The Last Ship Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Story, And Much More!

Being in the middle of a pandemic the number of viewers of the previous season of the action-drama series “the last ship” has comparatively increased. The last ship started its premiere nearly 7 years back from the current date and was a great hit since the date of its premiere. The show is mainly based on a pandemic situation (the deadly flu), current international problems, and how a group of naval who aren’t affected by the deadly flu help the world and find the cure for humanity.

Though the last premiere date was in 2018, the question that has always been on the mind of the audience is when we are getting season 6 of the series or whether we are going to see the show’s renewal. Unfortunately, the answer doesn’t sound very optimistic, the show didn’t receive a renewal for the last 3 years and it can easily be considered season 5 to be the last season for the show.

Still, there remains a chance as the current pandemic situation breaks out and this show could be again made a great hit with new seasons but there are no such updates on the matter. Though it is quite a common thing for the makers of great shows to change their minds and often gift the audience with a new season after year and the audience can always expect such things to happen.

The Last Ship Season 6 Release Date

The Last Ship Season 6 Release Date

Now, as we have already told you that we don’t see a renewal of the show right now, we never told you we don’t see it happening in the near future and with an optimistic mindset, if we get any updates from the makers to begin the show again, we are surely going to have to wait a period of nearly 9-10 months because that’s what it took to film season 5. The 6th season if it happens, will also have a total of 10 episodes just like the previous season it had and each episode will have a total runtime of about 45 mins. Thus, we have nothing more in hand but to wait.

Name of the ShowThe Last Ship
Season NumberSeason 6
The Last Ship Season 1 Release Date22 June 2014
The Last Ship Season 6 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Last Ship Season 6 Overview

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The Last Ship Season 5 Recap

The last ship season 5 as it marked the final season of the show, comprises a total of 10 episodes and begins with a time skip of nearly 3 years after the red flu pandemic, though the situation has changed a bit, Nathan the war hero is now teaching new naval fleet students about navy though his team is intact we also get to see chandler who is teaching small children after the time skip, the episode 1 of the season starts with the emergence of another pandemic like condition but this time not biological in any sense, it’s a cyber-attack and it’s the declaration of war, we move ahead in the story with Danny, Sasha, Azima and wolf as they work on a mission on the land and are great threats as we have seen earlier in the show, we see chandler returning to the land and working to fight the other nations and planning while the ship sails mighty and Nathan, our hero is in action again. We also see the forming of a temporary alliance as it would be tough for Nathan and the country to fight alone.

Towards the middle episodes, we see Nathans team embarking on a very important mission which marks the fate of the war, chandler goes on playing his important role on land and by the end of the season we see how it’s an all-out war and he has got to face his fears at last, and unfortunately, the lasts ship, the ship of hope meets its end

The Last Ship Season 6 Story

The Last Ship Season 6 Release Date

 With the current pandemic situation and considering the show’s renewal may happen we can expect the new season to have a story that is near to the red flu issue but with new twists and turns and as we have seen at the end of the last ship, we may find some survivors and chandler back into action, a new crew and a new last ship.

The Last Ship Season 6 Cast

Till now, there is no official information regarding season 6, also we cannot assume the cast of season 6. But the cast members of the previous seasons are as follows: Eric Dane as Commander, Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott, Charles Parnell as Master Chief Petty Officer, Adam Baldwin as Commander, Travis Van Winkle as Lieutenant Daniel, and many more.

The Last Ship Season 6 Trailer

 As there is no confirmation about season 6, we haven’t received a trailer and we don’t expect much to but surely hope remains. Season 5 was a great hit though it was about a cyber-attack and not a post-pandemic situation. The previous 5 seasons are available on the Netflix platform and can be easily enjoyed by new viewers, and if you still haven’t made up your mind, go check out the trailer available on YouTube.

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