Who Is Charleston White? Uncovering the Past: The YouTube Star, Motivational Speaker, And Entrepreneur

If you have heard the name Charleston White and are wondering who that person might be, well you are in the right place to gather information about the said man. 

This article will provide you with all the basic information that you are probably in search of because once the human brain becomes curious about something, it is impossible to stop it from running a hundred kilometers per hour. 

Who Is Charleston White?

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White is a 52 years old American YouTuber. He is a motivational speaker and a content creator. Besides being a popular social media influencer and a popular media face, he is also an entrepreneur. He is praised for having some amazing YouTube videos and is said to be pretty talented. 

White is from Texas. He has around 123k subscribers on his YouTube channel titled The Real Charleston White. Mr. White is also the founder and CEO of Hyped about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach.

Dark Past Of Mr. White

According to some reports, Mr. White had been involved in criminal offenses in the past. Charleston had to serve twelve years of imprisonment as a repercussion of charges of murder against him. Reports say that he and some other people had shot a man dead in a parking lot while they were shoplifting athletic coats from a Foot Locker. 

Later he decided that he would change the course of his life. As a positive step in his life, he chose to become a motivational speaker and a YouTuber. 

In 2022 he got into a feud with Soulja Boy. 

Charleston White Early Life

Charleston White was born in Texas, United States in the year 1970. Presently he is 52 years old, the exact date of his birth is unknown. He was born into a Christian family. Charleston attended a local school in his area for his primary education. 

As per his LinkedIn profile, he joined Texas Wesleyan University for his further high studies. However, we do not know how reliable this piece of information is because he involved himself in crimes at the very young age of fourteen. 

Although we have no concrete information regarding his family, Charleston is having a mixed African background. As per the pieces of evidence and articles, he was born into a joint family. Rumors are that his father is an entrepreneur and his mother is a housewife. 

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Relationships between Charleston White

Who is Charleston White?

White is a married man and is committed. Presently, he has a family living in his home state of Texas. His LinkedIn profile says that Mr. White is a father of two. Although he has shared some pictures with his son on his Facebook, he has not revealed his son’s name. He has decided to keep his family private from the media. The name of his life partner and children are not exposed, they are unknown to us. Charleston White keeps his private life under the covers. We do not have much information regarding his family. 

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Net Worth

Being a YouTuber and also CEO, Mr. White has good sources of income. He has also launched his clothing merch and runs an official website for his merchandise. Charleston’s net worth is calculated to be approximately $1.5 million. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Charleston White?

He is a famous YouTuber and motivational speaker.

Was Charleston White involved in crimes?

Yes, he was imprisoned for twelve years on account of murdering a person in a parking lot.

Is Charleston White committed?

Yes, Mr. White is a married man, and he is committed.

Does Charleston White have kids?

White has two kids as of now.

When was Charleston White born?

He was born in 1970, but the exact date of his birth is unknown.

What is Charleston White’s age?

Charleston White is 52 years old. He will turn 53 sometime this year.

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