Who Is C-Murder?

C-Murder or Corey Miller is an American rapper who is accused of Smith Thomas’ murder. His album, Life or Death, has earned quite a reputation as a singer. He was the rising fame of the 1990s with millions of people appraising him and his immense talent. Miller was releasing album after album and continued garnering a hefty amount of fans.

C-Murder was on his way to becoming the biggest rapping sensation. He was conducting show after show and continued entertaining us until suddenly his fame became the reason he lost everything. Smith Thomas, a young teenager who was a huge fan of C-Murder, went onto one of his shows. Like the rebellious teenager he was, he didn’t care about the rules and ran towards his inspiration.

Little did he know, he wasn’t running towards C-Murder, he was running towards his death. What happened after he reached the rapper is still hazy. The bouncers stepped in, the public went haywire and everything was a mess. In the end, Thomas was found on the floor with blood gushing out of his heart and life from his body. The gun was in Miller’s hands and he was convicted of his murder.

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C-Murder: Explore His Point Of View On Smith Thomas’s Death


You must be thinking that Corey might be just protecting himself with a gun and it was somebody else who shot him, right? But sadly you’re wrong. Miller is known for his raging temper, he never shies away from admitting that either. When somebody goes against him, they should be prepared to bear his wrath. Sadly, he couldn’t help his anger issues.

Once before, Miller was seen expressing his anger and pointing his gun at the club owner who refused to let him carry a gun inside the club. He expressed his concern and claimed that Miller’s protection is under their jurisdiction but Miller wasn’t ready to the lister. Now, he isn’t ready to accept that he shot Smith. Even after 21 years of his arrest, Miller pleads non-guilty and throws several allegations against the government.

According to Miller, the witnesses who claim that it was he who shot the bullet in arrogance are all lying or set up. Though he has expressed grief towards Smith’s family, he has only accused the officials of not being able to get their work done properly. He even claims that the infamous 10/2 jury law should be changed since it is a violation of human rights.

C-Murder’s Trial: The Witnesses Follow The Juror’s Footsteps

Here comes another twist in C-Murder’s already complicated story. Multiple witnesses testified against Miller and claimed that they have seen him shooting a bullet at Smith in a fit of rage and arrogance. Since Smith caused havoc at his show and dragged the attention towards himself a few minutes before his death, the witnesses had a solid backup to their statements.

8 out of 10 jury members voted in favor of assigning C-Murder a life sentence in 2002. But a few years later, in 2009, a jury member turned against his statement and claimed that he was pressurized. Now, decades later, a few witnesses have also come forward and expressed the same. Who knows what’s next in the rapper’s life?

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C-Murder: FAQs

1. Who Is C-Murder?

C-Murder is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

2. What Is C-Murder’s Real Name?

Corey Miller is the real name of C-Murder.

3. Why Was C-Murder Arrested?

C-Murder was arrested for Smith’s murder. He is convicted of purposefully killing him while some believe it was an accident.

4. Did C-Murder Kill Steve Thomas?

Though C-Murder denies the allegations against him, the jury has declared him guilty.

5. Was C-Murder Killed In Prison?

Though there are speculations that he was murdered in prison, there are no shreds of evidence to prove it.

6. When Will C-Murder Come Out?

C-Murder has been assigned a life sentence. So, it is likely that we would only see him when he comes out on bail.

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