Is Deku’s Dad A Villain? Was His “Overseas Profession” Becoming An Antagonist?

In the supernatural world of quirky people, Deku is one of the rare boys who doesn’t have any quirks. In Deku’s world, it is horrendous to be born without any quirks because everyone else looks at him as if he’s missing a head. Now, he is determined to achieve a quirk like the rest of the world.

If Deku’s mother has a quirk, why doesn’t he? Is it because his father doesn’t have any quirks? Who is Deku’s father?

Is Deku’s Dad A Villain?

Is Deku’s Dad A Villain

Even in season 3 of My Hero Academia, Deku’s father is still absent from Deku’s life. Deku’s father, Hisashi Midoriya, has been gone overseas as per Deku’s mother, Inko. She keeps claiming that her husband is gone overseas to work. But what kind of work he does is not defined properly. Moreover, Inko claims that Hisashi wanted to protect his son’s feelings and is gone because of it.

Deku’s father can most certainly be a villain since it is clear that Deku does not have any superpowers. Hisashi can breathe fire, this quirk most certainly cannot be heroic. It is quite possible that the reason behind Hisashi’s disappearance is his quirk.

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The Relationship Between All For One and Deku’s Dad?

Shigaraki, or “All For One,” is notoriously famous for stealing quirks from people and running away. Since he steals other people’s quirks, it is possible that he doesn’t have his own.

He has also been at war with All Might, and as a result, he got his face disfigured. Whenever All For One is seen, he has on headgear. His disfigured face is always hidden behind that headgear, and it is speculated that he is Deku’s father. Like Deku, All For One has no quirks of his own, and he has disappeared like Hisashi as well.

It is quite possible that Hisashi and All For One are one, and the makers will use this trope to extend the series more.

Where Is Deku’s Dad?

Maybe Hisashi is All For One and has run away after stealing quirks from other people. Or maybe he is really a common man with no quirks who is working in another country. But that seems unlikely since Inko claims that Hisashi is gone to protect Deku’s feelings.

Also, All For One’s right-hand man, Dr. Tsubasa, and Dr. Ujiko, Deku’s physician, share many common traits and the same voice artist. Maybe Dr. Ujiko keeps an eye on Deku for All For One, and he is not completely absent from Deku’s life.

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My Hero Academia Story

Is Deku’s Dad A Villain

This series is an adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga series of the same name. It is set in a fictional universe where almost everyone develops a quirk around the age of four. Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, is a boy who has no superpowers and is struck in a world where quirks are everything.

Izuku wants to become a superhero and earn a superpower, even if he hasn’t inherited any from his parents. He admires the superhero All Might, and like every admirer, he yearns to meet him. When Izuku suddenly meets his idol, All Might gets as fascinated by him as Izuku is by him. As per the prediction by Sir Nighteye, All Might’s right-hand man, All Might, is going to die soon. This is why he needs someone who could fight against All For One.

Because of his determination and hard work, All Might decides to make Izuku his successor. Though Nighteye disagrees with All Might initially, Izuku later wins him over with his simple style and impressive bravery. All Might transfer his quirks to him and makes Deku his successor after he has proven his worth.

When the villains attack the high school of pro heroes, All Might loses his quirks. Because of this, Izuku is left to be the future pro hero. The villains believe that pro heroes are overrated and that they only help people who pay them to. To crush the pro-heroes, the villains needed All Might to lose their quirks and become powerless. Though they succeeded in making that happen, All Might is not dead yet.

While the villains bombard the school, All For One comes into the limelight as well. He is the one who wants All Might and his quirks to disappear from the face of the earth. What he doesn’t realize is that Izuku is on the verge of becoming the next All Might. The makers could easily portray All For One as Izuku’s father and their one against each other.

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