Willie Spence Net Worth: How Much This Singer Earned?

Willie Spence was a singer who received fame after he became a contestant in the 19th season of the show American Idol. Other than that, he was known for being an Instagram sensation. He was born on the 18th of June 1999 and died recently on the 11th of October 2022. 

He was considered to be a rising star who was meant to set records in the future. He was an inspiration for many as he had a story of him losing about 200 pounds before the audition for American Idol.

He was a wonderful singer and only came second to Chayce Beckham in the American Idol season. He had quite the career ambitions for himself but sadly he died before he could have reached the end of it all.

Willie Spence Net Worth

Willie Spence Net Worth

Around the time he died, his net worth was estimated to be about $1 million. He has been actively posting videos on Instagram since the time he was in high school. In 2017 he sang a song that reached to millions, he sang Diamonds by Rihanna, which earned him over 15 million views. He posted it on his YouTube channel.

The type of singer and person he was, deserved the attention that came in with this. He was invited to the syndicated talk show hosted by Steve Harvey. It was after Covid-19 struck us, that is, in the year 2021 that he decided to audition for the show and sang the same song that initially went viral and successfully impressed the judges and grabbed himself a seat as a contestant in the infamous show.

The show got him, even more, love and appreciation and he successfully became the first runner-up with a successful reach where he posted his work and growth altogether.

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Willie Spence’s Death

On the 11th of October 2022, Tuesday, he met with a car accident, his Jeep somehow collided with the back of a tractor-trailer. He died the very moment the accident took place. The Marion County medical examiner, the one who came in to examine him stated that he died because of multisystem trauma caused due to a motor vehicle accident.

An investigation was done to determine if there were any other causes for his death, and all they could conclude was that both Willie and the tractor-trailer’s driver were wearing a seat belts. The investigation is said to be still underway.

American Idol responded to Willie’s death stating that he was a true talent and was a person who had it in him to light up every room he entered. They further commented that their team is devastated about the fact that they lost a family member that made up the Idol family.

Willie Spence’s Personal Life

Willie Spence Net Worth

He was born on the 18th of October 1999 in West Palm Beach Florida to his parents Willie Spence Sr. and Sharon Singleton Spence. Even though he was born in Florida he was brought up in Douglas, Georgia. He had two sisters namely, Kendra Spence Western who works as a school principal in West Palm Beach, Florida. And the other sister is named Tyerra Gilbert.

Willie was said to have started learning the art of singing when he was around 3 years old. He used to sing along with his grandfather in a church back in Florida. After he sang the song Diamonds by Rihanna, which got him spectacular appreciation at his audition for American Idol, he was declared as an unbelievable singer.

Luke Bryan a judge on the 19th season of American Idol commented that he wished Willie’s performance did not end. When he was asked about what plans he had for the next five years of his life, he stated that all he wants is for his voice to reach the world through his gift and then maybe win a Grammy or so.

He was loved and appreciated for the kind of person he has been when he was alive. His fans and people who knew him dearly were left in a puddle of shock and sorrow when the news of his sudden death came out.

Willie Spence’s Social Media

Willie was really active on his Instagram account. He used to post about his personal and professional life both. His Instagram ID @williwspenceofficial currently has 519k followers, 3397 following, and over 400 posts.

His Twitter handle was @Williespence. He also had a YouTube account with 595K subscribers, where he used to release his official tracks or music videos.

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