Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date: All You Need to Know!

The South Korean horror web series Netflix’s Sweet Home’ has achieved huge popularity on the platform. The show has garnered 2.1 Billion views in its first season. it is not new for horror K-Dramas to be visuals integrated with outstanding portrayal. The show is adapted by director Lee EungBok who had worked in the most famous Korean Drama ‘Descendants of The Sun’. Now, after the release of the first season on 18 December, 2020 fans are eagerly waiting for the Sweet Home season release date announcement. so, let’s get straight into the updates regarding the Sweet Home Season 2 Release date and various interesting facts about the show.

Will There Be Sweet Home Season 2?

Sweet Home season 2 release date

Yet, Netflix has not given any official announcement regarding the release of sweet home season 2. But, the basis on which Netflix orders another season of any show or series is the number of views it has received. so according to our analysis sweet Home has reached the targeted views, and now it is expected that Netflix must have been preparing for season 2 of Sweet Home. In the first season, you may have developed many unanswered questions in the end, Whether Lee Eun-hyuk is dead or alive, what will happen to Sang-Wook, and will the remaining survivor be able to prevent themselves from becoming monsters. So, answers to all the questions will be given nowhere but in Sweet Home Season 2. It can be said that yes that there will be a Sweet Home Season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

The filming of Sweet Home took 8 months for arriving on the screens. Netflix always goes for the next season of a series only when the previous one gets good feedback, and now for ‘Sweet Home’, it is undoubtedly clear how good feedback it has received. After the third day of its release, it was ranked in the top ten in forty-two regions over the OTT platforms, and it was at the first position in South Korea along with many other countries the like Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. If Netflix goes for season 2 then the Sweet Home season 2 release date is most probably in 2023.

Name Of The ShowSweet Home
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreDrama, Horror
Sweet Home Season 1 Release Date18 December 2020
Sweet Home Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Sweet Home Season 2 Cast

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

The confirmed casts seem to be Song Kang, Lee Jin-Wook, and Lee Si-young and some new faces will be seen. Song Kang plays the role of the main character Cha Hyun-so. He is a 27 years old South Korean actor with huge fans. He has done many popular Tv shows, ‘Love Alarm’ is also starred by him. Lee Do-Hyun plays the role of Lee Eun-hyuk. He is 26 years old and also a South Korean actor. Both are becoming popular in the crush lists of girls from around the world.

 Sweet Home Season 2 Plot

The story revolves around a high school student Cha Hyun-soo, who has lost his family and moves to an apartment following the death of his family. Then the plot is followed by the bizarre and shocking things happening in the apartment with the neighbors. the stranger’s occurrences in the apartment turn the circumstance with people turning into monsters. Then appears the struggle for survival. The series is haunted, violent, and bloody, not easy to watch for very soft-hearted people. The first season was comprised of 10 episodes.

The apocalyptic drama show Sweet Home is based on a comic book named webtoon written by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan. Unfortunately, till now there are no details provided about the plot of season 2. yet, it will be providing the answers left in season 1 and it will be interesting to see how thing goes. But the confirmed idea of the plot may arrive when the release date will be announced.

Sweet Home Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for season 2 has not been arrived yet. The series is yet to receive an official announcement regarding the renewal. It is still to be made certain whether the show will return or not. Sweet Home might be canceled as well. As soon as we receive any official information regarding it, we will inform you at the earliest. Nevertheless, the series is available on Netflix. All the episodes are available on this streaming giant.

Facts about ‘Sweet Home’ that you never heard before

  • The studio in which the creatures visual was worked on is ‘Legacy Studio’, the same studio which has worked on notable films like Captain Marvel, Godzilla, Terminator, etc. The director Lee Do Hyun was amazed when he visited the set for the first time.
  • Lee Do Hyun had to bring Korean Choreographer and dancer Kim Seol-jin to work together with the actors so that the actors could perform the exact right movements being monsters.
  • Six months before the filming of the show, the female actress Lee Si Young attended action school to get training for action movements. She is 38 years old and also a mother but no one can figure it out as she seems so young.
  • The show is a high-budget show, according to Korean times, Each episode was made with the amount of 3.6 million dollars about 3 billion won. most of the budget was spent on the special effects used to make it a great visual drama.
  • The building in the show has many hidden features to be found out by the viewers. the director Lee has put down an effort in the building, you are advised to look out for the show carefully I bet it will be interesting to find hidden easter eggs.

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