Deku Vs Shigaraki: Who Won The Fight In My Hero Academia?

Recently the sixth season of My Hero Academia started airing on the 1st of October.  

The season released its first visual teaser that teased the most awaited fight between Deku and Shigaraki. In the teaser that had been released by the season makers, it showed that Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki were kept side by side and Deku was in some greenish blue hue. On the contrary, Shigaraki was kept in a reddish-purple hue. Deku was shown in a very pristine and detailed view. In the poster, we saw Shigaraki around bubbles and that insinuates that he is somewhere underwater.

This season has a lot of battles. There was a climactic battle between the heroes with the students, including Izuku Midoriya, who belongs to the U.A. High School. He had to fight the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Tomura Shigaraki. Izuku Midoriya is also commonly known as Deku. Since the beginning of the My Hero Academia anime series, the fans had been eagerly waiting for the moment when these two would fight; in the beginning, Shigaraki showed a lot of interest in Deku, so it was foreseeable that both of them would cross paths at some point. The battle finally happened, and we are here to tell you which won the most awaited battle.

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Deku Vs Shigaraki: Who Wins The Battle

Deku Vs Shigaraki

Do not read this article if you have not read the latest manga chapters. In the last season, the fifth season of My Hero Academia, we got to see the backstories of these two characters. The show makers decided to expand on the backstories of the League of Villains; in particular, they expanded Shigaraki’s story. In the last episode, the scene somewhat laid down a glimpse of what to expect in the next season. The sixth season covering the Paranormal Liberation War Arc,  which was hinted at in the last season, showed the heroes and the course students lined up in a way that showed to be a fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front.

This arc is the longest one. It is also considered the most gruesome arc of the entire series. The Paranormal Liberation War Arc, or simply War Arc as it is known among manga readers, is the darkest and saddest arc yet to be animated. Studio Bones appears to be reassuring fans with this poster that My Hero Academia Season 6 is being created with the care and attention it deserves.

So, in the end, spoiler alert, neither of the two wins. Yes, that is correct; neither Deku wins nor Shigaraki is able to taste victory. Their battle could not be completed; it got interrupted by One for All’s vestiges. They were trying to interrupt and prevent Shigaraki from taking their quirk. They wanted to stop him from gaining access to it, and then Deku was rendered incapable of fighting. Shigaraki became injured and left.

We also saw that Deku started using a novel quirk; he used Nana Shimura’s ability to Float. This prevents him or anyone he holds with Blackwhip from falling to the ground. While floating, Deku approaches Shigaraki and declares that he will finish him off now because the battle should not last any longer.

What is Paranormal Liberation War Arc?

The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is a raid that has been planned by the heroes. The raid was also happening in two places simultaneously. One occurred at the Jaku Hospital, where Endeavor, Eraser Head and many other top heroes were trying to capture the doctor of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, who was asleep. The other raid was happening at Gunga Mountain Villa, which is also the base of the operation of the villains.

There a lot of heroes are planning to restrain many enemies. Despite their best efforts, the heroes capturing Shigaraki eventually fail, and he awakens. Now more vital than ever, thanks to his possession of All For One, he uses his decay quirk to destroy the entire hospital and its surroundings, killing heroes. This begins a battle between Tomura Shigaraki and all of the remaining heroes, but he is only interested in Izuku Midoriya.

About My Hero Academia Season 6

Deku Vs Shigaraki

The sixth season of the hit anime series, My Hero Academia started airing on the 1st of October. It is supposed to have a total of twenty-five episodes and run for two consecutive years. The sixth season has been produced by Bones, and the director is Kenji Nagasaki. Like its predecessor seasons, this season follows the story contained in the original manga series. The sixth season follows the manga from the first chapter in the 27th volume and covers the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc. The chapters in the manga are from 258 to 306.

The season aired on ytv and NTV.

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