Manti Te’o Net Worth: How Much Has The NFL Linebacker Earned From His Football Career?

We are back with another exclusive gossip, we heard you all and finally, Manti Malietau Louis Te’o is on our radar! The former American football linebacker is in high talk and we can’t wait to take you through his flourishing journey of fame and wealth. Recently, he has been super popular out there, after all, how could we forget about his first-ever Netflix documentary film? Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist has got a good amount of reach out there and we would like to analyze it all for you! 

Te’o has not only established himself as a skilled and experienced footballer but he has also set up his name in the business world! From a very young age, he was driven towards football and finally in 2012, his life changed forever, that’s the year he played for Notre Dame and thus came under national attention! But hey there, before we tell you more about him, let’s quickly scroll through his account balance and learn everything about his net worth! 

Manti Te’o Net Worth 

Manti Te'o Net Worth 

From being a long-standing part of the NFL to exploring numerous business ventures, Manti Te’o has surely proved himself again and again. Whether it was football or real estate, this man has never failed to impress his fans. For almost four years starting from 2009 to 2012, Manti Te’o had been an active football player at Notre Dame and this truly helped him ace his football career in the long run.

His professional career geared up in 2013 and after that, his graph of success constantly moved up. Not only has the young man showcased his excellent skills in football but he also amazed us with his extraordinary entrepreneurial outlook! Real estate has been another addition to Manti’s elaborative work history. 

Given everything, it is quite obvious that he holds a good amount of bank balance, and upon popular request, we have got the figure you are looking for! Yes, you heard it right, our analysis says that the popular footballer, Manti Te’o holds a net worth of $3.5 million! Many sources have also claimed the same. Our estimates also predict that his net worth might have gone up to $4 million! After all, he recently worked on an amazing documentary series and as per the studies, the Netflix series has got a good amount of ratings out there!

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Was Manti Te’o In A Relationship With Lennay Kekua?

Partially yes and partially no, or should we just call it a pile of lies and mistakes? You can say for once that Manti Te’o got fooled badly by Ronaiah “Naya” Tuiasosopo! It all started with this man, who said out loud that he was truly in love with Manti and thus the game of catfishing begins! It was all centered around the internet and Manti was too innocent to judge the reality of the truth! He built a story around his online girlfriend and people started believing him, word by word. But it all soon broke apart, when the actual truth was revealed by the media house! 

Manti fell in love with a picture, he thought it was Lennay but poor Manti had no idea that originally he was tricked into a relationship with Tuiasosopo. When the news came out, Manti became questionable! Many of his fans started assuming that Manti was the liar! Yes, Manti’s story is excessively jumbled-up but it is true! The former American footballer had zero ideas about the online scam! If you still doubt our statement, then you should surely stop by Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist. The popular documentary film can be viewed solely through Netflix. 

Is Manti Te’o Gay?

After his ex-girlfriend’s hoax came out, the majority of the audience assumed that he is gay! No one believed that all this while Manti didn’t know anything about Tuiasosopo. It was pretty hard to process but if you look at his story closely then you will see that Tuiasosopo did his best to hide the truth. He went to an extent and dubbed his voice, just to make Manti believe that he was communicating with a female individual. Manti appeared in numerous interviews to answer all the rumors out there. 

Now and then, he has been questioned about this story and he has never hesitated to tell us his version of the tale! It was quite brave of him to come out to the world, he didn’t try to hide anything and this somehow proves that he is not gay, but straight. Not only Manti, but Tuiasosopo also appeared for some interviews and he accepted the fact that it was all on him! Tuiasosopo addressed various gossip and said that he was deeply in love with Manti! This says it all, for many months and years, Manti had been a victim of wrong rumors. 

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Was Manti Te’o Depressed?

A few sources say that Manti was highly disturbed by the whole truth! Some went ahead and claimed that Manti was suffering from severe depression. Initially, Te’o was highly saddened by the truth but slowly and steadily, he accepted it all! We cannot forget the fact that after 2012, especially around the year 2013, Manti Te’o started working heavily for his ultimate goal.

Who would have thought that this young man will soon be awarded 8 national awards? You might make fun of his innocence but you dare not question his journey of struggle and fame! From becoming a victim of an online scam to stepping up as a world-class American footballer, Manti Te’o has faced his fair share of ups and downs. 

Sneak Peek At Manti’s Love Life

Manti Te'o Net Worth 

After getting scammed, Manti knew that love is not meant for him. He never thought that finally after years, he will again fall for someone new! But as the saying goes by, when you least expect that’s when love finds you! The same happened with Manti Te’o. From being his personal trainer to becoming his better half, Jovi never thought that she will be fortunate enough to start a lifetime with Manti Te’o. This brings us to Jovi Nicole Engbino, the very hot and gorgeous beauty consultant, who is also seen as Manti’s best friend and wife! 

The couple got engaged in 2020, particularly during the love month! The same year around August, they stepped up and officialized their relationship. Sources say their marriage ceremony happened in San Diego, California! They got married during the pandemic and our studies showed that the pair decided to take their marriage to the beach. It was indeed an intimate wedding ceremony. They look adorable in pictures and just after a year, the couple welcomed their first child, Hiro Te’o. Finally, Manti can happily say that he found the one he has been looking for. 

Just like any other normal couple, Jovi and Manti too have gone through some disturbing and rough times, but they have always stood with one another. Years passed by like air and the couple is soon going to celebrate their third wedding anniversary! It seems like Manti’s fairy tale love story finally came true! Yes, the former American footballer might have failed once at love but Jovi changed his whole perspective. We can safely say that the two are truly made for one another. 

Manti Te’o Welcomed A Baby Boy

The wait is over, the new member is here! The extremely sweet couple have not only updated us about the gender of their second child but have also revealed his official name to us. Are you all excited to meet Kyro Aumua Te’o? The Te’o family has a count of four now! Yes, you heard it right, last year, Manti announced that he and Jovi are super excited about another child, and finally on 16th January 2023, they whole-heartedly welcomed Kyro. Hiro Te’o is now a big sister! Manti and Jovi Te’o are all set and ready to parent another healthy kid. That’s all for now, to learn more interesting facts and gossip about hot and happening celebrities, stay connected with us, just right here. 

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Manti Te’o Net Worth – FAQs

1. Has Manti Te’o retired from football?

The news is yet to be confirmed, but as of now, Manti’s name has not been up for any rosters out there.

2. Who is Manti Te’o’s wife?

In the year 2020, Manti Te’o tied his wedding knot with Jovi Nicole Engbino!

3. How many kids does Manti Te’o have?

As of February 2023, Manti Te’o has a total of 2 kids, one elder daughter, and one younger son.

4. What is Manti’s current net worth?

Manti Te’o currently holds a bank balance of $3.5 million.

5. Is Manti Te’o now an entrepreneur?

Yes, for the past few years now, Manti Te’o has been heavily involved in the real estate business.

6. Was Manti Te’o suffering from anxiety issues?

The rumors are not accurate. Te’o was disturbed by his ex-girlfriend’s hoax and was highly worried about his career, but he was not depressed!

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