Malika Andrews Parents: Where Are They Now?

The highly renowned and gorgeous American sports journalist, who is also seen as a reporter, is back on our radar! It seems like the audience would love to dig deep into Andrews’ personal life, more specifically her early life. Our stage has opened up again for Malika Rose Andrews. If you have brushed your eyes through the sports section of the Forbes 30 Under 30, then you must have seen her name there. For a few years now, the reporter has become incredibly popular out there. 

Ever since she started working for ESPN, her life has changed completely, she couldn’t have asked for anything more. She is still evolving as a full-fledged reporter. If you still couldn’t understand whom we are referring to, then you should head to NBA Today, she happens to be the first black woman who got a chance to host the popular sports show! But hey there, before we bifurcate her career growth, let’s quickly roll over her backstory, where does she come from? Do we know anything about Malika Andrews‘ parents?

Malika Andrews Parents

Malika Andrews Parents

As per records given on the web, Malika Andrews originally happens to be a netizen of California. She was born in Oakland but little did she know that time will take her to Utah as well! Growing up was not an easy task for her. The lively reporter was once dealing with serious mental health issues. Yes, you heard it right, Malika Andrews has confirmed the rumors out there! But hey there, before we go through her mental health dilemmas, let us quickly introduce you to Andrews’ parents. 

If we are not wrong, then Mike Andrews happens to be Malika’s father. He is an ordinary man, sources say he used to be a personal trainer, while her mother was Caren Andrews who previously served as an art teacher in one of the reputed schools in Oakland, California. Malika always had a cordial bond with her parents. She once said that her parents had always been extremely understanding toward her. She shares more of a friendly relationship with them, they were never extremely strict with her and that’s one of the reasons why she opened up to them. 

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Why Did Malika Andrews Shift To A Therapeutic Boarding School?

Back when Malika was a mere teenager she was dealing with serious panic attacks and anger issues. Her grades were falling and she was feeling lost. In due course, she also developed irregular eating habits, sometimes she would skip her food while other times she would cry herself to bed. All in all, Malika was stressed with some serious problems and was highly depressed by her regular life. Sources say she was suffering from anorexia while she confirmed that it was a mix of anorexia and bulimia! The situation became so worse that at one point she had to leave her school! The rumors are true, in 8th grade, her parents decided to cut her ties with her regular school. 

Her situation was deteriorating and she required immediate help. Malika feels extremely blessed to have parents like Mike and Caren, who actually understood her position and also backed her during difficult times. Treatments truly helped her, over the years, she learned that eating disorders can be highly dangerous for our bodies. Malika was always seen as a sensible kid and it was extremely courageous of her to bring up the truth to her parents. She was initially worried about her parent’s reaction but then she decided to tell them the truth, she told them that her mental health is deteriorating by the day.  

Malika’s parents were extremely worried about her! They were pretty much shocked when Malika approached them about her mental health. But at the end of the day, they did what was best for Malika. She told them that she needs medical support, she informed them that she is struggling to keep up with her regular life and that’s when her parents shifted her to Utah. She moved to a therapeutic boarding school and by God’s grace with time, her situation got better. Her condition increased rapidly and at the mere age of 17, she successfully graduated from the therapeutic boarding school in Utah! 

Is Malika Andrews Single?

This happens to be the most popular question around Malika’s personal life! She has a very charming and soothing personality, she can easily win a ton of hearts out there. But guess what, as of February 2023, Malika hasn’t confirmed any of the dating rumors out there. It seems like the famous American journalist and reporter is still single. Yes, people, you heard it right, Malika Andrews is reported to be single. 

Back in winter 2022, we heard that the journalist was dating the famous ESPN reporter, Dave McMenamin. Well, the two reporters get along pretty well. Their intense chemistry is visible through their photographs. But as we said above, none of them has confirmed the rumors and thus our conclusion says Malika Andrews is still very much single. It looks like the reporter is making the most of her single life!

Malika Andrews Flourishing Journalist Career!

Malika Andrews Parents

Malika Andrews never knew she would make it to ESPN, it still feels like an unusual dream to her. Before pursuing further studies in communications, Malika worked in a civil rights law firm, sources say the firm belongs to her maternal grandfather. She worked there for almost a year and then went to the University of Portland. She was lucky enough to showcase her knowledge in The Beacon! The famous school newspaper somehow changed her life. Sports was always her genre, whether it was writing articles or taking interviews after interviews, Malika never failed to impress us. 

Adrian Wojnarowski was the man who noticed Malika’s work as a sports writer. He was highly fascinated by her write-ups. Slowly and steadily, many astonishing opportunities opened up for her. She has not only done an internship for the Denver Post, but she has also showcased her work at The New York Times! It has been a rollercoaster ride for her, most of the time she was caught with heavy loads of work, but the most important thing was she didn’t mind working hard. She loved writing articles on sports! 

One thing went to another and after gaining experience from so many popular media houses, she made it to ESPN. Almost two years back, she was offered a post at ESPN and now she is the lead face for NBA Today. For her excellent journalist skills, she has also been bestowed with a bunch of prestigious awards and name tags. Malika Andrews is truly a standing example for us, especially for all the Black people out there.

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What Was Malika Andrews’ Main Goal?

It might be a bit hard to digest but the rumors are partially accurate. Malika Andrews was always interested in journalism, she liked reviewing content around sports and she enjoyed writing sports reports! But did she want to be a reporter? Well, the answer is “No”, Andrews always liked writing and it is still her comfort zone, she either wanted to be a sports writer or editor. She never thought she would one day be the face of a sports show! 

But as the saying goes by, God has planned the right thing for each one of us and Malika too respects the quote, Malika Andrews ended up being a reporter! She never imagined she would like reporting as well, being in front of the camera and speaking continuously was not exactly her dream, but now that reporting has come along the way in her career, she has happily accepted her work field. Moreover, her parents are extremely proud of her. Andrews’ mother still reminds her sometimes that she has been blessed with talented skills. 

Malika Andrews proved that if you work hard then success will follow you. This young face is now a part of the sports industry, her journey has begun just now and it is surely going to be a long ride for her. She is highly pumped and excited to learn new things about her career and life. That’s all for now, to know more about famous media moguls, stay connected with us, just right here. 

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Malika Andrews’ Parents – FAQs

1. Is Malika Andrews secretly married to a famous reporter?

No, Malika Andrews is not secretly married to any famous reporters out there.

2. Who is Malika Andrews dating nowadays?

As of February 2023, Malika Andrews’ relationship status happens to be single.

3. Who is Malika Andrews’ mother?

Caren Andrews is Malika’s mother. Studies say she works as an art teacher.

4. Who is Malika Andrews’ father?

Mike Andrews is Malika’s father. Sources say he is currently a personal trainer.

5. Is Malika Andrews suffering from depression?

Back in childhood and teenage period, Malika Andrews was dealing with serious depression issues.

6. Is Malika Andrews not happy with her reporting career?

Malika Andrews initially wanted to be a sports writer but now, she doesn’t mind reporting in front of the camera.

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