Has Anyone Seen John McAfee After His Death? Has The Popular Antivirus Creator Faked His Death?

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know who John McAfee was. In an era where computers are the most essential entities, protecting them has become our top-most priority. We wouldn’t have known about this concept if McAfee didn’t bring the concept to us. The genius creator of such a widely used anti-software is now dead.

2021 has proved to be a difficult year of John McAfee and his family. He went through a lot but in the end, he suicide in his prison cell. We got this heartbreaking news after he was arrested in Spain. But then why are rumors regarding John McAfee being alive still simmering? Is there any truth behind it? Let’s explore the truth here and now!

Has Anyone Seen John McAfee After His Death?

John McAfee

Prison isn’t an easy place, we all know that. But is it that much of a dark place McAfee couldn’t survive there at all? For someone who has seen the darker side of the world often, it is hard to believe he would give up this easily. And let’s admit, it wasn’t a crime that warranted him ending up hanging. Yes, he would have had to spend the rest of his life in prison but suicide seems a bit too much.

It has been almost two years and yet McAfee’s corpse is under Spain’s jurisdiction. He is lying lifeless in Barcelona’s morgue despite many people claiming that it is a well-crafted plan. Speculations have it John has escaped the prison and is roaming alive since all the authorities are questionably silent on the matter. No one has seen him after his death despite the many rumors.

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Is John McAfee Still Alive?

When McAfee’s wife, Janice, started to claim that the suicide note she received was forged, this question prevailed immensely. Even now, after almost two years of McAfee’s death, this question is still prominent. In the note Janice received, McAfee sounded like a person who had no fight left in him. That’s so unlike him since John was a fighter who has never given up.

Also, McAfee claimed that he was under tremendous pressure. The U.S. officials were demanding tax from him and McAfee wasn’t actively earning. So, he believed that he shouldn’t be asked to pay tax but the government was tenacious in its endeavor. John ran away from the government several times but in the end, he had to succumb to his fate. He is now dead and his corpse is still in Spain even if many people believe him to be alive and in hiding.

Is John McAfee’s Lawsuit Against Him The Cause Of His Death?

John McAfee

In a nutshell, yes this lawsuit impacted McAfee’s life heavily. In 2020, when the lawsuit began, it seemed a regular case. We come across indebted taxpayers a lot, they usually pay their taxes or serve a few years of the sentence and then come out unscathed. Though John was a public figure, he wasn’t as rich as everyone believed him to be. But later on, we got to know that John had multiple alleged properties and he was just stalling.

McAfee had a tattoo printed on his right hand as a sign of his rebellion against the US government. He claimed that the officials threatened to kill him and that if he ever drops dead, it wouldn’t be a suicide. No matter if it is a suicide or a well-planned murder or something entirely else, John McAfee died due to the lawsuit against him.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Who Was John McAfee?

John McAfee was a popular investor, businessman, and the creator of an antivirus named after him.

6. Was The Lawsuit Against John McAfee True?

Yes, the lawsuit against him was true. McAfee was due to pay his taxes, had some illegal assets, and was running away from the authorities. But in the end, he was arrested before he suicide.

2. Has John McAfee Suicided?

Yes, the authorities have claimed that McAfee hung himself and suicided. Though there are multiple rumors that John didn’t suicide, there are no shreds of evidence to prove it.

3. Why Is John McAfee’s Suicide Still Questioned?

It is because of McAfee’s wife, Janice, who doesn’t believe that her husband suicided. There is also John’s cameraman, Robert King, who claims that John wanted to live and couldn’t suicide. However, these are personal opinions, not evidence.

4. What Does John McAfee’s Wife Think About His Suicide?

Janice McAfee doesn’t believe that her husband suicided and is still fighting to prove her belief.

5. Where Is John McAfee’s Corpse?

It is still in Barcelona, Spain, where John hung himself in his prison cell.

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