Where Does The Dark Matter Season 4 Release Date Stands?

Who isn’t fascinated by space? Deep inside, space is something that even excites an adult! Space is such an unimaginable thing that Jeff Bezos traveling to space in mere 15 minutes became a piece of trending news. So, the space opera genre is quite popular, and here comes one more critically acclaimed tv series titled Dark Matter. Dark Matter, speaking in terms of physics is quite intense and yet to be properly explored, thereby a series based on it is just out of the world. It was bound to create a name for itself. 

Dark Matter is derived from the comics titled the same created by authors Joseph Mallozzi along with Paul Mullie. The plot of Dark Matter starts with a bunch of people like much other space genre shows developing a spaceship. It has been over seven years since this series released its pilot which garnered an amazing response. This sci-fi series, even roughly a decade ago portrayed quite the modern things and we can see the ones working on developing the ship, suddenly go through a memory loss. How tragic even! The show focuses on their struggles, how they fight to survive, trust issues, and whatnot! This is not mere science fiction, it is full of thrill and drama as well.

The comic book series which had four issues became one of the best-selling comics and it has been depicted into a tv series with that efficiency itself. Now, as season 1 has been premiered seven years ago, with getting renewed for two more, fans still hope for more seasons even though there has been such a huge gap! Who wouldn’t? This series has the right amount of drama and suspense, how can one just let it go? 

What makes it special is that it is backed with not huge networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which broadcasts the most critically acclaimed tv series. This series was originally based in Canada with each season having 13 episodes. Also, the episodes were not that long, with each episode ranging from about 43 minutes, which is perfect for a proper break from the daily mundane. A plus point is that as it is just 13 episode series, it would be finished off easily! As the previous three seasons had been amazing, fans expected renewal and also season 4 to be equally amazing. Let us see the release date, the plotline, whom can we expect to see in season 4 and where can we enjoy this critically acclaimed show.

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Dark Matter Season 4 Release Date

Dark Matter Season 4 Release Date

Dark Matter Season 3 was released in 2017. This season had again 13 episodes and since its release fans are speculating and waiting for its next season. The season had a good rating along with good critic reviews, with a large audience just waiting to watch it. Unfortunately, this show got canceled. Disheartening right? It’s been 5 years since that but do we still hope the decision overturns? Definitely yes! 

A few rumors stated that season 3 of Dark Matter was canceled owing to bad ratings. Well, the fans dismissed it as all the reviews were in the favour of renewal. Additionally, as the comic book had four issues, it was kind of assumed that there would be at least four seasons and a couple of spin-offs. Thereby this cancellation came as quite a shock for the die-hard fans. 

More and more discussions happened on it, with everyone trying to find a reason why it get canceled. Then came the rumor related to the falling out between Malllozi and the network. As there were differing views, one thought they could not agree on anything. Or maybe finance made them succumb in the end, with them forcefully canceling the show. One thing is for sure, less number of views were not the reason.  As we are in November 2022, to date the decision has not been overturned and the show remains canceled. Sorry to disappoint the fans of this sci-fi drama, and we agree it’s been half a decade but never lose hope. One percent of hope should always be alive as miracles do occur( us being overdramatic!)

Coming onto the timelines of the show, we can see it was first released on 12 June, the year 2015. The network announced its renewal and was released in September, the year 2016. We enjoyed every bit of this season, which got renewed soon enough and after that, in July 2017 it released season three’s first episode. The final season aired completely by September 2017, with fans expecting more seasons to continue the plot as it had potential. Just a month after the last episode, there was an announcement of it getting canceled breaking the hearts of numerous fans. There is still a sense of hope for its renewal which seems far-fetched but this is what one’s love for a particular show does to them! 

As neither NBC nor the SyFy channel has any rights over Dark Matter, there was no voice of theirs, which led Prodigy Pictures to make the decision for them. It all comes down to the ones with power here.

Name Of The ShowDark Matter
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreScience Fiction
Dark Matter Season 1 Release Date12 June 2015
Dark Matter Season 4 Release DateCanceled

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Dark Matter Season 4 Story

Dark Matter Season 4 Release Date

Coming to the plotline of Dark Matter is a drama-filled show which is based in the 27th century. Imagine what technologies would we have, which the show has tried to depict. This show has multiple main characters, and it focuses on a group of people suffering from a blackout, with no clue who they are, or why they are in the spaceship except having weaponry left within them. The worst part, which makes the plot more interesting is that the spaceship is broken, thereby no way back home. As mentioned before, trust issues get the best of them. Arent we human beings the world’s most complicated creatures? Even in such dire situations, we have distrust and we do awful things at times when we need to be calm and find a way out together. This fictional drama in a way showcases a few failures in society.

Still, the group despite the distrust tries to work a way out. From Earth, they land on some unknown planet while building the spaceship and they move forward on the path of discovery. There are lots of battles, different locations, amazing graphics, and a great storyline. The group’s lives are at stake, will they come back properly? Watch the released season to find out. 

One more peculiar thing about this series is the way these amnesia-stricken people named themselves, right from number one to six in the order they stood. Impressive, isn’t it? Also, joining this group is a female who turns out to be a mentor for them. She is sort of depicted as an android. The three seasons that were released, kept the viewers glued to it. If there had been a season 4, it would have gone forward with a more in deep exploration of the characters. We could have seen more of the battle, the group using their wits, building trust. We could see them adjusting back again.

Dark Matter Season 4 Cast

Dark Matter Season 4 Release Date

The main cast of the previous seasons comprised Marc Bendavid who essayed the role of  One aka Jace Corso aka Derrick Moss. It also had Melissa O’Neil portraying the roles of  Two aka Portia Lin aka Rebecca, Anthony Lemke in the roles of Three aka Marcus Boone aka Titch, Alex Mallari Jr. essaying the roles of  Four aka Ryo Tetsudo aka Ishida Ryo, Jodelle Ferland playing the roles of Five aka Das aka Emily Kolburn and  Roger Cross saying the roles of Six aka  Griffin Jones aka Lt. Kal Varrick.

The last main character Zoie Palmer essays the role of The Android and Suki. If the show had season 4, we would have seen these characters along with a few more supporting characters. But there were chances, a few of the main characters were changed as they had new projects to pursue, thereby if there is a season 4(probably not happening) we could see a few new faces for our old beloved characters.

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Dark Matter Season 4 Trailer

As Dark Matter still stands canceled, there has been no release related to the trailer. The previous season’s trailers could be watched on youtube. It has ignited a spark in people’s minds, who were eagerly waiting to watch since they watch the eye-grabbing trailers.

Where to watch Dark Matter Season 4 online?

We can catch up on Dark Matter on the SyFy channel which is one of the main channels under NBC. It is produced by Prodigy Pictures. Unfortunately, as there is no fourth season, we need to be content with the three seasons we possess. It is quite an interesting show, which has only three seasons but one needs to watch it. All space enthusiasts need to have this show on their tv shows list.  The show was released in both Canada and the rest of the world at the same time, thereby one can catch up on it without any spoilers. 

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