Who Is Seth Rollins Wife? Seth Rollins Personal Life, Family, And More!

Colby Daniel Lopez aka Seth Rollins is a Professional Wrestler, wrestling trainer, and also actor. He presently is signed by WWE, he can be seen in various WWE events and championships. He played under the brand RAW, which is an extremely famous international wrestling brand. Seth Rollin is a very popular name in the wrestling industry. Seth has been in this industry for more than 16 years. Before getting signed by WWE, Seth used to play under the name Tyler Black. Rollin owns several big titles to him including ROH World Championship and Grand Slam Championship. He plays under the billed height 6ft 1 in and a billed weight of 217 ib, which is 96 kg. Rollins debuted his wrestling career in 2005. Rollins has made his place in numerous television and newspaper interviews. Seth has also made a record of beating Roman Reigns and John Cena in a record of one hour and five minutes.

He is also among the three players in history to beat brock Leisner twice in a single event. Rollins has won Survival Of The Fittest Championship 2009. Before getting signed by WWE and RAW, he played for several independent brands. One of the independent brands he played with was Full Impact Pro. While being signed by FIP he also won FIP World Heavyweight Champion along with one time Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and also one-time PWG World Tag Team Champion with Jacobs. After getting signed by WWE IN 2010, Rollins competed in several matches and won the majority of them. He, later on, went on teaming with Ambrose and Roman Reigns, this trio was named The Sheild. The Sheild went on to win many team Championships.

Seth Rollins is also a one-time Triple Crown Champion, Grand Slam Champion. Rollin also holds the record for getting 6 title reigns with the RAW team Championship. Seth is the one and only wrestler ever to hold all of three WWE’s present world titles like WWE, Universal, and NXT Championships. This is a tremendous achievement and is enough to tell why Rollins is considered one of the finest and strongest wrestlers of his time. Danny is the reported trainer of Seth Rollins, who trained him during the start of his career. Seth is also among the 7 wrestlers who feature in PWI (Pro wrestling Illustrated) as the number 1 player twice. One more reason why Rollins is loved is that he is quite entertaining when it comes to his in-ring character. He is known for reinventing his on-ring play several times.

Seth Rollins Personal Life

Seth Rollins Wife

Seth Rollins’s real name is Colby Daniel Lopez. Colby was born in Davenport, Iowa on May 28, 1986. He was raised and nurtured in a small nearby town called Buffalo, Iowa. He is actually a mixture of Armenian, German, and Irish, from his father’s side. Which means his ancestors were from Armenia, probably Germany. If you are wondering about his surname Lopez, you will get cleared if you watch WWE 24. The surname Lopez actually comes from his brother’s side, Seth’s elder brother had a mixed American- Mexican father, as a child, Seth considered him only as his father, hence he took his surname as his own surname. Rollins did his high school in 2004 from Davenport West High School.

As a teenager, Seth was a very introverted and descent child, he didn’t talk much, and he used to take an active part in school activities and study. He had a big love for music, especially hard metal and rock music, which he still likes a lot. Rolins used to live a very simple and straightforward life. He got his training from a wrestling school located on the borders of Chicago and Oak Park in Illinois, The school was owned by Danny Daniels and he himself was the trainer there.

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Who Is Seth Rollins Wife?

Seth Rollins Wife

Becky Lynch is the wife of Seth Rollins. Becky Lynch is also a professional wrestler of WWE in the women category. He is very famous and successful in her own career. Initially, Becky lynches and Seth Rollins were best friends. They are often seen together in many events and matches. But soon Rollins dropped the idea of just best friends and decided to start a relationship. The couple disclosed their budding relationship in an interview on television. Later on the couple again publically revealed their relationship through a Twitter post, where they posted a picture together with a beautiful caption which was enough to tell how deep love they were.

Fans were very happy with this news. 2019 was marked as the best year in the career of Seth and Becky as they both won their most important championship that year, Hence they both decided to take their relationship to a next level and they got engaged. The couple continued to play mixed tag championship and won another title witch was termed as one of their best matches together. In 2020 Becky was pregnant with Rollins baby, and they both welcomed their little angel in December 2020, They named him Roux. Recently this year in June the couple has decided to marry each other. This news was officially released by WWE. The fans were extremely happy rejoiced with this news.

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