Does Justin Bieber Have A Child? Is Hailey Bieber Pregnant?

One of the news that everyone all over the world has been waiting for is when Justin Bieber is going to be a father, whereas the Jenner sisters go on having their family tree grow, Justin and Hailey haven’t given us many updates about their thoughts regarding a child lately, and if you do know how things have been in their marriage, often it may seem unlikely that they would have a child. Though these may be just rumors because most of the time, their marriage ends up looking as perfect and Justin being one of the best husbands out there, whereas when it comes to Hailey, there actually have been no controversies at all. She can be considered the perfect wife Justin could get, starting by being supportive, handling his mood swings, and at the same time helping him when he is going through extreme levels of illness.

Now one thing that we all have seen is the fact that Justin and Hailey have been in love with kids and that is quite well noticeable if we end up seeing the Instagram handles of both these celebrities. Now what have they been posting, they have been posting pictures of themselves with other children, most of which consist of Justin’s half-sibling bay, who is one adorable child for sure, and both Justin and Hailey love her a lot. She belongs to the paternal side of Justin.

Now other than all this stuff, there have been some other controversies too, like if both these celebrities have already had kids and not revealed to anyone till now and many other questions regarding if Hailey is pregnant or like those. Now for a fact that we now are that Hailey is not at all pregnant currently, according to all our trusted sources, and Justin has been on his way recovering from the past few days of illness he had been facing, so as of now, there aren’t many updates on the situation. Though if any of you do know we do be the first ones to let you know all about the spicy gossip that goes on in the industry.

Does Justin Bieber Have A Child?

Does Justin Bieber Have A Child?

As we have already confirmed, there haven’t been any updates from the celebrity’s side regarding the pregnancy thing and stuff, but why do fans end up questioning this couple so much? That is complete because it has been a long time since these two have been in love and also have been together with each other. Thus, naturally, fans have been thinking that it is a long time since Justin ends up giving us good news about his own child. Because we all know how much his female fanbase adores his relationship with children, they just go mad after the fact when this “baby” star ends up hanging around with kids and spends time with his half-siblings. But for a fact, we have seen that Justin has been posting such photos since 2016, and that’s the time when all this controversy first rose.

A post that was marked with the caption, of him being a dad followed by the statement that he is just kidding. The post had a photo of him with his baby sister bay. Many of the fans during that post thought that it may be true that Justin has got a secret child and this was his way of saying it to the world, however that doesn’t seem very likely after knowing the fact that the child in the picture is his own sister. However, based on how resources have confirmed the picture, Justin was quite taking good responsibility for that baby and that’s one of the main reasons, he felt like a father of the child. Though nothing was cleared by the celebrity himself. We have also seen many other posts on part of both the love birds with babies and stuff and in many interviews have they been questioned about the fact that whether they are planning to have a baby. However, everything was quite silent, and both the celebrities quite avoided the question.

Now, like any other interviews Hailey attends, she was again asked the same question, and then she started the long way to reach the point. She first started talking about how she has always been good with babies and loved babies a lot and even if that wasn’t said, we do know based on how she handles them. Then we see her relationship with Justin Bieber who has been quite healthy in the last few days and both of them have been seen to be very happy, and Hailey as a celebrity said that it is a big thing for her, and her career and her personal life., it is a step which she doesn’t still know, whether she is ready for, which basically meant, that she would have to be off her career for quite some time, then she had her other duties as a celebrity which she doesn’t know whether she will want to leave and all and from Justin’s side too, that will be a big step. At the end she also said, in the coming few years, they may be trying to have a baby but since then there hasn’t been any word on the topic and we also know how the situation has been with Justin, so it surely doesn’t seem like. They both will be having a baby soon.

Now coming to the secret theories that whether these two have already had a baby and kept it a secret from the entire world, it doesn’t seem so because we do see some bodily changes in Hailey during that period which we never saw and other than that even during covid and lockdown, we do see these couple being constantly in touch with their fans through Instagram live and other sessions. Other than that, there haven’t been any talks about Justin having a kid with any other person that’s for sure, and if you have heard anything that’s wrong. Our guy is extremely loyal to his wife and he was even ready to end his ties with Kanye west recently because of some mess up with Hailey he had on social media. Overall, we can expect that this couple will be having a child sooner or later as both of them have been in love with kids and it is just a matter of time as Justin needs to be perfectly all right and they both need to reach that level where they do be ready to give up certain things or parts of his life for their upcoming member.

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Justin And Hailey’s Relationship History

Justin and Hailey have been spotted together since a very young age, everything started when Hailey attended an event of Justin in the year 2009 and soon another event in 2011, though they were just good friends according to their statements and all. However, in 2014, there started being dating rumors between them again which both the star kids fended off. Soon in 2015, we see that Justin and Hailey do get matching tattoos for a noble reason and this did strike some notice in the media towards these young stars. Throughout the period of the next two years, we see Justin and Hailey getting lots of closure, we see them together often and along with that, we also see Hailey going on a vacation trip with Justin’s family which made things a lot clearer for the fans.

In 2016, a photo went viral we do see Justin kissing Hailey on New Year’s Eve at Leonardo DiCaprio’s new year party, and at that point, this was one of the hottest topics in the industry. There were many speculations and this was the time when Justin got into a breakup with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Though that too is a very controversial relation to speak on. Then we do see that the would-be couple fell off and there were other people in their lives. However, after a two-year gap, we do see that both of them are connected, and Justin proposes to Hailey and they have a small and simple courtroom marriage and then we all know what happened next. In 2022, it’s their fourth year of marriage, and everything seems perfect as of now.

Justin’s Recent Health Problems

Justin Bieber has been currently on a break from his touring activities because he has a disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. It is a rare condition where there is an infection in the ear, the body gets very weak and the person suffers from partial face paralysis, which we have all seen from one of his Instagram posts where he announces his condition and that he will be taking a break from his tour. He had tried to continue with his condition and complete his tour in the middle of the year, however when consulted with doctors and staff, he did realize that it was not good for his health and that he should take that as a priority as of now. Justin is in a better condition than he was previously and is trying to recover as much as possible during his break period.

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