Is William Lindsey Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her?

Dark secrets are meant to be in this world. Let it be the best philanthropist or the roadside homeless person, a secret is known to be a secret; so was William Lindsey. William Darrell Lindsey resides in St. Augustine, Florida. From the beginning of his life, William has faced a lot of adventures which will be covered in the article eventually. He was also known by different names, such as ‘Red Bird, and ‘Crazy Bill’. William seemed like every other regular family man but the coin flipped and he was the actual double-faced person. He has committed crimes relating to spontaneous killing and was a lustful killer.

Is William Lindsey Dead Or Alive?

No, William Lindsey is no more. It’s been 2 decades since he died. But how did it all start? William was born in the year 1935 during the month of March. When William was 5 months old, William’s parents died in a car crash and luckily he was saved. Eventually, he was adopted by the family called the ‘LINDSEY’ family who lost their baby. William was raised by the Lindsey family in Florida.

In 1935, William inherited his parent’s savings which were held for twenty years and that’s when he learned that he was adopted by Lindsey’s family. William’s mother demanded a share of his inheritance which was being transferred to him, as she took care of William for twenty years. He couldn’t take in the pressure of his Adopted mother, so he left St. Augustine and also the place he was studying, ‘Ketterlinus High School. He worked as a typewriter in the company called ‘Pulling Typewriter Company’ for a very short period and moved to another city away from Palatka, the United States.

With his experience as a typewriter, he was able to get a job at ‘ Hudson Pulp and Paper corporation’. While working for ‘ Hudson Pulp and Paper Corporation’ from 1956-1958, he fell in love with a woman, Willa Jean, and eventually, in 1958 he married her; without that year, the couple was pregnant, and gave birth to a daughter, ‘Beverly’. Willa Jean and William had three kids together and the youngest was Robin Lindsey.

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Was William And Willa’s Relationship A Happy One?

William and Willa had a good relationship till a certain period but life has given full throttle to the Lindsey family. The couple no longer started getting along, the bond more or less started becoming more toxic with each day passing by. Willa started getting addicted to alcohol and was often seen as aggressive, mostly picking up tense arguments with William.

One day she came home drunk and decided to kill the kids because Mr. Lindsey mentioned parting ways and becoming the guardian of all three daughters. The argument has been a traumatic night for Lindsey’s children as they could see Willa taking out the gun from her pocket and trying to cause a huge wreck by blackmailing William to kill the kids. A few days after this incident, Willa decided to take the kids away from William and drove them far away from Palatka to Ocala national forest. In some way or another other, William found his to the children and has taken custody of them in a legal way.

Did William Marry Another Woman?

Is William Lindsey Dead Or Alive?

Things started changing once when the couple parted ways. William was often acting differently yet Robin was ignoring them because she loved her dad the most and had the greatest bond with him. Over a period of time, William was married to another woman called ‘Annie Laurie’. He adopted two of her sons and they became a happy family. Not long gone for the happiness is overshadowed by the family, Annie started treating Robin in different ways which led to a heated argument between her and William. While arguing, he got very aggressive and finally punched her in the face.

When Did William Start Acting Different?

Robin Lindsey felt different at the moment but she dodged it off thinking her dad was a perfect family man. The Lindsey family was on the run every year, and William used to get a new car which brought a lot of financial burden to the family.

Fast forward to the story, Annie was diagnosed with Cancer, and after two years she passed away. This has a huge turn for William and that’s when the actual eye-opening hints were given to Robin and her siblings yet they have ignored them due to the trust that has been built in him. Robin was married to a SWAT officer and has started observing the hysteric behavior of her father.

When Was William Arrested?

One fine day when Robin and her husband were out, he received a message on his pager. Robin didn’t know that in a few minutes her life will no longer be perfect as she has been thinking for a while. Robin’s Husband tells her about the murder he has done and how he is in the custody for further investigation. She couldn’t believe what was being told to her at the moment until her dad made a confession about his criminal record.

In the confession, one of the shocking things has been revealed William would commit these crimes to channel his anger on Willa through highly drugged prostitutes. He has killed Willa 7 times by using different women and dumping their bodies where it was once William and his children’s fishing and camping spot. In the year 2001, William died due to cancer, and the rest was left as history.

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